£25m bid for Griezmann and Jack misses 6 weeks.

“6 WEEKS?!”

Afternoon, folks.

There’s some extra bits of news today I thought, seeing as I have a little burst of free time, I’d share with you, if you’ve not already read of the events (you most probably have).

Firstly, the injury curse that has struck Arsenal with such maddening regularity has once again reared its hideous face and removed Jack Wilshere from the team. Whilst on utterly pointless international duty with England, Jack sustained a hairline fracture to the navicular bone in his left foot and is expected to miss the next 6 weeks of football, a spell that sees us face several very important fixtures.

On the up side, both Aaron Ramsey and Kim Kallstrom are nearing availability – the former has started full training – but these things happen to Arsenal with such frequency it’s almost gotten to the point of being amusing. You all know how much I hate international friendlies, and an injury to Wilshere picked up in a worthless game only serves to heighten my disdain for them. What is the point of them? So The FA can fill their coffers with more cash from bloated corporate types who possess no interest in football?  It’s a f**king joke as far as I’m concerned and I’d agree with any fan complaining from any team were they in a similar position.

But, allowing myself to become enraged is pointless. It’s frustrating, but we must press on and hope the gap between Wilshere’s absence and the return of Ramsey isn’t too long. With an important game against Everton at the weekend, Arsene faces the choice of deploying either Arteta or Oxlade-Chamberlian alongside Flamini, preferably the latter.

Elsewhere, news caught my eye surrounding Real Sociedad’s Antoine Griezmann making a summer switch to these shores and the glorious red ‘n’ white of Arsenal. These rumours surfaced a few times in January and if the reports are to be believed , Arsene is happy to admit he is an admirer of the player.

I like him. I’m no expert and I’ve not seen him play that many times, but have been mightily impressed with what i have seen. He’s very quick and appears to have bags of potential at only 22-years-old. The fee would be in excess of £25m and given that Julian Draxler will probably join the Bayern revolution, I’d say Griezmann is the more likely bet. But that’s guess work, entirely. I feel I have to add that last part to any brief mention of rumour lest I be labelled as an ITK and those folks always strike me as a touch spooky. Consider me the less-than-fully-informed blogger and proud.

That’s all for this afternoon, folks. I’ll leave you with a quick nod towards the comments section and the promise I shall return tomorrow with a bit more in the way of team news.

Until then, and as always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

8 thoughts on “£25m bid for Griezmann and Jack misses 6 weeks.”

  1. Players interest arsene only if he gets them for free like morinyo said looser minded who dont give a damn to the fan’s feelings 10th season n counting as long as the board members can pocket the fat pouch and a cut for him most probably he doesn’t care whose feelings he hearts.in africa the fans stab each other for arsenal. pity

  2. Hello, James.

    1) Griezmann will be 23 this month. I’d like him at Arsenal anyway. I wanted to ask you: do you agree with me that Griezmann and Ramsey could make a great movie about RAF-pilots in WW2? I mean, just take a look at their hair-cuts!

    “Antoine, you have a gerry on your left!”

    “Merci beacoup, Aaron! He’ll see why they call me Antoine Supermann!”

    2) International friendlies at this time of the year are idiotic.

    3) Wilshere’s injury might hit us much harder than we think. Ramsey will return soon but he’ll be a bit rusty at the beginning.

  3. I did a comparison between griezmann and draxler, and it appears that griezmann has scored 15 goals this season and compared to the measly two draxler has scored, my nod goes for griezmann. The only wingers we have who are capable of scoring regularly are Walcott and podolski, ox will eventually become such but at the moment we need goal scoring wingers especially when giroud screws up. So yeah Antoine griezmann shld be one of our targets. He’s young, fast and has mean left foot, kinda like a younger French poldi if I do say so myself and to top it off he’ll be much cheaper than draxler and did I mention he’s French, he’s wenger’s type of signing. Draxler is an awesome player but Antoine is at the moment the better of the two. But I’m not against getting both of them though……if it’s possible that is lol

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