£42.5m bid for Suarez – Arsenal prepared to wait, but shouldn’t for others.

Arsenal representatives arrived at Luis Suarez’s home to begin negotiations.

Morning folks.

No post yesterday – apologies. Friday has become the day in which it’s particularly difficult to find a moment for writing, and Saturday’s are often left without a bit of my rambling to occupy your time. I shall work hard and with vigour to ensure such things do not occur again.

Now that I’ve torn myself away from listening to the podcast I recorded on Thursday night – incidentally, it is jarringly noticeable how much my accent stands out when held against others – the time is upon us for news, and there is no need to mention which name is taking up most column inches.

Rumour, sweet, unreliable rumour, would have us believe that a new bid is heading the way of our Scouse friends and their idiotic American owner. Said to be in the region of £42.5m (bafflingly), the new offer is an attempt to secure the deal in time for Saturday’s Emirates Cup. Sound unlikely to you? Me too.

For starters, The Mirror’s piece is another to join the plethora of terrible articles with absolutely no basis that we’ve endured all summer. Lazy journalism at it’s finest. Anyone could write one. Really, it’s as simple as:

Arsenal will bid for a man. They like man as he as nice feet and excellent personal hygiene. Man doesn’t chew with his mouth open. Where do we get this information? Well, we say things like ‘sources’ and ‘tips’, but the truth is, we’re just making it all up as we go along. 

Ssshhh. Don’t say anything. 

The bid will be £56m plus Gervinho’s nipples.

The story is utter balls.

Arsenal bid previously to open a clause in Suarez’s contract. Since then, much debate has been made as to what the clause was – Suarez’s agent and Liverpool appear to have contrasting views on what the caveat exactly means. One side seems to think Arsenal are now entitled to talk with the player and, should terms be agreed, Liverpool are obliged to sell. The other side sees it differently.

Until there is a resolution, I see any further bid from Arsenal as hugely unlikely. Although, I’m going to the Emirates Cup, so it would be nice if something happened by then…

I think we’ll wait. Arsene Wenger is prepared to wait. Given Suarez still has to serve 6 games of his domestic ban, we can afford to wait. But only with him. The squad needs to be reinforced in other areas, and I see no reason for dallyingly until we conclude one deal, when time is quickly running away from us.

And we wait, folks. We wait, we keep our fingers crossed, and we react when something concrete is there for us to react to. Until that time, there’s absolutely nothing we can do.

That’s all for today. It’s time for me to take annunciation classes and temper this raging Bristolian accent. The guys at A Bergkamp Wonderland have invited me back to feature again at a later date, and for that I thank them whole-heartedly. If you’re a regular reader of mine, then I suggest strongly you make yourself a regular listener of theirs.

For those of you asking to read the ‘raps’ I’ve written; take note of the handy new section and the top of the site, and prepare yourself for more. I was going to leave it at 3, but reaction has been favourable enough for me to dust of my microphone at drop a few more. I might even make it a regular thing.

Lastly, head to the comments and begin a discussion. It took all of 2 minutes when I last posted about Suarez for someone to tell me to f**k off and accuse me of being a c**t. I expect that record to be beaten today…

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

8 thoughts on “£42.5m bid for Suarez – Arsenal prepared to wait, but shouldn’t for others.”

  1. do not believe arsenal will buy suarez….i believe the wenger will give another reason like higuan .,…sorry gunner no big name

  2. Fed up with transfer talk….Want Gerv.to stay …He missed some important chances but what he did before was unpredictable and exciting .We are very unforgiving. His finishing surely could be improved..He has got to be a good squad player at least..Ramsey is now flavour of the month..Why not Gerv. …It would be shameful if we let him go…Rant over….like your post as usual…

  3. oh for fucks sake, since listening to that podcast I can’t help but read this site in a ridiculously over the top Bristolian accent hahah

    1. It’s quite soothing I think. Sounds like a farmer serenading you with tales about Arsenal before making you lunch and giving you a shot of his wife.

      In all seriousness though, way easier for me to understand than the other English accents on the podcast.

  4. yes Bendtner’s rap was a masterpiece, bro !

    Wish I could go to the Emirates Cup too
    Wish I was still living in London too (10 yrs aleady, sigh…)

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