£30m war chest – what happened to £70m? Ba and Nani headed in, and Boxing Day news.

Nani was shocked by recent developments.

Boxing Day greetings.

All that build up, all that preparation, and Christmas is over in a flash. If you’re of the persuasion to celebrate Jesus’ birthday, I hope you enjoyed a merry time yesterday. At present, my bowels are furiously digesting my own body weight in turkey, and I’m sat here typing with a grimace etched upon my face. Was it all worth it – the effort, the mad scramble around the shops? Yes it was. I did have a marvellous day despite my usual humbugian attitude.

As you might expect, on a day just after Christmas when our scheduled game has been cancelled (bloody tube drivers…) the news circling around out there leans toward the speculative. Most of that news surrounds those infamous “war chests”.

Our alleged war chest was, at one time, £70m. Now that figure has drastically plummeted – £30m is now the figure being brandished by the press. If there is any truth to such stories – there probably isn’t – I can picure the scene in our boardrom:

“The manager has £70m to spend? That’s all disposable cash to invest in the team? We don’t need to release that! That’s ridiculous! We could spend such vast sums on far better things; Texas ranches, decadence, cryogenic freezing of our decaying, aged bodies until medical science can integrate us with robots. There are a million possibilities! Investing into the club we own for its benefit is just ludicrous! Give Arsene £30m, he’ll buy 24 players for that much – the rest is ours!”

There will be plenty of talk where that money has disappeared. However, such debate will be based entirely upon the assumption that £70m figure actually existed. It may very well not have. None of us have legitimate inside information pertaining the affairs of our beloved directors. That said, they are such a bunch of shits, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did decide to pocket over half of it.

The remaining funds could be used to entice supposed targets, Demba Ba, and now, bizarrely, Man United’s Portuguese winger, Nani. The Ba transfer makes sense; he’s a proven Premiership striker with a release clause that’s very reasonable. We need to bolster our attacking options, and we’re unlikely to splurge an enormous fee on one player to do so.

Nani, on the other hand, is a peculiar story. It all began with the press blowing a story of him at Arsenal’s training ground out of proportion. Now, with his current contract at United up in the air, a lot of media attention is focusing on his departure destination. Could it be Arsenal? Doubtful. Would I want him to play for us? Well, he is a good player, but he is also a gargantuan twat. I can’t stand the preening little shit.

Theo is looking increasingly likely to leave. If he does, there will be a position in dire need of filling. Nani could certainly work, and I think it would. But I find him irksome, and I always have. I’d rather it be someone else. Adrian Lopez and Wilfried Zaha would be far more agreeable options.

January is mere days away. The recruits we so covet will have been lined up – if there are any – and all we can do as supporters is wait and hope. Fingers crossed, boys and girls.

That’s all for today, folks. The comments await your responces and views. Let’s be having a few of them. We don’t play until the 29th, so lets all hope for some favourable results in the fixtures taking place today.

I shall return tomorrow.

34 thoughts on “£30m war chest – what happened to £70m? Ba and Nani headed in, and Boxing Day news.”

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  2. Here we go again another transfer window and another disappointment for Arsenal fans.Wenger has prepared his statement ready for Feb 1st saying the right players where not available and he has belief in players such as Gervinio ,Santos ,Ramsey,Diaby and Squalachi.Mid table doom and gloom is all that lays ahead for this current manager and board.Things will not change until Usminov has taken control

  3. Could it be that we had £70m available before December. £30m was allocated for spending on players in January and £40m allocated for bonuses to shareholders and management for getting us back to top four. LOL!!!

      1. an effing lionel messi and an effing cristiano ronaldo and we need to spend £224143423 million and get rid of wenger blah blah crap and wages this and wages that and the youth are crap. blah blah blah.
        overall, i think were doing ok.

  4. I’ll just repeat what i’ve been saying for the past three or four seasons,while
    Arsenal have got Wenger,Arsenal will win nothing,we are just a selling club
    to,keep the shareholders,and directors happy for their annual shareout, and
    all the supporters get ,is to pay exuberant prices,to watch third rate football,
    played by overpaid so called footballers,who don’t care if they win or loose,
    but they still get the same money,and yet we still have some idiot
    supporters who still say, “IN ARSENE WE TRUST,THEY MUST BE STUPID”.My prediction for this season is, out of all competitions in the near
    future,and they will be lucky to finish in the top half of the division,and if that does happen,i’m off ,i’ll go watch the kids in the park, it’s much more
    entertaining,and certainly, “MUCH CHEAPER”.


  6. We can all say what we want, but Arsene and Arsenals approach is not going to change. Positive note though, there will be another season ticket available next season as m not renewing mine.
    What a con!

    1. Roy, you and thousands more will do the same. The complacency of the current management is staggering. If they have not heard the noise now, they never will. They’ll just start wondering why there are only 30,000 at a home game to Wigan next year and scratch their heads. As I’m 13,000 miles away, there’s not much I can do. But as the email from the club said recently, tickets are available. Mmmmmmm, wonder why.

  7. I personally think Lopez is way so batter than Nani if you ask me.(: I hear now that Ba has rubbished any possible move to the emirates,so i think Wenger and the board are dramatically playing on minds by firstly saying they got 70m and to everyone’s surprise cutting it by 40m..and who knows-it cld still drop to 10m.:( I’m so disappointed in everyone at the Arsenal board…arrrggghhh

  8. what a shame for liars with the approval of the board to just calm down the supporters that cash is available to be spend and suddenly the budget has been reduced from Rs70m to RS30m and it will not be a suprise that this remain unused @ the end of january to say that we did not find the right and exceptional player. Who will come to Arsenal when they are sure that there is no hope to win any silver as there is only 1 objective for the club – increase profits and keep shareholders and managers happy

    1. You haerysipelas very poor knowledge of players movement in the EPL. If players still sign for the likes of Tothenham, West Brom, QPR etc then players will sign for Arsenal talk less of the opportunity to play in the UCL.

      1. You have a very poor knowledge of movement of players in the EPL. If players still sign for the likes of Tothenham, West Brom, QPR etc, then players will sign for Arsenal talk less of the opportunity to play in the UCL.

  9. I find people very funny in their comments and very pessimistic in their views. The manager is not obliged to spend all he has in this transfer window. A reasonable manager will only buy to fill recognizable holes without upsetting teams chemistry and cohesion, the rest he can use in the summer to strengthen the team. I think most fans have been afflicted with buy, buy, continue to buy and buy in perpetuity viruses. Arsenal fans are the problems of Arsenal. They have no faith, afflicted with poor loyalty and are very insatiable.

    1. Interesting point. But I don’t think it’s a case of fans wanting purchases for the sake of it. We are short in a few areas, and dangerously so if a couple of players get injured.

      “Arsenal fans are the problem of Arsenal” – that’s a thoroughly idiotic thing to say.

      1. Possibly you are one of them. The manager is not under compulsion to exhaust his transfer fund, he needs to be mindful of the team newly established rhythm and must only do what would not make him to start the process of getting a new rhythm for the team. This I am sure you cannot controvert. I still insist that fans must stop thinking that the manager needs to buy every suggested players good or bad. Also, we must stop being pessimistic and refrain from over generalization and drawing arbitrary inference in the face of inconclusive evidence a form of unnecessary projection.

        1. Being grandiloquent hardly helps you make your point…

          You’re trying to say fans aren’t entitled to their opinions? That’s ludicrous. As are your arguments.

          You assume a new face would destroy our rhythm? What makes you so sure they wouldn’t help it? Any good manager is mindful, but at the same time they have an obligation to correct flaws. Few could dispute the squad could use a couple of additions.

          I would love for you to try and convince me otherwise.

        2. You twat, do you even know what you’re saying? Or just trying to impress us with your vocabulary? If Arsenal fans are the problem then you are certainly number one on that list

  10. I knew when they said we had 70 million that we wouldn’t spend it or anywhere near it. We kept getting told a total load of Bollocks and Wenger and the board are laughing at the supporters. Wenger must be sold and Gazidas gone as well. They are only interested running Arsenal fc as a business to line there pockets and if we finish in top 4 there happy. Well we need trophies and while Wenger and the board keep telling us shot then we won’t win anything for another 7 years. We will prob sell players close to 20 million making 90 million but will not spend no where near that.

  11. The whole £70m story is pure bollocks. Have anyone of you read the story before you mouthed off about the board? The press fabricated the story on the basis of the new deal Arsenal cut with Emirates. But guess what – it only comes in place next season. Hence the £30m valuation.
    Besides, the squad may not be Harlem Globetrotters, but there are only so few gaps left to plug. Arsenal’s major problem – like last season, but then, far more than that – is consistency. Again, we suffered the same drop in physical shape, but at a different point in time (last season, it was after Christmas, now it’s before), and again it seems the key problem was getting the new boys to play at full steam.
    That said, we do need some new faces, and the rumours that have been circling over the club for months seem to reflect that pretty well. We need a reliable no-nonsense striker to compete directly with Giroud and a midfield stop-gap capable of deputising for Arteta (he’s still off balance) as well as Wilshere (think Diaby without injuries). There are quite a few players who fit the bill, and it doesn’t seem unreasonable that we should get them for less than £30m. If we can get 1, we’re good, if we get 2, I’d fear we wouldn’t buy anyone in the Summer.
    Now, as far as “pocketing cash” goes, this is the biggest load of crap anyone can come up in relation to Arsenal. I assume you guys talk from experience – or maybe have some proof? Kudos if you do, I’d really love to see someone talk real about Arsenal, and not just copy-paste the same crap over and over again. And a reminder: the fact that something’s printed (or TV says so) doesn’t mean it’s true.

      1. You really think it’s so obvious? Looking at some of the comments, I had the impression quite a few of your readers missed the punchline.
        From where I’m standing, I can see a throng of people milling about, droning the same old tall-tale about how the board pockets all that money that the club makes, and how old fart Wenger has all the money and just sits on it instead of buying big. It’s the Arsenal “fan” mantra, and it sounds pretty much as your piece did.

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