Alexis Is Injured And The Future Of Abou Diaby.

The rarest of sights; Diaby in an Arsenal shirt.

Morning, folks.

I write to you today feeling refreshed, currently sat behind my iMac basking in the glory of a richly deserved lie-in. As there are many pressing concerns for me to attend to today (I need to buy a new bed, which I did break due to sexy time with my lady friend) I intend to keep my offerings as minimal as possible.

With that in mind, I shall cut short my customary preamble and head straight into the meaty goodness of the news.

Alexis Sanchez has a hamstring problem and is likely to miss the game with Villa on Sunday. At this stage, it’s thought any omission will be entirely precautionary due to the barrage of fixtures throughout February, but it’s worrying nonetheless. Arsenal’s history with injuries reads like a litany of misfortune and lengthy injuries often appear to materialise out of thin air.

At this stage, pointing out the Chilean wizard’s contribution would be pointless. Any remotely intelligent being in possession of a pair of eyes can see Alexis has been nothing short of magnificent in an Arsenal shirt and hugely influential. There’s no reason not to believe his injury is minimal and any failure to take part on Sunday is erring on the side of caution. However, I think we’ll all exhale with unbridled relief when he’s not rumoured to be unable to play.

The opposite side of that coin is Abou Diaby – a wonderfully talented footballer blighted with injury who again appears unlikely to feature this season at all – a brief Capital One Cup appearance is all we’ve seen thus far.

There’s a decision to be made. It’s a tough choice for Arsene to make becuase it’s obvious that he believes in Abou’s ability and potential. I’m no different. I often recall the glimpses of his talent I’ve seen and find myself wondering what could have been had he not encountered a talentless cretin in Sunderland colours that fateful day in 2006.

Yet here we are in 2015 paying a player who doesn’t play and, if history is anything to go by, is unlikely to ever play regularly again. Diaby’s attitude and dedication to regaining his fitness has been admirable; few could dispute he’s put the effort in to trying to get himself back on the pitch. He’s also an immeasurably likeable character. Sticking by him when so many others wouldn’t is an admirable act from Arsene, even if so many will disagree.

Those people refer to Diaby as “deadwood” or a “scrounger” and I find that laughably stupid. Hatred and all it’s asinine accompaniments requires a figured head to be directed towards and a player with a poor appearance record is an easy target. Truth is, it’s not his fault and it never has been and we should commend our manager for failing to cast a talented footballer into the wilderness. Albeit on a lesser scale, both Robin van Persie and Tomas Rosciky suffered similar spells and both came through to perform excellently for Arsenal.

There is still hope for Diaby, but that hope grows smaller by the day. At some point a choice will have to be made and the harsh truth is we will have to let him go if he can’t play. A new contract, at this stage, does not seem like the correct choice. It’ll be a great shame for all involved  – especially us fans who never got to see the best from a undoubtedly gifted player – but sometimes the most painful option is the correct one.

That’s all for today, folks.

The comments await your thoughts below. Feel free to drop me a line and I’ll do my best to reply to a few. I shall return tomorrow with more fluffy goodness for you to digest.

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11 thoughts on “Alexis Is Injured And The Future Of Abou Diaby.”

  1. Hi James.
    Alexis just got the answer of his statement that he didn’t need a rest. However, I hope he’ll comeback right after Villa match.
    Abou Diaby? I’m totally forget about how good he was. A very unfortunate talented man. I’m shocking to know that he’s still struggling to keep his football career. Inspiring but sad, I feel deeply sorry him.

  2. I agree, it disgusts me when people refer to Diaby as deadwood. He has shown more dedication and commitment to gaining a return to fitness not just to play football but to the club/manager who have stood by him. I remember his first game for Arsenal and he juggled a ball over his head to make room to play – a la Viera. The commentator on TV said “not just does he look like Viera, he plays like Viera.” Remember some of those goals he floated into position and rattled the net from outside of the box? That tackle was never punished, yet he has suffered the loss of his career and not once have you heard him complain. That is commitment and class rolled into one for you. When fit he has first choice in the French set up with Deschamps, that will tell you how highly he was though of. I hate using the words “was though of” and not seeing what this man could have done for our team. Diaby, I salute you, as an Arsenal player and a man.

    John Noel

  3. @JamesRaulStokes well put for Alexis though this is EPL even toughies like blur!blur! needs rest due to physicality nature. Hope you come up next game refreshed for Abou its sad acceptance of the reality

  4. I think the word you wanted there is “erring” rather than airing. I agree on Sanchez. Better safe than sorry. I share your feelings on Abou too. So unfortunate for him and Arsenal (Club and followership) that things have turned out the way it has up till now? But no one knows tomorrow. My people have a saying which, roughly translated reads ” dont call it a bad day until all of it has passed” – the eternal optimist a la the last minute of added time equalser.

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