£100m To Spend: Where Do I Start, Where Do I Begin?

“Where do I begin?”

Morning, folks.

It was 1997 when Beth Orton’s hauntingly beautiful vocals lit up the Chemical Brothers track, ‘Where Do I Begin’. As I’m typing this post the night before you’ll read it, I’m listening to that very song. It’s such a fabulous song, both reminiscent of a time of hedonism for me but also oddly relevant to what I’m going to talk about with you today.

Transters. Ins and outs. Where do I begin?

Well, as I’m certain you’re all aware; anything you read is going to be enormous speculation. Yep – names will be thrown around and the percentage of truth to bullsh*t won’t exactly be on the favourable side. Such is the time we live in. So, becuase naming names is an exercise in futility, I shan’t bother.

Instead, delicious reader, I’m going to express my thoughts and the areas of the team I’d like to see strengthened. Sounds a touch arrogant, doesn’t it – stating that there are areas “I’d like to see strengthened” as if somehow the opinions of a lowly dandy from Bristol have any great significance.  Of course they don’t, folks. But don’t let such notions put you off. We’re all fans and it’s fun talking about stuff and having opinions. The trick is not to take it too seriously.

So, here’s what I’d like to see:

Defensive midfielder

Ideally, we’d create a Vieira/Gilberto hybrid in a laboratory. As that’s not entirely possible yet, we might have to plunge into the transfer market. Both Arteta and Flamini aren’t the springy-est of chickens these days. The former especially has look a little leggy at times and some distance from the form he is capable of. The latter, for all his passion and verve, can be reckless and unpredictable.

Right back

Essential as it looks certain Bacary Sagna is going to move to Manchester City for an enormous contract. Make of that what you will – I’m not actually that bothered – but we can’t leave the fate of our defence’s right side in the hands of Carl Jenkinson. The young fellow at Toulouse, Serge Aurier, looks to be very likely on his way.


I’m a big fan of Olivier Giroud. It’s often easy to critique his performances simply because it’s the popular thing to do. As often it’s, in my opinion, unfair to do so. When isolated he can be maddening. when he has support around him he can show moments of brilliance – looks no further than his assist for the winner at Wembley. I don’t feel we need to splurge an enormous amount on a new first-choice striker. Not at all. Competition for places and the ability to share the burden of goals is what would be beneficial.

Left/right winger

I don’t particularly view this as a massive need. Without Walcott, we’ve missed a burst of pace in the final third and someone to offer runs for Mesut Ozil. For that reason, a speedy trickster able to be deployed on either flank wouldn’t go amiss.


Again, an essential move to make. Fabianski is off locating pastures new and Viviano’s loan will expire – I had actually forgotten all about him. I see this position as the type suited to someone with a little experience who could perhaps compete with Szczesny and offer help to the younger keepers at the Club, one of whom I assume will be promoted to third choice.

And that’s what i’d like to see. It’s difficult to guess what Arsene will do with the alleged funds at his disposal. The signing of Ozil came as such a surprise last term that predicting anything now is impossible. That signing has also bumped up the expectation levels; we know our manager isn’t averse to dropping a big fee if the right player comes along.

I guess we’re in for another summer of fun.

That’s all for today, folks. Leave your thoughts and views in the comments section. You can even leave a list of the players you’d sign if you feel that way inclined. I shall return with more tomorrow.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

7 thoughts on “£100m To Spend: Where Do I Start, Where Do I Begin?”

  1. to compete for the league we need a defensive midfielder and a striker. if we do not get 2 specialists in these positions then the fa cup and league may only be within our reach. if sagna goes we will also need to replace him. another area that will also need to be filled is the central defence (vermaelen may be on his way). schezny is our no 1 but without fabianski he may get too complacent , he has this arrogance about him which makes me very nervous. he needs to be playin for his place. in regards to pace hopefully gnabry and the ox can provide that togther with walcott. we have so many players to load the gun its a pity this season we did not have a decent striker to pull the trigger and get us the league. city,chelsea and liverpool are going to be much stroger next season lets hope we start to fire again.

  2. We need a few additions to make arsenal a title winning squad … we had a good run this season though falling short to injuries …. firstly a quality cdm is key for me that would be either of Lars Bender or Scneiderlin , i’d prefer the latter for 2 reasons one that he is an experienced bpl player thus the 1 season rule dosnt apply also would be considerably cheaper to Bender (this is a solely a reason because we need to buy a few players ) secondly a striker ; I dont think arsenal would be going for any world class striker coz they would be out of our price range so my choices would be :
    1. Lukaku 2. Remy 3. Chichrito 4. Benteke ; we need to replace Fabianski as he looks for a starting spot with Casillas or Cech as both may leave though unlikely they will join Arsenal theres also rumors of schmeichel joining us but i wouldnt mind if academy keeper Iliev gets to keep in FA cup & carling cup matches and Szcz remaining no1
    with regards to to rb i think its only a matter of time before we get Aurier who looks promising , also jenkinson could make a push for first choice and send Bellerin out on loan for more first team experience , we also need a cb if vermaelen leaves i would like us to go for caulker (yes hes ex spuds but he was the only player that stood out at cardiff ) or Tah from hamburg whom again we have been linked with
    Also we need a LW that can track back Vela is bargain at that spot and can stand in as ST aswell the other being Griezmann and it’d be awesome if the rumors of Cesc coming back are true
    but not a priority for me since we already have the likes of ozil , ramsey , jack , rosicky & santi for position

  3. James, i dont agree with you when you say we don’t need a striker…we really do need one…Giroud is undoubtedly good compared to loads of strikers in the EPL but we need someone to turn around things for the team when we desperately need the points and Giroud is not that striker…We need someone who is hungry for the goals…putting the goals in the net is what Arsenal need…If you look at the top 4 teams Arsenal had 68 goals and conceded 41 with a difference of 36 goals between us and the last team on the log(Cardiff)….but i think we should resign Vela…he has been fantastic….VELA<CAMPBELL<AURIER<BONY/BENZEMA

  4. It’s just like Christmas when the adverts start… Wondering if you’ve been good and what Santarsene will bring you in the window…..

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