£60 million available to spend, Monday morning blues and the Spurs comparison.

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Yesterday I delved into the assortment of blogs out there to gauge reaction. Where there is often furiously divided opinion, instead, I saw an almost unanimous agreement with one thing; Arsene Wenger is treading on some seriously thin ice.

Curiously, a great number of folks seem happily resigned to missing out on the Champions League and making do with the Europa League; all of a sudden, a competition as frequently derided as the latter is an appealing option as it would “offer something different”. Bollocks. I can’t imagine anyone really believes that and it’s comfortably one of the most hypocritical things I’ve heard in a while. The same people have mocked other clubs for their participation, I’ll wager.

4th place is important. It’s not as essential as it’s been made out, but I’d rather be competing in the primary European cup than its lesser alternative. This season has been a monumental failure so far, getting 4th won’t paper over the enormous cracks, but it would at least be an accomplishment – before you say anything, I know it’s not a trophy, it doesn’t require an open bus tour of the city, there’s no euphoric moment of celebration… blah blah blah.

So, the bumper ‘war chest’ of the title… According to a few reports, the summer could witness huge changes at The Emirates. Whilst I try not to concern myself with speculative stories and such, I do believe that it’s an interesting notion. The period before the beginning of 2012/2013 is certain to be eventful, and I would assume that will involves considerable arrivals and departures. With Wenger’s tenure at the club under considerable threat, he has to open the dusty ol’ chequebook and recruit a few players. A attack-minded and creative midfielder and a second striker are essential. Others around us have strengthened their squads as ours has diminished, and that brings me nicely to the final, and most controversial part of today’s blog: Spurs.

As it stands, they have a better team than us. Hard as it might be to accept, it is true. For the first time in decades, I’m not sure we can beat them this coming Sunday….


You can’t imagine how irksome writing that was. It’s just so fucking annoying to admit – annoying like ‘Dancing on Ice’, Nazis, Channing Tatum and those websites on Arsenal News that constantly post top 10 lists of useless nonsense. All are things in life we shouldn’t have to endure.

We shouldn’t be in a position like this. Financial prudence is an honourable pursuit, but also an entirely stupid one when you sacrifice a competitive team. Spurs haven’t blown wild sums of money, but they’ve succeeded in acquiring good players like van der Vaart and now appear favourites to bag Eden Hazard. They didn’t begin the season with a bare-minimum squad and wait until the last available moment to recruit. For the first time in decades, they’ll finish above us in the league, and they deserve to.

And that’s the worst element to our debacle of a season. Even with the obvious nature of our problems, we’ve failed to act and we now pay the penalty. We all want what is best for the club, and that may be a future without certain board members unwillingly to do what is necessary and a manager unwilling to change with the times.

Thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards. Tomorrow, I’ll be looking at the tactical element of our recent faltering and the formation we use. Until then, drop a comment in the box and follow me on Twitter – @_ArmchairGooner.

4 thoughts on “£60 million available to spend, Monday morning blues and the Spurs comparison.”

  1. I doubt Hazard would go to Spurs. He seems more like a whore trying to see which team will offer him the best money.. Chelsea IMHO for him.
    I think people see Arsenal competing in the Europa league as good for us in 2 ways:
    1. It’s a trophy which *seems* winnable against the lesser lights of European clubs and we need a winning mentality.
    2. Board will start shelling the cash out to get us back to the top.as Europa league is a kick up their arses.

    Part of Arsenal’s current problem seems to be a mixture of AW’s stubbornness to spend money and board’s reluctance to change their wage structure.
    But no-one highlights the fact that we *might* have made record breaking bids for top players which were rejected due to whatever reasons. Hence we feel we’ve had to settle for lesser players.
    Thing is I don’t think AW is the guy doing the actual dealing . He just selects players and in his own charming way tries to convince them to come here by conversations over the phone or occasionally face to face along with arranging meetings with their compatriots.

      1. Certainly I am sure he does, every football manager does to an extent. But I doubt he decides the wages.
        People calling for David Dein forget that he was present when Ashley Cole was sold to Chelsea .
        As far as I recall reading, AW wanted to retain Samir Nasri and risk losing him for nothing . The board overruled him. What I did find interesting was Ferguson at that time commented that the Arsenal board,not Wenger , would not be able to resist such an offer given by City. I am not saying that I trust Ferguson now of all people but it was still an interesting comment nonetheless.

  2. Ive said this before, and I will say it again. I understand our reluctancy to spend big on average players, I understand we (as fans) are usnure how the board work in terms of transfers and acquisition of players, but looking aty our current squad, it is clear that some players just arent good enough.
    I know, youve heard this before. My question is, players like Johan Djourou get new contracts, obviously to save us £££s on the transfer of a new player. But if Wenger believesd in these players, why arent the coaching staff working on the areas if their game which clearly need improvement. Djourous positioning is poor(sunday league poor), whether hes at RB or CB, so why arent our coaching staff putting effort in to rectify these player issues. You cant tell me that in 9 years at the club weve been working on djourous positioning? We trust Wenger, but how can he deny what is clearly right in front of him? Its beyond belief, the San Siro said it all. We needed a squad who would/could defend rigourously and catch Milan on the break. As it turns out we cannot defend, be it due to lack of effort or skill. What is our Plan B for there types of games?

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