A day of transfer fantasy.

Afternoon/evening – or in the immortal words of Sheldon Cooper “prevening” – folks.

Today has been one of those days where it’s painfully bereft of news and interesting things for me to blather about. Thierry has spoken out and offered an apology to the Arsenal supporter he gave a dose of the verbals to. All a bit silly as far as I’m concerned, and if you’re going to shout your frustrations, a legitimate hero and club legend isn’t a particularly intelligent place to start. The fan in question received exactly what he deserved. It’s our right as supporters to be critical, but that right stops firmly at vitriolic chants and other such despicable acts. There has been far, far too much of that over the past few days.

Mostly, today has been all about transfer speculation, discussion and the resignation of knowing we probably won’t sign anyone unless they’re 17 and playing in an obscure league. Names brandished about today include Scott Dann *shudders*, Eden Hazard *dreams* and Christopher Samba *rolls eyes*. They’re just names to me; presumably available players linked to Arsenal for the sake of website hits or to fill column inches. It’s all hokey balderdash (I do love that phrase). The likelihood of either Cissokho or Abidal appears to have disappeared up the arse of those who broke the exclusive.

The single-most hilarious drivel I bared witness today was a story featured on Twitter about Arsenal signing Robin van Persie’s 5-year-old son as means of keeping him at the club. That’s not a joke, somebody actually offered serious debate on the matter. It did make me smile broadly when picturing the Arsenal board stooping to such levels to keep, undeniably, our prize asset. A few Gooners out there are either extremely bored and possess vivid imaginations, or they have terribly unreliable sources. Me thinks the former to be the most likely.

However, it’d not all doom and gloom. Supposedly, Monaco have made a firm enquiry for Sebastien Squillaci *crosses fingers, toes and testicles*. He’d certainly not be missed.

We shall see how things unfold, but I’d be willing to bet our business is done until the summer. For all the obvious deficiencies, that is a terrible shame.

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  1. I dont tink dis Wenger is serious,is it this rubbish that is doin that we give us silver dis or wot is RVP child a defender or what? Is that the solution facing our great club? When does arsenal became this? My God

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