5 LEGITIMATE Reasons For Arsenal Fans To Be Cheerful – Reasons So LEGITIMATE, I’ve Put The Word ‘LEGITIMATE’ In Capitals.

High 5…

Morning, you beautiful bastards.

The inspiration for this post comes from an entirely extraneous place. Before sitting down to type, I was watching The Book Of Eli with Denzel Washington – that’s ambiguous… I obviously mean that Denzel Washington was in the film, not that he popped over for the evening and we sat awkwardly through one of his films.

I’m now pondering exactly how I’d react if Denzel – we’re on first name terms in my head – arrived unannounced at my home and suggested a movie night. What kind of snacks would he like? Is he talkative? What potential is there for him going all ‘Training Day’ on me should I not prove an adequate host?

It’s simply not an occurrence I’m prepared for.


The Book Of Eli reminded me of Twitter at present. Around each and every dark corner of a dystopian world lurks nefarious characters seemingly hell-bent on causing untold misery. There is an element of social media that seems to revel in moments of trouble and strife.

Note: I should make it clear that The Book Of Eli similarities end there and this post isn’t some attempt at centring myself in a Christ metaphor.

Unless of course…

*cues dramatic music*

In a time of peril, James ‘Raul’ Stokes was born of an ethereal plain and transported to Earth to bring justice and the word of God to a cruel, unforgiving world. He was mankind’s last hope, a harbinger of holy wrath, a peacemaker, a surprisingly formidable lover, a complete f**king idiot who’s getting WAY off topic here.

All the chitter-chatter causing such rage at present surrounds one man; Arsene Wenger. As I’ve stated before on many an occasion, he isn’t infallible. Not by any stretch of the imagination. I love the man without question, but it’s okay to offer criticism of him. That’s part of being a fan; having an opinion. The current state of the team and our fortunes worries me, and I’ve steadily begun to think Arsene, for all the wonders he’s accomplished during his time at Arsenal, might not be the man to take us forward. Even the greatest have to stop at some point.

I don’t see any problem with that opinion.

What I find abhorrent is the rage, the unrelentingly vicious and idiotic comments that are splattered across social media. Arsene Wenger may not have your faith, support or your reverence, but what he has done for Arsenal unquestionably warrants your respect.

Of course, I don’t aim that statement at everyone. Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re a fan who’s as bewildered and achingly tired of the tedious merry-go-round of hatred we find ourselves faced with as I am.

When did everyone start getting so angry? There are certain formats available – naming no names  – that perpetuate hatred because it sells. Nobody clicks onto an article that features something rational, but if you stick a camera outside The Emirates after a defeat and interview people with the emotional stability of a PCP addict playing Flappy Bird in a graveyard then you’ll find traffic comes your way in the thousands. Soon others attempt something similar and before you know it the vast majority of stuff available to peruse is aimed at getting on your f**king nerves.

Maybe this post is getting on your nerves (if you’ve got this far)

I’ve hardly got the the point of the title yet… The 5 reasons to be cheerful.

So, here they are folks:

  1. We have Alexis Sanchez and he’s awesome.
  2. Crisps are nice. I often find the humble crisp is an underrated and overlooked snack. They’re varied, delicious and oh-so versatile. Wether it’s be a pub-based snack to fuel discussion or simply a garnish on top of a luxurious sandwich, the crisp really is a treat everyone can enjoy.
  3. Alexis Sanchez… What a guy.
  4. The weather is becoming increasingly cold and that means we can all wear hats. I do love a fashionable wooly hat. I’ve a wonderful collection.
  5. Alexis.

And that’s me done for today. When you write something silly about a subject people take REALLY seriously, you’ll get nasty remarks in the comments. Far be it from me to refuse you the opportunity to call me names, so allow me to take this opportunity to point you toward the comments section of this post – just below these words.

I shall return tomorrow with more. Until that time, and as always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

Note: International football is on the way this week and I reserve the right to talk about whatever I please to entertain myself during this time. As a direct result, this may result is stupid things appearing on this blog. I’m sorry (not really)

10 thoughts on “5 LEGITIMATE Reasons For Arsenal Fans To Be Cheerful – Reasons So LEGITIMATE, I’ve Put The Word ‘LEGITIMATE’ In Capitals.”

  1. I like hats too. I have a nice collection and it’s been ages since the weather was chilly enough to begin wearing them. I’m especially proud of my riding hat made of rabbit fur. Very comfy!

  2. Raul,
    I was sure that we would win the game being a goal up… But we forgot to defend as a team; the blame is on everybody: management, players, and the money Kroenke took out from the club, as it has (in my opinion) produced bad karma. But there is hope, there is Alexis, there is Sanchez, and there is our #17 player. I must thank you for your positive message in this time of recriminations.

  3. And I thought this post was going to include kittens… still, Crisps are enough to get me through the day. With sir chips on the board we should make the Pringles Man our next manager

  4. Hi there James, i would like to give my two cents on this season if i may. After hearing/reading from various platforms (arsenalfantv, yourself, goonersphere, bergkamp wonderland, arseblog) this is what i gather.

    1) Transfers (CB/Holding MF).
    I do believe that Wenger was trying to get a CB or 2, but Wenger is the type that wants to add players that can “enhance” the team, rather than just to “make up the squad.” Think about it, everyone ranting about no CB, but no one actually remembered Silvestre and Squillaci. Both were added to “make up the squad,” and Squillaci was no scrub. He won the Copa del Rey and other trophies while in France. Did both really made a great positive impact? Not exactly, so buying just to make up the numbers may not be the best solution. Wenger also can’t guarantee to the new player that they will get first team action, that obviously stopped them from coming. Hence, Nastasic, Manolas, and Papa(that Greek guy from Dortmund, I mean no disrespect here).

    2) Tactics
    This season alone, he deployed various formations and tactics, still baffles me that some suggest he doesn’t do tactics. The infamous 4-1-4-1, 4-2-3-1, 4-4-2, and perhaps others that i’ve missed. just focusing on 4-1-4-1, and i admit, i just had one source to depend on, it was perhaps the most noble of ideas, but lack execution. the idea behind a 4-1-4-1, was that the back 5 and the fwd are the “fixed” positions. but the midfielders are the ones that roam around the field. unfortunately, the players didn’t exactly execute that, so theoretically, it doesn’t matter if Ozil started on the wings, because he isn’t suppose to be fixed there. i watched the Man Utd v Crystal Palace, sad to say that they played the formation just the way we’re supposed to. the midfielders roaming around, and causing confusion among the defense, which was the idea behind it. theoretically, the formation should give stronger ball retention capability and stronger defensive base, making the holding midfielder’s job to be quite minimal. Perhaps, that is why Wenger wasn’t too hot for a holding midfielder towards the end of the window. Benefit of the doubt is, if the team had a longer preseason, then maybe, the team would play the formation better.

    3) Mertesacker and Chambers
    It does make sense to put pair up chambers and BFG at the central defense. But as i was looking at my twitter feed, someone made a point of this: That will mean moving one of them to the LCB position. As we’ve seen, BFG is comfortable/most suitable on the RCB, where he can push the opponent to the left and manipulate his slow pace liabilities. Perhaps, Chambers considering that he is also a natural RB may prefer to play on the RCB. This will give us 2 scenarios: 1) 2 19 year olds on the right side 2) 2 somewhat awkward pairing at CB. Chambers and BFG didn’t looked all too comfortable against Everton, although that can be quite subjective.

    Perhaps these are the details that the manager sees, and we as fan don’t. Just like the last game (v Swansea), the commentator acknowledge about the pitch. It was pouring, and it was difficult to play the ball on the ground. So the best way was to put the ball in the air, which simply means Sanogo was better suited.

    At this time of day, i appreciate your positive vibes James, especially when others are suggesting to replace Wenger for Pullis, Pullis! Its sad to see the fans are so divided, what they don’t realise is, it is affecting the team. At times I wonder, why can’t we be more like the Dortmund fans.

    Once again, i apologize for the spam and if whatever i wrote does not make any sense. im in the office and bored! and all i can think about is Arsenal!

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