5 things my weekend brought with it: Flamini love and the Welsh Christ.

Just a walk to the local shops in Bristol…

Morning, folks.

The one saving grace of this time of year is football. Were it not for the romance of floodlit stadiums, chilly breath and warm cups of Bovril (I can’t stand Bovril…), emigration is something I would have considered a long time ago. I hate the cold. I don’t just hate it in the carefree, throwaway manner in which that phrase can be used; I loathe it with a passion.

Reports in Bristol suggest that the weather is going to take a turn for the chilly in the next week, and I thank football for being the one and only saving grace. Arsenal, as is often the case, are a love affair that makes most things bearable.

So Arsenal’s current glorious form and lofty perch is a great source of pleasure and a welcome distraction from checking wether my testicles are making a “clink” noise as I’m walking.  Monday’s invariably are a tedious day for news. Yesterday’s main talking points would include dropped points for Spurs and United and a resounding defeat against fellow Premiership minnows, Hull City, for Liverpool. Welcome results, I am sure you shall all agree – the latter being more of a testament to how sh*t-awful Liverpool were, as opposed to any great Hull performance.

Steve Bruce’s men are next up at The Emirates on Wednesday, and I can’t see Arsene allowing the players to take things easy against them. They may appear relegation fodder, but we all know how much a bout of complacency can spoil a fixture. None of that please, Arsenal.

News is in short supply, so I thought I’d repeat last Monday’s effort and offer up a list of the 5 things I learned over the weekend. Don’t expect anything jarringly informative or revelatory. Nope – I’m afraid it shall be my usual blend of nonsensical observations and blathery blathering.  Shall we proceed? Let’s:

1 – Aaron Ramsey is most likely not of this world, but created on an ethereal plain by saintly badgers and the hand of god him/herself. Since the tail end of last season, and unquestionably throughout the current campaign, his form has been nothing short of astounding. Not being the type to peruse stats and salivate uncontrollably over them, I must confess I looked up Aaron’s. Impressive reading they most certainly are.

2 – I love The Flame. I do. I mean it with absolute sincerity. Call me old fashioned if you will, but the sight of him tearing around our midfield and barking orders never fails to put a huge smile on my face. Yes – he is perhaps a ‘dirty’ player. Yes – I have spoken of my disdain for other players of a similar disposition – Phil Jones for example. However, The Flame is all kinds of special and Phil Jones is a blunderous, talentless oaf with the charisma of a vacuum packed bag of rat vomit.  I need not justify myself any more than that. I’m a hypocrite, and not afraid to admit it.

3 – Twitter is genuinely an awful pace to be when a tragedy or controversy breaks. On the whole, it’s a good medium as far as I’m concerned, and I’ve met some wonderful people on there, some of whom I can call good friends of mine now. But there are days I can’t use it because of how silly it all gets. When the news of Paul Walker’s death broke yesterday, I was shocked. Shocked both because an actor from The Fast and Furious series (huge guilty pleasure of mine) I’d grown to kinda like had passed, but mostly because of how much opinionated drivel comes out of people. There’s nothing wrong with having an opinion or disliking someone, but there’s a time those thoughts should be kept to yourself.  Worse still is when people use it as a means of promoting themselves. I know this is hardly pertinent, but I felt like expressing it nonetheless.

4 – Arsene has, very intelligently, played down our chances of winning the title when asked:

“Let’s go a few more games. It’s still a bit early for me but what is good for us is that we can show consistency and that’s always a very good sign for a team.

“Every win makes you a bit stronger. If we can take care of the concentration level and the desire to improve, then we will have a good chance.”

Very wise words indeed, and a sentiment I agree with entirely. I believe Arsenal can win the title, I believe in the squad’s potential to do so. We have an excellent team that is performing well and still capable of a great deal more. Faith is a good thing, but overconfidence breeds complacency and mistakes. Those are two things we can ill-afford to allow to find away into the team.  I’m utterly delighted we remain 4 points above our closest rivals.  However, I’ll celebrate and boast if and when that title is secured.

5 – Lastly, the weekend taught me that you should just enjoy the now and worry about the ifs, the ands, the buts and the maybes once they arrive. There is little point in questioning everything. Things are what they are and nothing more. Arsenal currently are the best team in the country. The table doesn’t lie, and neither do the results. That’s what important, and until it changes, I intend to revel in it as much as possible.

That’s all for today,. folks. I shall endeavour to make my return tomorrow with more. I hope you’ll scamper off to the comments and drop me a line. It’s always good to hear from regular readers and newbies.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

7 thoughts on “5 things my weekend brought with it: Flamini love and the Welsh Christ.”

  1. my only gripe with the squad is giroud. i cant stand the guy.he looks clumsy. in jan i hope we get a decent striker so we see the true worth of wiltshire,cazorla,ozil,ramsey and rosicky. we will be scoring goals left , right and centre.

  2. Ozil really needs a sharper and fast-to-act finisher. That’s only when we can see the best of him and of the new Arsenal. Sometimes it seems there’s no one up front there that understands his game. But we need Giroud-he brings something with him we lack-physicality, ball holding prowess and space creating ability.

  3. Does Lance Peters even understand the value of Giroud. He holds up the ball, links up play, provides innumerable assists, and is very useful in defence. In fact he puts himself about so much and in my opinion is invaluable. This man tries his heart out. But he does need help so an additional striker as cover or to rotate would be welcome.

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