€8m striker on the way, Captain’s future and a big weekend of football.

David couldn’t choose what to watch from the endless stream of football.

Morning, you splendid little badgers.

You’ll be pleased to know my stomach has settled down and reached some semblance of normality today. No longer am I enduring any discomfort. Not today. In the interest of  keeping up my reputation as a f**king idiot, I shall use this reprieve to consume even further. It would be an opportunity wasted if I didn’t, wouldn’t it?

*goes downstairs to make coffee and pancakes*


Right, news time – time to trawl through all those sites out there and see what’s happening in the wonderful world of Arsenal. There’s a busy Premiership fixture list today. Manchester City will in all likelihood take our top spot away as they’ve a home fixture with lowly Crystal Palace. Short of something truly miraculous happening – Chamakh hat-trick anyone? – I can only see a home win, and an extremely comfortable one at that.  Having beaten Liverpool on Boxing Day, our Sky Blue rivals are building up a head of steam. Most people’s clear favourites for the title are thunderously acquiring results over Christmas.

However good they may appear, I do not seem them as unbeatable. Yes – they put 6 goals past us and beat Liverpool, but those results both could have been different on another day. We lost to the better team over 90 minutes, that I do not dispute,, but the scoreline was flattering and hardly told the full story. Both Arsenal and Liverpool can rightfully feel aggrieved by some truly shocking refereeing decisions.  Point being; as good as Man City are, they are far, far from an unstoppable force. I have absolute belief we can keep the pace with them.

What it boils down to is strength in depth, and City have that in abundance. Should they wish to solve even the smallest of problems, Pellegrini need only flutter his eyelashes seductively at the owners to have copious amounts of cash thrown his way. Arsene Wenger is a frugal and calculated man not known for ostentatious and excessive outlays. Well, he was until Mesut Ozil.

I’m sure the manager can see our squad could benefit from a couple of additions. Olivier Giroud requires a little assistance up front, and it’s being reported out there in cyberspace that we are very close to securing the services of Standard Liege’s hot-shot superkid, Michy Batshuayi for a meagre €8m. Have you heard of him? I haven’t. I’ve had a little look-see on YouTube and Wikipedia, but as we all know, they are hardly the best places to glean vital information regarding a player’s ability.  He could be an absolute belter of a signing, or the next Kaba Diawara. True or not, I’m of the opinion we should be looking more towards an experienced loan signing in January. Someone who can hit the ground running will be of more service than a youngster who’ll probably require a lengthy period to settle in to life at Arsenal.

Elsewhere, Thomas Vermaelen’s future is again being questioned. The Belgian with the immaculate cheekbones has been a consummate professional since losing his place in the starting XI. We’ve not heard any moans or grumbles, he’s done well for the team when required and says all the right things when quizzed about his future by the press:

“I don’t like to talk about my situation, It doesn’t matter.

“I am a player of Arsenal and I will do everything for this club. We will see what happens. It makes no sense to speculate about my future.

“We are still happy about our place in the table. To be title contenders we have to be very consistent. In the Premier League, everything is possible.”

It must be hard for him. He wants to play, but at the same time understands why he isn’t – the axis of Mertesacker and Koscielny has been too good to break up. I think it’s possible this is Thomas’ last season at The Emirates, unless he manages to break into the team on a regular basis. I wouldn’t blame him if he left for pastures new. It’s an odd situation to be Club captain and hardly play any games.  In fact, I struggle to think of a similar situation elsewhere.

And that’s about it for today. I’ve got a busy day planned of not doing much of any note and keeping an eye on all the football scores. Should be a fairly interesting day. You know the drill by now; drop me a comment with your thoughts and hopes for the future. I enjoy reading them, so don’t be shy.

As always: thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

10 thoughts on “€8m striker on the way, Captain’s future and a big weekend of football.”

  1. Arsenal should try to keep Vermaeleen for continuity of the stability so far built in arsenal defence. I think with a couple of matches ss we get into 2014 it should be relatively easy to convince him to stay and be part of what looks a promising future of the club. but we need a proven striker to bolster our goal scoring department and the unkown chap from standard liege is not the answer unless he is another Eduardo. wishing the team well at New Castle tomorrow..its a tricky fixture not appropriate for any tired legs in my view

  2. Do we need another striker?

    We don’t. We have Theo and Poldi capable of scoring vital goals and Sanogo still to come back in to the fray. We have options to rotate.

    New signing would be only for show and to impresse others.

  3. These are signs Arsenal are rebuilding as star-studded. It’s good to be capable of keeping more than one quality player in one position because that’s what defines the strength of a squad that aims to win any trophy. It’s left for Wenget to see if he can keep Thomas at the Emirates longer than January or even next summer.

  4. I always think left foot strikers are very awkward, don,t have the same quick reactions as right footed players, Giroud fell over himself against city taking the ball right side of goal

  5. Those who say we dont need a striker have their own avenda.either their fathers and uncles have shares to protect they dont care we win the pl or not.obviously we wont with un settled giroud.we need a finnisher who puts away those clear chances giroud misses.dont give wenger excuse not to sign. that SIR NO GO is nowhere to be seen so far

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