Monthly Archive: July 2012

Batman, Robin, Transfers, Jovetic, Chamakh and news.

Afternoon, you splendid creatures. Thank you, Christopher Nolan. If it wasn’t for you giving me something to salivate over and anticipate, I think I might be letting this interminable misery and doom-mongering surrounding Arsenal get me a little down. As…
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Theo talks, Robin talks. ‘Inception’ your transfer rumours.

Morning folks. Just a quick one today. This week it’s reported that ‘showdown’ talks will ensue. With some players already reporting for pre-season today, we’re at the point where action or resolution is needed. Theo and Robin are those main…
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Arsenal have money. Arsenal have no money. Arsenal will sign players. Arsenal will not sign any players.

Morning, darling readers. Depending on where you cast your peepers, Arsenal either have money, or they are the footballing equivalent of those hairy men you see slumped in the doorway of a Costcutter at 3am. Some folks would have you…
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