Aaron Ramsey, transfers and the Indonesian Dream Team..

“Come on – Ramsey only misplaced two passes”

Morning, folks.

Yesterday afternoon/evening saw something we’ve not had the pleasure of casting our eyes over for a while; a football match involving Arsenal. Whilst it was hardly the most competitive of affairs – a 0-7 canter – it was good to see some of the boys take to the field, and that yellow kit looks especially nice.

The match itself was mildly entertaining without ever flirting with become gripping. I’ve just sat through the entire thing on Arsenal Player. Before going into a little detail regarding how the players did, the support in the stadium – all 90,000 of them – deserves special mention.

Throughout the Arsenal community online, you meet a great deal of genuinely pleasant and intelligent people. However, as is customary with every club, you will come across the occasional moron. Some time ago I entered a debate regarding what constitutes a “real fan” with a user on Twitter I shan’t name.

His opinion was simple; North London, born and bred, equals Arsenal supporter. The rest are plastic. I strongly disagreed. I didn’t chose to support Arsenal, they chose me. I’m from Bristol. I love Arsenal. Where I was born shouldn’t matter to anyone. You need only look at the highlights from yesterday’s game to see just how much watching Arsenal play meant to the people in the ground. Arsenal is bigger than an area code. Arsenal is global.

There are many different types of fans, some more committed than others, some wiser than others. The people of Indonesia are fans. They have nothing but total respect from me, and should be considered as much a fan as someone born on the doorstep of Highbury.

Of the players on show, I thought Gnabry, Akpom and Zelalem showed the odd glimpse of their as-yet untapped potential. Most impressive on the day for me were The Ox and Aaron Ramsey. The latter being a frequently lamented figure at the Club, and one who has seldom deserved the abuse directed toward him.

I’ve always liked Ramsey. He makes mistakes, as any player his age does, but he seldom hides from them. He puts himself about, he tries his hardest, and things finally seems to be turning in his favour. Toward the later stages of last season, his performances in the centre of midfield were excellent.

When you consider what events have befallen such a young man in his career, you’d think certain extremist individuals would be willing to cut him some slack, to afford him the luxury of time. That often has not been the case, and those who’ve witnessed some of the hateful tripe thrown his way by people looking for a scapegoat can testify to just how idiotic certain fans can be.

Thankfully, that seems to be all behind him now, and his performances continue to grow on the pitch. Of the players we currently have, he is the one I’m expecting to see progress the most in the coming season. He has the talent and the mental strength (cliché alert) to be an enormous player for Arsenal in years to come.

Lastly today, there is little or no fresh transfer news to report. I’d be telling you all fibs I I stated i wasn’t getting a little restless. Perhaps all this heat is getting to me. Today at work the kitchen reached an astounding 36 degrees, and I spent a period of 6 hours in a perpetual state of sweatiness.

During that time, if asked about Arsenal transfers, I may have exploded into rage. I think once things cool down, we’ll all be a little more capable of rational thought. Perhaps we’ll see some movement this week. Or perhaps we won’t. In the grand scheme of things, there isn’t a lot we can do about it whatever happens.

Just have a little faith folks. And if that fails, stare at some boobs. That always calms me down. Just don’t make it to obvious, unless you have permission first. Alternatively, head out into the streets where you live and stare intensely. Tell whomever complains that I said it was perfectly okay for you to do so.

That’s all for today, folks. Hit up the comments with you views on the game, transfers and Aaron Ramsey. I look forward to reading a few.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

12 thoughts on “Aaron Ramsey, transfers and the Indonesian Dream Team..”

  1. good day. ramsey and arteta take the place of 1 solid defensive midfielder in our team. if we had for example an essien type player then you will only need jack in the central midfield. arteta and ramsey are not arsenal type players and because of their sideways passes and lack of pentetration we are nothing more than average. arteta and ramsey should be playing in teams like sunderland / west ham etc..if you compare them to the previous players in their postions (viera/petit/gilberto/flamini/cesc) its a disgrace havin arteta and ramsey in our team.

  2. joel. i just say it as it is. as much as i love arsenal i am very honest in my criticism. you have no idea how angry i get watching the pedestrian like displays from arteta and ramsey.i could break the tv set.

    1. I have to be honest, Lance; i don’t think it’s possible to disagree with you any more than I already do. I could try and force myself…

      Arteta has been excellent for us. Without question.

  3. Greeting from Senayan…. and i’m very happy at the end Arsenal say thank you to us, it us that should thank you to Arsenal, hope you’ll come back next yeaer… with trophies of course 🙂

  4. Arteta and Ramsey should play for Sunderland? And you want to break your TV set when you watch them? Excuse me but who do you think was behind our much improved defense and our unbeaten run that saw us to 4th last season? I swear to god if you say just Koscielny and Mertasacker I’ll scream, because while those two played a major role, it was also Mikel and Aaron who gave us that platform. I seriously question if you watch games or if you have the required amount of IQ to comprehend what football is about when you write out absolutely ludicrous statements like that.

  5. Graham ,i was happy with the results towards the end of the season but the performances were nerve wrecking. we did not win any of those games convincingly (remember fulham with 10 men) and we were nervous until the last minute at newcastle. in that unbeaten run we did not win against of the “better teams”. arteta and ramsey are 2 players that are being used as the old fashion ” no 6 “. having these 2 to fill 1 position is a disadvantage to our team. i am sorry but any team that has arteta as their midfield anchor or ramsey as a 1st team player will not win the premier league or champions league. the truth is hard to take judge me as you feel.

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