£41m to bring Suarez in, Luis Gustavo and blathery goodness.

“John, I know choppy racists make your IBS flare up, but he could be a huge player for us”

Afternoon folks.

Initially it was my plan to avoid writing anything about transfers for a while. I opted against posting yesterday because I was working away on a piece about Robert Pires causing me to orgasm, and it required an extra draft before publication. That particular wordy delight will be headed your way tomorrow morning.

Plans change, and today there’s an unavoidable piece of news violently becoming popular on Twitter, and it’s even come from a reputable source:

Hard to ignore, isn’t it?

Assuming that all is truthful, it’s a huge marker of intent from Arsenal, and certainly not short its fair share of controversy. As has been stated many times; few could argue Suarez has a lot to offer that’s good in terms of footballing ability, and equal amounts of bad when you take into account his loathsome personality.

There’s no way of avoiding that most Arsenal fans, had they been asked the question 3 months ago, would have listed him high in a Top 10 of the current most hated figures in English football. I certainly would have put him 2nd, behind John Terry.

And as it stands, I’m still torn between 2 opinions. At £41m, a player in possession of documented problems with attitude, and who will be missing for the first 6 league games, does not strike me a wise investment. Do we really want to spend all that money on someone likely to give us a couple of good season before gnawing on Jack Wilshere’s forearm because Real Madrid are showing an interest?

That’s usually how I look at it. But, as a player, he is quite brilliant, and I don’t doubt for a second he’d score goals and give us an extra edge up front. In fact; I’d go as far as saying he could be phenomenally successful in our style of play. Take away all the troubles and view it purely on those terms, and it’s impossible not to get a little excited.

If it happens, he going to need to do a lot to win me over. In a fan-base as ethnically diverse as ours, undoubtedly I’m not the only one. Signing Suarez is a huge risk that could pay off, or could be an enormous disater. Yes – that statement applies to most players, but few have as many warning signs displayed as prominently. I trust Arsene knows what he’s doing, but I’m going to be very dubious about him for quite some time if he sports the red and white of Arsenal.

Another player linked is Bayern’s Luiz Gustavo, and him I’m a big fan of him. I’ve watched him play quite a few times. Often when viewing other teams, I look through certain positions and imagine their personnel at The Emirates. Gustavo is tough-tackiling in midfield and physically strong. Our midfield lacks that. Given he could be acquired for as little as £10m, and is still only 25-years-old, he’d be a excellent piece of business. I hope this one proves to be more than rumour.

That’s all for today folks. Please do pop back tomorrow morning to read my piece about Robert Pires. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. All that remains for today is to point you toward the comments. No need to point any of you in the direction of a talking point…

As always: thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

35 thoughts on “£41m to bring Suarez in, Luis Gustavo and blathery goodness.”

  1. great article but i think to many arsenal fans are getting dillusional about big name signings, the team we have is weak all over the park wengers only philosophy is to make thatarrogant americans kroenke pockets deeper he has no real love for the club just a buisness opportunity, i want the russian usamanov in why? cause he has arsenal interest at heart but regards top players wenger for season after season has used the same excuse we tried but it did not happen he does this because he thinks he appeases the arsenal fans, but most of us fans have more intelligence than he thinks the only players wenger seems to go for is budget players time and time again has proven fatal he thinks he can make the next viera he lives in his own world of a phillosphy that has proven again fatal to this team when wenger and kroenke go then can we as arsenal fans sit and look forward to world class players again unfourtunately with wenger at the helm we have no chance it is about time he buggered off with kroenke and gazidis until that happens we will not be succesful only read stories of what could have been

    1. WRONG.
      We should be thankful Wenger is still in charge. All the money in the game makes his job so difficult. We are self sufficient, we are hopefully able to invest now. The last 8 years have also been a sacrifice for Wenger, for the good of the club. Let him do his job and pipe down.

      1. Bore off. We should be grateful Wenger is picking up £7.5m a year and delivering nothing? Yeah, we should be REALLY grateful of that. We’ve been able to invest for years. But haven’t. Times up for Wenger, Gazides and Kroenke.

        1. Your very short sighted, maybe when u grow up a little you might be able to understand, come back when u reach your teens,

    2. Not a fan of punctuation hey don’t worry about it neither am i however although we may be aligned on our mutual dislike for for full stops and commas and such i cannot see eye to eye with your theory that Wenger has been buying budget players to boost Kronke’s pockets Wenger has had an eye for a bargain long before Stan rocked up and not to mention buying a new stadium just because others throw their money away doesn’t mean we should yes we could do with some marquee signings and yes it would be nice to get established world class players for our squad but lets not bend to pressure from fans and get ripped off just to put a name on the team sheet that we all recognise that might not work out for us in Wenger we trust exclamation mark

  2. I wld definately take him cause he’s world-class..even with the baggage..Just with him And Gustavo We wld challange for the league

  3. Nice piece Gooner, I think alot of us are wrangling with the moral implications of signing Saurez. TBH I think he has been targeted, admittedly an easy target. The biting thing is definitely weird, however we want players to be committed…he will literally bite your arm off to win. As for the racism thing, I lived in S. America and what he said is incredibly common and whether we like it or not wouldn’t be considered so repulsive a thing to say as in the UK. We all know players swear almost continuously on the pitch.. points to Rooney… and if you read the transcript there is plenty of language i wouldn’t want kids to emulate. He was certainly wrong, it was nasty and they both were like petty children, but i think it is premature to brand him racist. Let me be clear, I don’t think racism is condonable in any way, shape or form. But I am not convinced Young Luiz is as bad as he’s been made out to be.

    1. “literally bite your arm off to win”

      Love It……..

      But using the fact that It’s common In S. America Is a weak defense, considering he left there in 2006.

      How long does It take before he learns what Is acceptable?

      Do we have to wait for The OX to crack his jaw In a ‘training ground bust up’.

      Or for the hot headed Jack Wilshire (who Is known for his close black friends) to do a ‘Zidane’ on him.

      Liverpool’s biggest mistake was finding excuses for him. Arsenal and us fans would have to make It clear from day one, that not only Is his actions unacceptable but we are not afraid to tell him to fuck off.

      1. Just to clarify, it wasn’t meant as a defence, but to highlight that there are different views on what is acceptable and not acceptable to comment on. For example my Gfriend has red hair….fair game to call her ginger? Better to judge on hair or skin colour?
        Also after commenting on Saurez’s sisters lower regions Evra thought Saurez called him the ‘N’ word, but in fact Saurez just used the word black, Negro in spanish… you can see where the confusion may come. But anyway, your right it’s a weak defense…just a sign of my desperation to see big names come in rather than keep going out 😀

        1. “but in fact Saurez just used the word black”

          I agree with you that It was most likely not the ‘N’ word used. But as we all know that If you use the word ‘black’ In the wrong context, It can have racial connotations.

          Here’s the context:

          Evra – “Porque me diste un golpe”, (Why did you kick me?)

          Suarez – “Porque tu eres negro”. (Because your black)

          These words came In a statement made by the respective player.

          A language expert at the time said:

          “It is given as the rationale for an act of physical aggression as if the person deserved such an attack since they are black.”

          At best the use of this phrase; In that context Is unacceptable.

          I never once got the impression that Liverpool thought Suarez did anything wrong. At Arsenal I hope that wont be the case.

          I fully understand that your not trying to condone what he’s done but If people don’t make It clear that what he said Is unacceptable then he’s likely to continue / get worse (add biting joke here).


          1. Yep that’s fair what he said was unacceptable and I would fully expect him to grow up and not to repeat these antics at Arsenal. 🙂

  4. I don’t like Suarez one bit and do not want him but it is obvious now that we will get him. Madrid do not seem interested and if we bid 41 Million, I believe Liverpool will sell or Suarez will force his way out.

    As for Gustavo, it will be great if we can sign him. He is a proper DM and I believe can play CB which is great considering the fact that Vermaelen is carrying a dicey injury.

  5. Suarez would definitely make us much more dangerous in attack but at what cost (aside from the 41M quid)? It seems he’s a good teammate from the perspective L’pool teammates support him and haven’t come out against him but he definitely doesn’t seem to fit Wenger’s type of ideal player (i.e. no overly big ego.) Granted, at that level ALL players have an ego. Even Titi and RvP could be a petulant a times but it would take near Titi/RvP level heroics for Suarez to win over Arsenal fans and that’s a high bar to meet.
    He seems to have the ability but the temperment is the question. You can’t score goals if/when you’re suspended from games. His temperment and fee make him that much more risky. I’d actually prefer Higuain if Real Madrid’s fee isn’t as ridiculous as what’s been reported. But, no way would I snub my nose up at Suarez if he came.

  6. Some of the people I’ve been warned about in my life turned out to be very close valuable friends. If I listened to people they wouldn’t be. I needed a tutor and I was told to avoid one in particular. I made a bee line for that one and though the tutor was devoid of any pleasantness, their teaching skill is beyond words. A chick everybody I know thinks is a slut has had 2 partners in 25 years. So no mate, Suarez is no worry for me, not after people like Ian Wright who begged to be booked just for attention. Remember him?

  7. Alright… i respect AW just as much as any Gooner. But, lets face the facts. Arsene isn’t showing any desire to make signings in the market. Gazidis is in Japan to make sure Arsene doesn’t SPEND BIG buying bottled water instead of drinking tap water (What else is his purpose on tour??)

    I’m coming to terms with the reality, which is that as usual, the Arsenal board and AW have taken us fans for a ride. NONE of the mentioned “targets” will be signing for us. And I have a bad feeling that Fabregas might sign for Manure. That would make me lose all respect for and faith in AW.

    Just getting ready to nod miserably when we sign maybe one or two prepubescent French kids and maybe a washed up old war horse well beyond his prime(Squillaci, Silvestre). 🙁

    1. Or we might get another Cazorla or Koscielny.

      The transfer season seems to be a great personality test showing who is a pessimist and who is an optimist. And both sides call themselves realists.

  8. More worrying for me is suarez conversion rate just 12% consider his against walcott 20% and podolski 33% he is also less than giroud.

  9. The only reason we are even looking at this guy is the dearth of available strikers. Totally slim pickings. This is why Liverpool is asking for this kind of money. Paying 41 mil for Suarez is akin to playing Russian roulette with a solid gold gun.

  10. suerez would be excellent in our system.also he will bite the hell anybody who oppose us,i love that.we need that.lustavo,banging people in the hole.god.I LOVE IT.

  11. I do not know if Suarez is a racist or not but throwing the accusation at someone is serious (see coranation street ) I am so desparate for a signing I would take scillachi back and think it was a result (if it was under £41mill )

  12. luis suarez was good way back as a under-21 for uraguay.he can score in many ways.lets be honest,he was the most skiled player in the prem.wenger realizes the potentian this guy would bring to our system.gustazo was one of the major reasons brazil won the C cup.HE PLAYS DEFENCE.

  13. Suarez and Gustavo would be sensational signings! Add Bernard and Williams and that is a title challenging side.

  14. If Arsenal don’t buy anyone and cannot challenge for the epl,then time’s finally up for Wenger.If the board continue to wait for his vision to be realised they will have to wait indefinitely.
    Time is of the essence for everyone including Moyes. If the latter can’t deliver after two/three years,mark my words,he will be out compared to Wenger who has been given an eternity.

  15. Suarez is racist and bites people. I have a very big problem with that.
    But where it really hurts is that he gets suspended a lot for those dumb things. He cant play 1st 6 games. And he WILL get banned again for doing something stupid.
    plus he wont stay too much time with us. He will push again for Real or Barca in a few years.
    Pay Real and get Higuain. He is world class and he will stay with us. He was already at Real, he just wanna play for a big club like us and be loved.
    Get Higuain and forget about Suarez.

  16. Gunners, Gunners, Gunners! Why do you do this to yourself? You are not getting Suarez, or Higuain. You will sign Pierre LePeu, striker, from a Ligue 2 side and magically pip Spurs for the 4th spot in the Premier League next season, thus ensuring another Wenger Memorial Trophy that comes with achieving such a lofty goal.

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