10 games for nibbling, United’s title and another huge transfer bites the dust.

The FA disciplinary panel were always pleased to see Luis Suarez

Good evening, beautiful creations.

If you’re hoping to unearth some original gems of Arsenal news, today may be something of a disappointment for you. There’s plenty of goings on and news out there, but given what’s occurred already this week, much of it only truly relates to Arsenal in a roundabout way.

Firstly, I’m sure you’ll have witnessed the explosion of apoplexy amongst the Internet community once Robin van Whateverhisnameis scored a thunderous offside hat-trick to bring home the title for his inner child’s club.

Can’t say I didn’t see it coming. Can you?

I understand the rage that’s being spewed. I really do. If there is a worse bit of transfer business conducted by our club, I’m hard pressed to tell you what it is. Yet, I can’t see the point in getting annoyed with Robin. He’s left, he’s no longer a part of Arsenal Football Club, and he’ll never be thought of with the reverence we have for others. As far as I’m concerned, he no longer matters.

I would congratulate United for winning the title, but to be frank; I’d rather set my feet on fire and watch them burn whilst a complete stranger punches me in the testicles repeatedly. They undoubtedly deserved to win it, but that’s for them to cheer and us to ignore. It’s not as if we were in it at any point.

One thing I do agree with completely are the folks stating Arsenal’s policy in the market for players needs drastic change. For too long we’ve hidden behind phrases like “sustainable model” and “financial fair play”. What should be of paramount importance is adhering to both, but without losing the ability to compete. Let’s be honest here; Arsenal have failed to compete for years, and selling your captain to a team that does only serves as a spectacularly effective way of highlighting that point.

Like you, I couldn’t care less about finances. Fans on the terraces don’t sign, “And we are Ar-sen-al, but far the most financially stable and business orientated team, the world has ever seen”. They won’t ever do that. They want bragging rights and glory, and a team that won’t flounder and fumble early on when there’s enough resources at the club the ensure we do compete.

What fans want is the team to lay down a marker – to go out a replace someone of Robin’s calibre with the best possible alternative. We can’t settle for hit-and-hope punts from the French league who come at a discount. Giroud is a decent sqaud player, but he isn’t the type of striker to fire a team toward silverware.

One player we’ve missed out on is the uber-talented, Mario Gotze, who is, according to reports in Germany, heading to Bayern Munich as they’ve activated his release clause. Whilst it’s a shame we didn’t match that offer and try to secure his services, the timing of the transfer is so bizarre and unexpected that perhaps our representatives were caught as much off guard as the rest of us.

Wether we’d have gotten him is irrelevant; the point is we ought be chasing after players like him. If there’s £70m surplus to requirements in the bank, then use it on some quality.

Lastly today; poor old Luis Suarez. He’s been hit with a whopping 10-game ban for having a chomp at Chelsea’s Ivanovic – a punishment Jermaine Defoe avoided completely for a very similar incident. Do I think it’s fair? Absolutely not. If you’re only going to ban someone as loathsome as John Terry for clearly racially abusing another player for only 4 games, then doubling that +2 for biting is complete madness. But that’s our beloved FA for you…

But Suarez is no saint, so I shan’t be feeling sorry for him or the Liverpool followers. Oh well. Dry your eyes, guys…

That’s all for today, folks. Leave your thoughts on United’s triumph, player recruitment and Luis Suarez in the comments section below. I look forward to reading a few.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

9 thoughts on “10 games for nibbling, United’s title and another huge transfer bites the dust.”

  1. Jotevic is the man we need (or someone like him).

    Also don’t give up on Giroud. you’re listening too much to those knee-jerk fans that say he is crap cause he struggled in the last two…
    He is a good player! Bet they are the same fans calling for us to buy Ba and Torres.

    FA is a joke. A racist joke at that. Embarrassing for the league, the country and football in general…This rubbish keeps up i’ll continue to support the Arsenal but the bundesliga might become my go too league. I have liked Dortmund for a since they were a force in the 90s and right now they are playing beautiful football, and with Goetze going to Bayern i think they have an even bigger soft spot for me, the Arsenal of Germany.

  2. People always say we should sign this player or that player. Transfers are a two-way process – the player has to want to make the move and money is not the only factor (read The Secret Footballer for a good account of how transfers work). Not every player would want to come to Arsenal, no matter how high the fees or wages.

  3. Hmm, small picture mate

    We are so “financially stable” etc. due to our move to the emirates. We now are in the top three WORLDWIDE for matchday revenue, thanks to the grove. Debt for the stadium is now paid off, new kit sponsor and manafacturer deals will bring in vast sums of money. We are in a very strong position.

    Now, you talk about selling van Persie being the worst bit of business ever. I see (and feel myself) the bitterness about losing him, but that was inevitable. We couldn’t keep a player that didn’t want to stay, he had to be sold now while we could get a WHOPPING £24 million for him. Sure selling to united sticks in the craw a little but yeah, thats life.
    We have not been able to splash the cash a la City, Chelsea, Liverpool even, because of this stadium move.

    We are now coming to the end of this transition phase, it can only get better. A few years of no silverware is nothing compared to the platform we have given ourselves for the next 100 (!?) years. Lets not forget its hardly been terrible in the meantime, had a couple of title challenging sides, made Europe (and progressed from the groups) every year. Made two cup finals. Developed hugely promising youth

    Lets not take what we have for granted now lads, be thankful we support the Arsenal, and have this promising future to look into

    1. We had to sell. We didn’t have to sell him to United. I agree about the financial stability of the club being nothing but a good thing, but given the amount we received on outgoings in recent years, I don’t think many will disagree we could have done more to bring in replacements without hampering our bank accounts too much.

    2. The huge matchday revenue has come at the cost of pricing out fans on average incomes. It means that the average fan spends over £70 at an Arsenal home match including ticket and the rest which is a huge amount of money if you’re not well off. Football is supposed to be the working man’s sport yet at Arsenal it’s less affordable than going to the opera or the ballet.

  4. Last season we knew dat wenger sold the league 2 man city wit a huge amouth of money and this season we knw dat wenger sold the league title 2 man utd 4 just 24m so nxt season lets just wait and see who he wil sell the league title 2

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