Monthly Archive: February 2012

Wojciech, Robin, Mikel, Tomas, Andrey and Arsenal make big profit.

Greetings, salutations and awkward just-where-do-I-put-my-hands? hugs to each one of you. Today is a news bonanza, and it’s been a pleasure to read through uplifting and happy stories instead of the interminable anti-Arsenal dross the papers serve up with such…
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Passion, drive, finesse, commitment; Now that’s what I call an Arsenal performance!

FA Premiership 26th February Arsenal 5 – 2 Tottenham Morning salutations, you glorious, joy-filled individuals. There was a point yesterday – around the 35 minute mark – where I was a dejected, forlorn figure contemplating having to write another blog…
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Preview: Arsenal Vs a bunch of irksome shite-bags with a twitchy, tax-evading manager whose name I don’t care to mention.

Good morning, folks. The big day is here. Are you feeling a little nervous? Whilst not overcome with terror, Butterflies are hovering about my insides and there is the occasional frenzy of gaseous activity in my underpants. I really, really…
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