Uber-Podolski, The Maligning Of Giroud And 3 Scrumptious Points.

2 goals and a good display. Lovely.

Morning, Earthlings.

Last night’s match was a very welcome sight; 3 goals, 3 delicious points and, barring a spell of around 4 minutes when West Ham had the lead, mercifully short of reason for concern or palpitations. As if often the case with Arsenal; what should be relatively straight forward invariably turns to nerve-shredding tension and reason to remove enormous clumps of hair in sheer terror. When there’s a quest ahead, it certainly appears that way to those of us who dedicate our spare time to following them.  We have 5 games remaining this season, if they all go in a similar fashion to last night’s we might make it out of this season with our sanity in tact.

There’s a lot to talk about other than the very welcome result. Two players – Podolski and Giroud – stood out on the night for varying reasons. I thought I’d use this opportunity to discuss both.

Doesn’t that make me sound a touch self-important? Let’s be honest here; who the f**k am I anyway, other than a tall dandy with a glorious accent prone to covering himself in jam during moments of ill-advised ‘humour’. Often I’ll read through lengthy posts containing opinion and think to myself, “Really? Do you honestly think anyones cares what you have to say?”. I guess the key to blogging is the realisation that we’re all pretty much irrelevant in the grand scheme of things; just simple folk sharing our thoughts to those that might stumble upon them.  Continue reading


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An “Awful, Shambolic, Woeful” Victory Is Still A Victory. Enjoy It, Folks.

1 more step to glory.

Morning, folks.

After such an enforced hiatus, it’s pleasing to return to your fair screens with something pleasant to discuss. Yesterday’s triumph certainly won’t go down in the annals of history as Arsenal’s crowning accomplishment, but given the manner in which things have fallen apart in recent weeks, I, quite frankly, couldn’t care less.

And I celebrated, too. Those that have you believe it was “only Wigan” seem to have forgotten that football is all about joy. If you can’t glean any joy from booking a place in a major cup final, then why bother at all? Yes – it might have been “only Wigan” but it certainly should be mentioned that “only Wigan” hadn’t lost in the FA Cup for two years, and they knocked out Manchester City on their own turf to get to play us.  A lot of teams underestimated “only Wigan” and look where that got them. They gave us a tough game and I personally think they deserve a great deal of credit and praise for their recent exploits. Continue reading


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App-solutely Brilliant


For every hobby there’s a hundred-and-one different apps and websites to support their fandom.

From comics, to movies, even mobile casino games, it can be difficult being a fan sometimes.

But there are websites that can help, for example if you click here for mobile casino apps, you’ll get a helpful list of the latest gambling apps.

It can be frustrating trying to find an app that is relevant and recent. The worst for this is football as there are more fanzines and forums than you can shake a proverbial stick at.

So with that in mind, we’ve got together our top five must-have football apps for any self-respecting Arsenal fan. Continue reading

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Another Terrible Performance. Can You Defend Arsene Wenger?

“Oh sh*t….”

Evening folks.

It’s a shame my return isn’t under better circumstances. I had high hopes I’d be penning/typing a post-game report full of glowing praise and dreams of things to come. I shan’t be doing that. Instead I have the pleasure of detailing a performance that was monumentally bloody awful. Again.

Today’s defeat at Everton leaves us with a record of 20 conceded and 4 scored away from home against sides classed as ‘top 5′. Whichever way you choose to look at it, that statistic is utterly appalling. No side with aspirations of glory or that can claim to have our resources and intentions should have that fact help up to their faces. The truth is we simply aren’t good enough to compete for the title. Continue reading


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Kaboul Quick To Dismiss Gunners Link

Errrrr….. No thanks.

Arsenal fans breathed a collective sigh of relief after Tottenham centre-back Younes Kaboul quickly dismissed rumours linking him with a summer move across North London. The French defender had emerged as a surprise summer target for Arsenal, leading some Betfair visitors to back Kaboul to make the move, but the 28-year old wasted little time in throwing water over the rumours.

Kaboul first moved to White Hart Lane in 2007 after signing from Auxerre, later returning to the club in January 2010 after a stint with Portsmouth under Harry Redknapp before their relegation from the Premier League. And while Kaboul has been a fairly solid member of Tottenham’s squad this season, he isn’t the sort of name that is going to get the Arsenal fans rushing out to get the Frenchman’s name on the back of their shirt. Continue reading

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5 Players Set To Star At The World Cup That Arsenal Should Try To Sign

“I’ll have that one, please”

With a reported transfer kitty of over £100m at his disposal, Wenger will be watching the talent on display at this summer’s World Cup with a keener eye than most other managers. The best players in the world will be at their best performance during the championship, and are all key figures when it comes to figuring out each country’s odds to win the World Cup this 2014.

Yet Wenger’s moves in the transfer market can be as wild and bemusing as a night out with Nicklas Bendtner. The capture of Mesut Ozil, for instance, was inspired and breathed life into the club whilst the signing of Kim Kallstrom has mystified everyone.

We just hope he dusts off the chequebook as for the club to return to the top we must compete toe to toe with Europe’s elite in the transfer market.

So, here are five players set to shine in Brazil that Mr Wenger should try and bring to the Emirates:

Continue reading


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Arsenal Unleash Transfer Kraken Into Starlet’s Magnificent Aura.

“Great title today, James”

Morning, folks.

Sorry I’ve not been with you for a couple of days. The weekend was manic and I’m currently selling/moving house. All things that could have possibly conspired together to obliterate my free time have done so. The figure that sits behind his keyboard typing away is not bright-eyed and and bushy-tailed, but a shambling wretch of a man desperately in need of sleep.

Nevertheless, because I love you all so much I shall proceed.

Since I spoke to you last we’ve had the warming glow about our persons only a decent Arsenal performance can bring. Continue reading


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Manchester City (h): Thoughts, Team News And Predicted Starting XI

“Really, Olivier? Another one?”

Morning, folks.

If you’re wondering where my usual posts have been the last couple of days, I can explain… At present, my life is a marathon run of epic proportion in which I must navigate many stress hurdles. The perils of moving home and selling a house currently is paramount amongst those. In place of my customary tripe you’ve had a few guest posts – I’m using those to fill a little space and, hopefully, give you a little enjoyment – yesterday’s post with a quiz on Arsenal’s history is worth a look.

With a bit of luck, the mayhem will relent soon and I’ll be able to get back to writing everyday properly. As things stand, Daniel and I will be taking a break from the Goonersphere Podcast for a few weeks as he’s as busy as I am with the birth of his first child.

I’m sure you’ll all understand.

Right, onto more pressing concerns and today’s fixture; the visit of free-scoring Manchester City. Continue reading


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Gunners Fans Reveal How Well They Know Their Arsenal History

Do you know your Arsenal history?

Providing that we remain focused, Arsenal could finally end the seemingly endless trophy drought by winning the FA Cup. Although it would pale into comparison with our biggest successes, it would feel just as great to win the trophy at Wembley as it did when we won the league unbeaten around a decade ago or when Arsene Wenger won his first league and cup double.

Should we fail to lift the FA Cup, despite the fact that our biggest obstacle to success is a decent yet limited Hull City, we might look back to better times when trophies were almost guaranteed. This is something many an Arsenal anorak will do for a quiz such as how well do you know your team from Ladbrokes, but how knowledgeable are Gunners fans, especially when compared to our rivals? Continue reading

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An Arsenal XI Brought To You By Twitter… “Don’t ‘@’ Me….”

Evening, folks.

I’ve been a busy bumblebee today preparing silliness and such for the latest episode of the Goonersphere Podcast. Having completed those and recorded the show, it’s a pleasure to bring you episode 22. Joining myself and Daniel Cowan this week we have these loveable scamps:

Craig Hayward (@craighaywarddj)
Paul (@invinciblog).

Up for discussion is our recent poor results, positives and what Arsenal would look like if Twitter was in charge. Plus usual features “Listeners Questions”, “Goonersphere Shoutout” and “Goonersphere Prick of the Week”.

This podcast is explicit in nature and is probably not suitable for children, unless you are a really bad parent or a really cool one depending how you look at it.


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Today; thanks for listening, you beautiful bastards.

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