All This Ozil Hate Is Beyond Silly.

Mesut Ozil fans joined together to support their hero.

Morning, folks.

By now, you’ll have either seen the maelstrom of hatred and abuse directed toward Mesut Ozil, or you will have, at the very least, heard all about it. If not, I suggest you sharply click away from this post.

I love Mesut Ozil. Long before he signed for Arsenal he was a player I admired from afar. The boggle-eyed German trickster has such grace and ability; a fabulous technician capable of making the tricky look simplistic. When he signed for us, I was elated. I consider us very fortunate to have him in our ranks. As maudlin as it may sound, the times I’ve watched him at Real Madrid made it all seem like a dream too good to be true viewing him in an Arsenal shirt.

Yesterday I saw some of the hatred directed towards him for missing a penalty. A penalty. He didn’t defecate on the Arsenal crest, punch Arsene Wenger in the face and run around the Emirates in a Spurs shirt screaming bloody murder, he blundered a spot-kick. The list of Arsenal greats from bygone era that have done the same is a very long one.

It appears since he signed for such a high fee folks expect miracles from him. In an age of easily accessible facts and statistics, couple with social media and all it’s trappings, people want everything immediately and as much as possible. If Ozil, our record signing, isn’t scoring 3 and assisting 2 goals per game, the world seems to implode around some.

So, when he misses a penalty, folks loose their sh*t. The don’t just let out a despairing yelp and be done with it; no – they take to the internet and fire vitriol towards a player to such an extent his teammates feel compelled to come out in his defence.

Podolski on Facebook

Think about that for a second. If you’re one of the moronic few that saw fit to lambast him via social media networks, it obviously hit someone’s radar. A player we’re very fortunate to have has probably seen just how cretinous certain elements of our fan-base are capable of being.

Mesut made a mistake with the penalty – no one could dispute his choice of languid run-up wasn’t especially inspired. It was, not to put too fine a point on it, utterly cack. After we went down to 10, he was deployed in a unfamiliar position and asked to track back and defend, neither of which are his strong points. Would you expect Fabianski to perform wonders playing up front? Would you scream obscenities and allow yourself to be overwhelmed with apoplexy if he didn’t create space and hold-up the ball? Not if your sanity was intact.

I don’t usually respond to what I see on Twitter. Doing so is silly and only really helps to make that foolishness all the more exposed. However, this was something I felt required a mention – an entire blog post in this instance. Ozil hasn’t showed us his best form, but even with that fact in mind, it should be mentioned that his contribution to the team isn’t exactly paltry. For his debut season, the goals and assist tally is not only very good, but better than the vast majority of his Premiership counterparts.

The guy has all the talent in the world. He’s in his debut season in an unfamiliar league with  new surroundings to become accustomed to. Many that have graced our beloved Club has suffered in similar circumstances and come through to produce no end of wonderful moments and brilliant performances. Ozil can do the same, he can be as good as any of those that have preceded him. One thing I am certain of is this; he stands a much better chance of coming through any spot of adversity with the fans behind him, not against him.

That’s all for today, folks. The comments are below, use them to give me your thoughts on the Ozil situation. I shall return tomorrow at the usual time with more blathering and general tosh.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

29 thoughts on “All This Ozil Hate Is Beyond Silly.”

  1. It wasn’t just the penalty that caused people to slag him off he was terrible after we went to ten men and he didn’t try at all! He had already missed two consecutive penalties before that using the exact same run up so I have no idea why he would try it against Neuer! Overall the hate is because he pretty much cost us the game, we were playing brilliantly and going a goal up would have made us unstoppable! All the hate is definitely wrong but it’s not for no reason.

      1. He sort of did. Did you see the way we were playing before he missed? After that Bayern gained confidence and started to dominate. Maybe he didn’t cost us the game but he certainly set us on a downhill path.

    1. If 42.5 million pounds means not making a mistake in any game and performing excellently in each single game then what can we say about the Messis, the Christiano Ronaldos, the Gareth Bales, The Neymas and so on? Mesut is human and we must understand he’s also frustrated and needs support. We should be looking at providing him the quality finishers in the team so that we can make the most of him. He shouldn’t be expected to always make us happy by every of his performances simply because he was bouth 42.5 mil pds. Unless you want to destroy the player.

      1. It doesn’t mean not making a mistake, what it DOES mean is putting in a (at least) decent performance week in week out which is something he hasn’t been doing since his good run at the start of the season.

  2. Very good article,ozil is a fantastic player who after his blistering start is it appears to be struggling with the demands of the premiership,, 2 arsenal legend both Thierry and Dennis took at least 6 months to start playing well and coping with the prem.. Ozil will come good.. COYG !!!

  3. As an Arsenal fan; I’m not that bothered that he missed a penalty – shit happens! What concerns me (& I would imagine other Arsenal fans) is the languid, lethargic, lazy way he has approached games in the last few weeks. He is showing very little commitment to our cause at an important time in our season. He is making a significant number of mistakes during games & doesn’t appear to care! This is to such an extent that his team mates have even started to lambast him (Mertesacker, Flamini, Jack) in recent games. Why Wenger has not dropped him is beyond me, why Wenger substituted Carzola & Ox instead of Ozil is also beyond me. The fact is, as fans we want to see our players as committed as possible, when this is not evident – we become angry & frustrated that we are helping to pay players obscene amounts of money to not give a damn about our club.

  4. Good article. Well valanced and I agree wholeheartedly. We are fortunate to have such a player in our ranks. One quick look at him tells what a class above he is. We have no end of precedents of players who have taken a long time to settle – pires, mertesacker, koscielny, Nasri, Henry, Ramsey, even bergkamp. Let’s get off his back, encourage rather than berate, and tell him how great we feel of having a real world class player in the team. Next season, he will be awesome

  5. Well said. I totally agree, 100%.

    The world has changed with the introduction of twitter. Now, the media can pick out 5 quotes from angry gooners who single out a player, and all of a sudden all Arsenal fans agree with that…

    We should start to support the players more, or we will scare them off, and maybe even prevent other top talents from wanting to join our club.

  6. Hello, James.

    There are two things I’d like to point at:

    1) even The Dennis missed a penalty. Not just that – he missed a penalty that would have ruined United’s treble in 1998-99 and perhaps give us an upper hand in the Premiership as well. Hell, Özil is not the first Arsenal player to miss two consecutive penalties in the Champions’ League! Do you know who also did that? Thierry Henry. You know, the best player Arsenal have ever had?

    2) Podolski is a really great lad. I remember how he showed his support to Hitzlsperger after Hitzlsperger admitted he is a homosexual. I’ve seen Poldi going to Auschwitz as well. Now, he is there for Özil.

    Contact me on my e-mail regarding Podcast if you’re interested to hear whether Bosnian accent beats the Bristolian one. 😛

  7. To start with, you of all people should know that attempting to control the reaction of fans to poor performance by the club or an individual is futile.

    You would also know that criticism, or vitriol as you called it in this case, should ultimately make a player better, not worse. Remember Ramsey. We hope that will be the case with Ozil. We do not hate him. We hate what appears to be a lack of commitment!

    Wednesday was a clear example of that poor attitude that has characterized Ozil at Arsenal. I’m glad for your choice of words – uninspired languid run-up and cack. That’s the crux of the matter. I cannot imagine what situation would give Ozil greater inspiration than a penalty in a Champions League game vs Bayern Munich which could have put us at great advantage.

    A player of Ozil’s experience and stature should have known the weight of the responsibility that he shouldered as he stepped out to take that penalty. Instead, his approach was characteristically casual. We did not see focus or planning or determination. Before I could finish celebrating that we had won a penalty, he had taken two casual steps forward and bang it went, right in the middle of the post – against one of the best goalkeepers in the world, whose ability is well known to Ozil. They are both childhood friends and national team mates.

    That is what inspired the vitriol. The biggest player on our side didn’t seem to appreciate the enormity of the moment. And thereafter, all he did was stroll around the pitch for the rest of the game as his teammates fought to keep the Germans at bay. For that, I blame Mr. Wenger. Pulling out Santi and Ox, and leaving an Ozil who was obviously in low spirits, and is known to lack defensive ability, in a game you had decided to do nothing but defend, would go down as one of Wenger’s more baffling decisions as Arsenal manager.

  8. hi james, this guy is clearly knackered, looks really tired. first season syndrome, no rotation or rest for him, walcott and ramsey’s absence, all of these might have contributed to his loss of form and confidence. i’m a bit worried about his confidence. i remember wenger speaking of gervinho as someone who’s fed on confidence and support almost indicating that he’s mentally fragile and needs careful handling, although his talent is unquestionable as he has shown at roma.

    james, do you think ozil is someone like gervinho? but then again, i tend to think he’s played under the pressure of being the creative force of one of the biggest clubs in the world, real madrid and of one of the most talented national football team, germany. so i don’t really feel that he’s the type who’d break down mentally after a series of poor games. of course confidence is a big thing and can be won or lost even by seasoned professionals. what’s your opinion mate?

    i think the problem also lies in his price tag and the resulting expectations of fans. i mean, he’s established such a high standard that people expect him to perform at his best all the time. i also see a connection with arsenal’s situation this season. compared to this stage of last season, we’re still competing for the league and the FA cup, and champions league. so i think fans are anxious that this is the best chance to win silverware, and ozil would be a big contributing factor in us winning something this season. so people really want him to push hard, in spite of the fact that he’s still adjusting to the league. i’m sure he’ll have a great second season, but it’d be grand if he could help us in winning something this season itself. we still have 12 league games to go. if he bags 5-6 goals and maybe an equal number of assists in those games, i’d be more than happy with him.

    finally, i’m a bit disappointed with wenger’s rotation policy as well. i know we’re not as blessed as chelsea or city in terms of squad depth and quality, but still wenger needs to have more trust in his squad. over the course of a season, 11 players cannot win the league.

  9. Completely agree with you James

    Not sure why but every season the press or the fans seem to pick on one player to take their frustrations out on and at the moment Ozil is the one taking the flack

    Couple of seasons ago it was Walcott and it nearly drove him out of the club, last season it was Ramsey it’s just pathetic
    They are both out at the moment with injury and we are missing them both big style, they gave us the penetration to get behind teams that at the moment we are clearly lacking

    Ozil is a player that we bought to make a difference in the last 3rd of the pitch, the guy to make the killer pass just like the ball to the Oz to set up Poldoski against Liverpool

    The last few weeks he’s practically been playing as a fucking RB no wonder he’s struggling

    We need to get behind him the lad is a truly world class player, we get a team with pace and runners around him which we have but there out injured…….. and he will run the show on that I have no doubts

    He missed a penalty big fucking deal they need to get over it

    I love Arsenal always have and I always will but fuck me the majority of the fans piss me right off

  10. Its abt time Ozil be Benched and allow those high in confidence to do the work on the pitch. Santi move to the middle, Podolski play wide… Afterall santi at some stage in season was benched due †̥ deep in form. Ozil at the moment is full of sh*t on the pitch n needs time out on the bench

  11. I blame Arsene, missed penalty aside, they missed one also. But Ozil should have been taken off and not Cazorla or later OXO.. It was always going to be a backs to the wall situation and OXO had rhe energy. Also Caz is a fighter.

  12. All of your points are valid and the bile shown to any Gunner is not acceptable. We Gunners do NOT attack our players and give the anti AFC press weapons to use. Ozil did not do his duty after the miss I agree and he should have been called over by Arsene and told to fight for the club. I think we are suffering again from mistakes by AW in not having too many extra players who can change a game and that is his fault entirely. We are also the unluckiest team in Europe with injuries to star players..not only on a reular basis but for very long term. Who knows where we would be if we had had Theo all season and Vermy and of course Ramsey??? Yes I think we are out of the Champs Cup but we have enough about this team to win a double IF AW gets it right!

  13. Damn right I wanna comment .. not just because of the originality of this blog but because you bring a fresh perspective to the Ozil issue/non-issue.

    My hope is that he (Ozil) understands that every club has their share of rabid fans and who will only bow down when he gets over this episode. Walcott is/was one of the most vilified players, he simply blotted them out and got down to business. Ramsey is another example. Per and Kos were lethargic and gaffe prone respectively now they are heroes.

    The reason for this cacophony is nothing more than 42 million quid …..What If Ozil joined for peanuts as a 16 year old, grew up before our very eyes, became our captain and eventually returned to sender for a handsome fee ???? Of course I’m talking about Fabregas… A world-class player…. who always faded at the business end season after season…

    Yet we always remember the good times … how he ran 50 meters to grab a quick second goal as Spurs dozed off moments after restart.. How he dispatched a penalty with a broken leg against Barca after getting their thug Puyol sent off.. How he came on as a sub and grabbed two quick goals to sink a stubborn Wigan side (he was himself subbed off moments later) and …The fact that Fabregas played in a UCL Final for Arsenal before Iniesta, Xavi and Messi became household names…. We remember all these because he cost us next to nothing…. Very few fans actually remember how much has Fabregas cost Arsenal but today anybody can bleat 42 million.

    “Wilshere”, Gnabry, Sanogo, Gibbs, Sczzzzny Flamini get different fan reactions compared to
    Ox, Walcott, Ramsey, Podlski, Arteta, Giroud, Carzola and Monreal who are lambasted whenever they have a poor first touch… wanna know why??

    MY ADVICE: None…. I’m no expert…. but everybody seems to think he needs a rest … He should probably hit the gym…

  14. If I remember correctly my favourite Arsenal player of all time ‘Bergkamp’ didn’t set the world alight in his first season, so although he has not had the best of starts get off Ozils back, give him your support and we can goad him into great performances, he cannot suddenly become a shit player. If you are not careful we will drive him out!

  15. His ‘lazy’ ‘languid’ ‘uncommitted’ ‘casual’ performance is somewhat misjudged. That’s his style and its the same style that he employed so successfully at Madrid and in his first few months at Arsenal. It’s just when it doesn’t quite come off that it becomes easy to criticise and condemn as lazy. He ran his socks off against Bayern. What he does need to work on is his mental state on the pitch. That penalty affected him too much. That kind of thing shouldn’t linger for more than 10 seconds, and you should rather get on and try and make it right.
    Anyhow, we should get behind the man and show him love. We’re ultimately lucky to have him.

  16. I don’t think anyone, apart from maybe TAG could put it better than A Cultured Left Foot:

    “Criticism of his penalty is valid, it was awful but some of the comments on anti-social media were just abysmal, feeding more stories in the media such as this morning’s Daily Heil attempt to fuel the notion of a breach of spirit in the Arsenal camp. Frankly, it’s just pathetic and if internet trolls are the future, God help humanity because its nappy needs changing”

    Enough said, you are either a supporter or you are pond life as proven by the massive void between

  17. I concur, I’ve not been bothered by the penalty miss since the score was 0-0 at the time, but for a long while now the effort and workrate has been unacceptable. Some of his passes have been woeful and not least of all because they come from the great Özil. It is WENGER to blame for this though, he is not managing the player correctly. It was the same with Denilson, Arshavin.

    It is an insult hearing Wenger compare Özil with Bergkamp, the most professional player in the history of football, plus Bergkamp did not make woeful passes, did not ever play lazy and he scored goals too. Emmanuel Petit was a way better passer than Özil too, people forget this.

    Yes, Özil has done great things at Real Madrid and for Germany, but not for Arsenal yet and this is what counts at the end of the day, not his past, the here and now, the future in an Arsenal shirt. I have never once criticised Ramsey when others have, I knew he was going to show everybody they’re idiots, but I’ve never been able to have the same faith in Özil. The effort, or the lack of it, is just unbelievable. Looks to me like he suffers from some kind of depression too or mood disorder, this is possibly why he impulsively left Real Madrid. How is the home life, is he bringing that to work. Whatever it is, it is completely mental and not physical. German players are the most physically fit players in the World, the national side picks players primarily on their stamina and then look at technical ability. Definitely not tired. Fed up, yes, moody, yes, disinterested, looks like it, unprofessional, I think so.

  18. Ozil is class. We have a piss-poor striker that we keep having to make excuses for. Imagine for a second Ramsey and Ozil running wild with any of Ox/Gnabry/Theo/Podolski and a world-class hitman. Thinking the Ozil hatred will dry up pretty quickly under such a scenario. And congrats to Sanogo – he has done a great job given his sudden immersion in top flight football. Problem is not Ozil. AW could certainly have shored up the attack in January but that’s ancient history now. Time to regroup and for gods sakes AW, just rest Ozil already if he really is so knackered.

  19. Good to see the fans,manager,players and ex players coming out to defend our dear Mesut. Let’s hope Wenger does the sensible thing and plays him aswell as Sanogo against Sunderland a game we really should be taking 3 points from 9 times out of 10. A game we can rebuild some confidence from… Hopefully put in the same shift as we did against Bayern till that twat Robben fucked us over..up the Gunners!!!

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