3-0 to the Arsenal. Benzema and Di Maria on the way…

Fenerbahce 0-3 Arsenal: Yikes…

Morning, folks.

Ahhh, that’s better.

Feels good to have a little bit of triumph to distract from all the bickering and negativity. As much as I’m prone to agree with much of what’s been said since Saturday, all that dismay and fury was beginning to grate on my nerves. One result certainly doesn’t go far to fixing the glaring problems regarding Arsenal’s squad, but the assurances a 3-0 victory away from home gives to our qualification certainly helps things seems momentarily brighter.

The boys looked good last night. Make no mistake, Fenerbahce is an intimidating place to visit. Even with such a hostile atmosphere, we rarely looked anything other than in control, and fully deserved to take a very impressive lead into the return leg at the Emirates.

Our midfield especially caught the eye. Aaron Ramsey is starting to grow into his role in the team, and whilst his distribution could occasionally benefit from a little haste, his overall play is vastly improved. Once wrongly maligned by many, it really pleases me to see him showing what he’s made of. I’ve said so before, I’ll say so again; he has all the potential to be a huge player for Arsenal in years to come.

Koscielny’s injury was the one downside. I’m sure Pierre Webo didn’t mean to injure anyone whilst flaying his legs around above his head, but the look on his face in the picture above makes him appear psychotic. I’ve seen players take the red card walk of shame for a lot less. Hopefully, Laurent will only have a bit of a headache whilst he sits out his domestic suspension, and nothing more.

Now that our Champions League qualification appears a formality (take nothing for granted, folks) the world an its dog has started to go into transfer rumour overdrive. Miraculously, we’ve somehow managed to begin negotiations with Real Madrid for not one, but two of their more high profile players.


Had that been a tweet from that IndyKaila cretin, I’d pay it no attention whatsoever, and give serious thought to FedEx-ing an enormous amount of cat faeces to his home address.  Perhaps it’s nostalgia, perhaps it’s a little patriotism shining through, but I tend to take the BBC and it’s associates seriously.

However, neither of those two players fills me with excitement. Benzema I don’t really rate as a centre forward. Di Maria, on the other hand, I do believe is a fantastic footballer, but find myself dubious of his ability to fit into our set-up. Arsenal don’t tend to play with out-and-out wingers.

That said, what the bloody hell do I know? It’s probably not very likely to occur, but it’s nice to see the wheels appears to – FINALLY – be in motion. It’s been stated on many occasions that they key to recruitment was qualification for the Champions League. Barring a capitulation of near biblical proportions, we’ll be in the draw for the group stages.

Now is the time for Arsenal to really press on and do some business. We’ve been let down this far. We’ve had every right to air our grievances. Last night saw a very good performance and result against a tricky opponent. Things, for the time being, are looking up. Hopefully, now that I predict some serious movement in the market, I might actually be right.

Don’t let us down, Arsenal.

That’s all for today, folks. The comments are primed and ready for the evacuation of your thoughts. Wh impressed you the most last night? Are you confident of players heading our way now? Let me know.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

10 thoughts on “3-0 to the Arsenal. Benzema and Di Maria on the way…”

  1. Certainly very happy that last night went as it did. However, as Merse said after the match, if we think we are back, we are wrong as the performance against Fenerbahce merely “papered over the cracks”. However, I am in agreement with you that now it appears we are a shoe in for the group stages maybe we can attract at least two marquee signing’s and a couple more to boot. We definitely need to strengthen the spine of the team so why we would need Di Maria as you say, is questionable. But hey I too am only a very very very lay-man so have no say on such things.
    I am now hoping upon hope that you are correct and we have been waiting until now to do our business deliberately in order to attract the names we all desire……

  2. I personally think that benzema is only a slightly more experienced version of giroud, however on occassions it would be interesting to see the two play together as that would be a real handful for centre backs. Especially if we had walcott and di maria bombing down the flanks.

    I think wenger will continue his pursuit of cabaye and I think he will add flamini too. Finally I can see sakho and rami coming in as well as a keeper. I know that sounds a lot but 7 signings is still a possibility.

    1. Last night was a wonderfull game, and the boys was very confident of themselve. My fear is Wenger meant decide not to sign in any player becos of there performance, if Benzema and Di Maria is coming is a good one. Have nice day.

  3. Well the boys did A̶̲̥̅ fantastic job last night,however now ȋ̝̊̅s d time 4 arsene 2 D̶̲̥̅̊☺ his job in d transfer market,di maria,benzema will be G̲̣̣̣̥☺☺Ɗ additions plus cabaye,williams Ǎ̜̣̍и̣̣̣̥ƌ̲̣̣̣̥ we are G̲̣̣̣̥☺☺Ɗ 2 ↠g̶̲̥̅̊o̲̣̥⇆,,,,keep em coming…nice post

  4. I can understand the frustration of some of the fans, along with that I think we have to wenger till January to prove himself, it’s only this year the club has stated we have money to spend so let’s see whether it happens.. No marquee signings and 6th at Xmas!! It has to be divorce for le prof. Think we as arsenal fans owe the lads the support they deserve, at the end of the day they are not responsible for the signings. Negativity Is like a cancer in football! Happy workmen make the best workmen. Hopefully 1 dap in the champions league will be enough of a carrot for the players to come!! COYG!!! But bollocks to the board

  5. Look FA, UEFA ,FIFA and PGMOL: The photo above shows a good low kick! It is not a high foot and does not warrant a RED card because the boy Webo never means harm to anyone. He is not like that. His kick was meant to be near the ankles and must have slipped at the hip!!

  6. It is always good to give the coach the chance to prove himself unlike what some of the supporters had started doing.The coach reports to the owners of the club it’s not a one man band where he can make decisions on his own.We must rally behind the team no matter what, just look at the booing which some of the supporters were making. The team needs our support especially when the chips are down.My advice to those naughty supporters is that the club is always bigger than everyone of us.I urge all of you who had said you no longer have trust in the coach to reconsider your statements.Some supporters has since crossed the great divide to support other teams, to such i say you were never true Arsenal supporters.

  7. James, why don’t you rate Benzema? He is a top class goal-scorer and would be a better addition than Higuain would as I see him more capable of producing the goal out of nowhere.

    Di Maria, on the other hand… I agree with you, though, he might be intriguing Wenger since he can play on both flanks.

  8. Checkout the team news on the official site… Ryo, Verminator, Nacho – all nearing full fitness. I doubt there’ll be any marquee signing coz the man himself says ” Qualitywise we’r good , but not number-wise”. Won’t be surprised to see a few numbers added to the squad.

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