2 Deals Announced. 2 Deals ‘Confirmed’. 2 Deals Without Base?


Greetings, blog hungry masses.

Having worked what seems like an interminable amount, this bright, sunny morning in Bristol sees something of a rarity; a day off from the throes of a stifling kitchen on what is traditionally the busiest day of the year. There is a God of fortune and today he/she has decided to flash his/her beautiful smile at me.

With that, the opportunity has arisen for me to rise from a self-imposed doldrums and speak to you, the beautiful bastards of the Internet. With sincerity, I hope you’re all in fine fettle, basking in the glorious weather and generally in good health.

Platitudes aside, let’s get into some news.

It would appear that we are very close to securing a further two players in this summer’s transfer window, those players being Colombian stopper, David Ospina and Southampton’s highly rated right-back, Callum Chambers. The former’s arrival seems to have been confirmed inadvertently by Arsene in this story from London24 – a publication/site I’ve not come across before, so legitimacy is tricky to ascertain. They could be the one beacon of truth in the murky waters of speculative hokum, or as evil incarnate as Caught Offside.

**Ordinarily, mentioning Caught Offside would cause me to veer wildly from topic and compare that hit-seeking website to as many hideous things as I can, but I shan’t…. the odious bunch of repugnant c**ts. I know, I know, It’s not good ‘netiquette’ to ‘diss’ other sites, but f**k them. They’re bloody awful and symbolic of just about everything wrong with media outlets**

That deal seems to be all but done, awaiting merely the crossing and dotting of a few letters here and there before we can parade our shiny new trinket to the masses. The Chambers story seems to have weight, and that one has kinda come out of the blue. Having secured Debuchy and with Jenkinson and Bellerin as deputies, dropping another hefty sum (alleged to be in the region of £15m) on a right-back seems peculiar. Perhaps this spells the end of Jenkinson’s tenure at the Club? Could very well be he case, if true.

However, I think – and I emphasise, ‘THINK’ – either of the two players could be moved centrally should Chambers arrive. Neither posses the traditional build of a full-back, both are 6 foot, and centrally we are bereft of options. Unless there’s more to come at this stage, I’d assume Arsene is looking to build for the future and will probably only buy an established central defender if Vermaelen leaves, a notion that, if you check out a few safe online betting sites, could very well happen soon.

Of course, that’s all speculation. I know nothing with hard fact on its side. The new season is creeping up on us and starts a mere 3 weeks today – not a lot of time when you think about it. It’ll be here before we know it. Up until that point, we can certainly expect a few twists and turns as the transfer drama reaches is feverish best/worst. I reckon there might be a few surprises on the way.

Tomorrow I’ll be back with more bits ‘n’ bobs. Until then, pop me a comment in the handy section below. As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

3 thoughts on “2 Deals Announced. 2 Deals ‘Confirmed’. 2 Deals Without Base?”

  1. Ospina deal confirmed by Wenger (ESPN, goal, other reliable websites), Chambers is also done but not confirmed. Unrelated: made the flight from Vancouver to New York last night, watched the game today (my first arsenal game ever)! It was pretty awesome. (Lol didnt know where else to share that)

  2. i’m very delighted with the signings- four so far. very much unlike arsenal of the old. getting things done real quick. i’m still a bit concerned with the striking options as well as DMF and CB positions. assuming vermaelen’s departure, mertesacker’s match-readiness after the WC, i think it’d get a bit worrying with only koscielny at the start of the season. i’m not sure who’s going to partner him- chambers or someone else. whoever it is, i’d like him to be a new signing- a recognized CB.

    DMF- well we got diaby (new signing!), arteta, flamini, and maybe wilshere. why not just get schneiderlin or bender to really show our ambitions for the title? but i suspect wenger is going to persist with arteta and flamini and maybe diaby if he stays fit. but who knows, this transfer season has been filled with pleasant surprises.

    CF- giroud, sanchez, sanogo, campbell. either one of campbell or sanogo might be loaned out, the former might even be sold. i know sanchez can play through the middle as a lone striker or along with giroud as second striker if wenger uses 442. last season we were very lucky with giroud’s fitness and it’d not be a good idea to be too reliant on him this season. i get a feeling that wenger might rotate between giroud and sanchez in the CF position in some games and play both (with sanchez in one of the flanks and giroud in the CF) in other games

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