“90% an Arsenal player” is still 10% away from being one.

Olivier had heard all about Nicklas Bendtner’s driving.

Good morning, delicious readers.

Olivier Giroud. His is the name smacking off the lips of an aroused collective of Gooners today, as there are some Wenger quotes doing the rounds that say the deal is all but done. Those quotes are:

“Giroud didn’t play much (at the Euros so far), but he’s going to be an Arsenal player 90 per cent next season.”

“I think he has exceptional potential and will integrate very well in our collective and our way of playing. He is a real team player and knows how to combine with other players and I’m sure he will do well with us.”

Sounds like it’s a certainty if the boss is already referring to him as an Arsenal player. Of course, in instances such as this one, the nay-sayer element of my personality crops up. I’m the kind of guy who refuses to believe anything unless given concrete and absolute proof – even as a child I viewed Father Christmas with great suspicion. I know what you’re thinking, “Geez, cheer up, you miserable sod” and you’d not be acting outrageously saying so.

Miserable I am not – I’m delighted we appear to be making good additions. Sceptical – that’s more like it. Having immersed myself in a plethora of babble and poppycock over the past few weeks whilst hunting for stories and news, I’ve developed an immunity to transfer speculation. A reflex action to exclaim “BALDERDASH!” fires from my mouth when I read the vast majority of unsubstantiated drivel out there at the moment.

So it is with a healthy splash of scepticism I look at Giroud as being a lot of things; a good player, a very welcome addition to the squad, a sign of things to come and hope. But he is NOT an Arsenal player until that percentage rating goes up to the full 100. If things were cast in stone, then Wenger wouldn’t have left a, albeit small, percentage of doubt, would he?

That story broke whilst I was watching the coma-inducingly dull Euro 2012 quarter final, in which the BBC essentially dedicated an entire programme to Ronaldo sycophancy. The game was appallingly tedious to such and extent I amused myself trying to make innuendo from the commentators words – “he’s gone for the long diagonal” being a personal favourite. The group stages threw up a few entertaining fixtures. Tournament football always goes the same way; once pressure and the fear of elimination sets in, spectacle and entertainment makes way for the cagey approach. Unless your team is involved, and you are emotionally, watching can be a real chore.

Tonight, I expect Greece to show little or no desire to attack, and Germany will gradually break them down and win 1-0. Given my propensity for inaccurate predictions, there should be a 7 goal thriller to watch later.

That’s all for today, folks. Thanks for reading, commentating and for your genera support. If you’re a new reader, or a regular returning; I thank you very much for making this blog worthwhile. If you’re one of those irksome swines who keep trying to get your ridiculous spam comments approved; go f**k yourself. I do not need cheap Air Jordan’s or female viagra – regardless of how intriguing the latter is.

I shall return tomorrow. Until then, the comments await your views, thought and hurtful insults.

5 thoughts on ““90% an Arsenal player” is still 10% away from being one.”

  1. I think For 90%,Giroud already iz a Gunner,Ten percent remain iz on ze way 2 join uz,Giroud welcome 2 Arsnl.

  2. Get us a DM (M’Vila/Capoue) and i think we are done for the summer and sitting in an awesome position to be really competitive next season. These signings have (and potentially will) addressed areas of concern and i think we can give the title a fair shake. City are full of egos and only need a few hiccups to bring the best out of Na$ri, Teve$, $ilva, Balotelli to be at each others throats!
    And manure are still massive over achievers. Kagawa will help them but i don’t think they are ahead of the mighty gooners with additions of Poldoski, Giroud, M’Vila/Capoue and keeping RvP and Theo…

    For the sake of football i hope germany destroy the greeks…god they play awful football. Sure i feel sorry for the country but not sorry enough to support ugly football. I was impressed with Portugal all over the pitch except up top, they lack goals aside from Ronaldo, whose movement is pretty exceptional!!

  3. Euro 2012 flatters to deceive! I too have been drawn into Euro-fever. But after watching the last 2 quarter-finals I am reminded of what I told myself before they started … I hate International football!

    The Portuguese only have Ronaldo (best moment in their last game was his hissy fit when he didn’t get the pass he wanted!) The Czech’s were nothing without our Tomas! The Greeks played like their economy – negative and dependant on German generosity! The German’s know how to use their squad and rotated well, but played at 50%! Boring!

    The France/Spain game will be a tippy-tappy nightmare of a draw and penalties and Eng-er-land/Italy will be a defensive bore draw with the BBC heaping their sycophancy and gizz all over a shin-pads and suit wearing grassing eating twatt!

    But I’ll watch the French as the misses has already started a love affair with Monsieur Giroud. What is it with tall, dark, handsome Frenchman that women love? Give me Martin Keown any day of the week!

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