A gateway to something better.

“Bloody hell.. What to write today?”

Morning, folks.

Often when I’m writing, words tumble effortlessly from brain to keyboard. Other days, getting even the most simplistic of statements onto the screen is so difficult, hours can pass with me gazing rather stupidly at the screen of my iMac.

Today is firmly in the latter.

When presented with such troubles, my first instinct is to waffle. I like to waffle. Waffling is in my nature. I’m a gregarious soul that enjoys the weird, wonderful and infinite conglomerations of language one can spew  across cyberspace.

I thought I’d spare you that. Instead, I’m going to point you all towards something that demands you attention, immeasurably more than the dross I’m putting out today.

On North London is Red, Daniel Cowan wrote a novella called, “I Should Never Have Joined Arsenal” Go and read that today. I’ll return tomorrow with something a little more substantial.

As always: thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

2 thoughts on “A gateway to something better.”

  1. Why not do an article on memories of your first arsenal match or past glories in a world of transfer madness?

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