£27m Balotelli For Arsenal And A Few World Cup Views.

“Thanks, Joe – now I don’t have dandruff, just silky and manageable hair”

Greetings, Earthlings. I’ve been away for such a long time. Seems almost an eternity since digits danced with keys and blathery goodness was the result. Why such a elongated dalliance with obscurity and the realms of the unheard, I hear you collectively ponder? Well, scrumptious creatures, a combination of intense workloads in my personal life, excessive heat and a lack of inclination has conspired and caused such a glaring lack of posts.

In my absence, I’ve been keenly watching the World Cup. Having initially sworn I, “wasn’t that bothered”, such has been the quality of the football on show I’ve now got right into it all. Aside from England, that is. If you’re familiar with me and the stuff I write, you’ll already know I’m not really that patriotic – Club football takes precedence over its international counterpart everyday of the week. England’s unceremonious dumping from the tournament  at the hands of a decent Italy side and a toothy racist hardly registered with me at all.

It’s actually really nice to be able to watch all the games without that awful nervous churning feeling in my stomach as I await something awful happening.  Arsenal give me that. It’s a glorious side affect of being involved – the pain necessary to truly enjoy the pleasure. Since the tournament in Brazil began, I don’t think I’ve sat through a single tedious game (I’ve not seen them all). As I type, Olivier Giroud is putting in a very good performance against a Swiss side that has just been hit with the startling revelation that a defence comprising of Senderos and Djourou is actually bloody awful.

The main thing the World Cup has done is change my mind about Mario Balotelli. Previously I wasn’t certain bringing him to Arsenal was a particularly good idea. Now, I’m practically slobbering at the thought of him latching onto to an accurate Mesut Ozil pass. I guess very little actual football evidence has contributed to this, just watching him play and picturing the aforementioned sight. He might be a lunatic, but I think i’d be very happy if he was our lunatic.

And it would appear it’s not entirely unlikely. What started as a casual rumour – or so I thought – now seems to have gathered significant pace around the rumour mill.

I’d like to finish today with a couple of things. First of all, there’s a very good competition underway at the moment that’s worth your attention. LoveIIsoccer.co.uk are offering £700 of World Cup goodies and a %20 season pass. All you have to do is take to social media and recreate a favourite moment from competitions passed. For example, you and a friend could recreate Gazza’s tears and Lineker’s gestures, Zidane’s head-butt or anything from history that holds value to your good self – I’d personally go for Bergkamp’s celebration after that goal against Argentina. It’s very easy to enter and worth a shot with such a good prize. You can do so by:

  • Enter on Facebook – Simply post your video / picture to our Lovell Soccer Facebook page timeline using the hashtag #LSWorldCupComp in the message. Enter via Facebook
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Finally today, there’s a new Goonersphere ‘licked’ podcast out there and I wouldn’t feel right with myself if I didn’t point you in the direction of it. It’s a brief (ish) discussion between Daniel and me in which we cover subjects as broad as Balotelli, Cesc Fabregas, Young Guns and a lot of silly talk. Hope you enjoy.

That’s all for today, folks. I shall return, I don’t know where, I don’t know when, but soon. In the meantime, why not drop me a comment with some of your thoughts on the subjects above.

As always: thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

2 thoughts on “£27m Balotelli For Arsenal And A Few World Cup Views.”

  1. Watching England was like watching Arsenal for me… Lots of hope, lots of possession, no body putting the ball in the back of the net ( for all the pretty football), go one nil down, get back to 1-1 push forward thinking we will win it from here… Then bloody useless defending at the half way line… A long punt from the opposition and it’s in the back of our net… All over, still in shock, but not for long as we remember… Exactly the same thing happened in the last game!

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