An “Awful, Shambolic, Woeful” Victory Is Still A Victory. Enjoy It, Folks.

1 more step to glory.

Morning, folks.

After such an enforced hiatus, it’s pleasing to return to your fair screens with something pleasant to discuss. Yesterday’s triumph certainly won’t go down in the annals of history as Arsenal’s crowning accomplishment, but given the manner in which things have fallen apart in recent weeks, I, quite frankly, couldn’t care less.

And I celebrated, too. Those that have you believe it was “only Wigan” seem to have forgotten that football is all about joy. If you can’t glean any joy from booking a place in a major cup final, then why bother at all? Yes – it might have been “only Wigan” but it certainly should be mentioned that “only Wigan” hadn’t lost in the FA Cup for two years, and they knocked out Manchester City on their own turf to get to play us.  A lot of teams underestimated “only Wigan” and look where that got them. They gave us a tough game and I personally think they deserve a great deal of credit and praise for their recent exploits.

Semi finals are a tense and nervous affair. I struggle to recall a time we’ve successfully navigated one without any trouble. Form and standing go out of the window over the 90/120 minutes. We may have seen a tepid and uninspiring Arsenal performance on the day, but that performance got us where we needed to be.

Too much is analysed these days. If you allow yourself to be bombarded with the opinions of pundits and fans, you’d go quite mad within a short period of time. Everything is focused upon and the negative sells so it’s invariably that which is covered the most. Certain members of our fan base seem at their happiest when things go awry, almost as if they yearn for a platform in which to spew vitriol more than the prospect of Arsenal’s fortunes improving. I find it baffling, I really do.

Yaya Sanogo is a good example of what I mean. A young kid starting an game of enormous magnitude was slaughtered afterwards. Why? Because he isn’t Thierry Henry? Because he didn’t score a hat-trick? Perhaps he isn’t ready to start important games for Arsenal, but it’s not his fault he’s out there. On the pitch, he tried his best and did offer a different kind of threat at times. He’s still, to use the popular term, ‘raw’ and I’d agree that maybe he needs a little further development before featuring regularly, but to brand him as “f**king sh*t” and other such colourful conglomerations of language is downright idiotic.

Buy hey – I’m beginning to border on hypocrisy now. Moaning about moaning is no better than moaning itself in the first place, if you know what I mean. When you cast aside all the debates and all the unbridled fury, what matters most is that Arsenal will take to the field on May 17th to play the FA Cup Final and have an exceptional chance of winning it – according to fixed odds betting guide by, anyway. We’ll find out later today who are opponents are, but whether it be Sheffield United or Hull City bothers be not a jot.

For the rest of today I’m going to enjoy getting to a final and the nerves and excitement being there brings. It’s not all doom and gloom just yet. My last mention of the day will go to Lukasz Fabianski. He’s moving on from Arsenal in the summer to cement a place as No1 elsewhere and I wish him all the best. In recent seasons when called upon, he’s played very well and deservedly takes the accolades from yesterday’s penalty shoot out. Gone are the days of the cruel ‘Flapianski’ moniker. I hope he leaves Arsenal with a winners medal.

That’s all for today, folks. With things still hectic and unpredictable in my personal life, I shan’t say when I’ll be back regularly, but I intend to do so as soon as possible. Until then, why not use the comments to discuss the game and share a few of your thoughts on how the events unfolded.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

14 thoughts on “An “Awful, Shambolic, Woeful” Victory Is Still A Victory. Enjoy It, Folks.”

  1. Good article. I think you summed it up perfectly. We all would have loved the team to have won 4-0 at a canter playing sexy football but in the end we scraped through and were at least deserved winners if you look at the chances created and hitting the woodwork a few times.There were a lot of doom-mongers predicted and seemingly hoping for us to lose just to reinforce their hatred for the manager/certain players and to have an excuse to spew their vitriol about a team we are supposed to love. Yes a lot of players owe us better performances and ye the manager has even with his record much more to prove, but my god! wembley here we come! Come on you gooners!!

  2. Spot on. the mad haters justify the ‘only wigan’ arguement by claiming that mancity played their second string against them – which turns out to be a blatant lie. only two defenders were not first team reguars and the midfied and strike force was at full strength including negredo and aguero, something that can not be said of arsenal yesterday.

    Man City line up v Wigan: Pantilimon, Richards, Lescott, Demichelis, Clichy, Jesus Navas, Toure, Javi Garcia, Nasri, Negredo, Aguero. Subs: Hart, Kompany, Milner, Dzeko, Kolarov, Rodwell, Silva.

  3. They carried on as though they had won the cup. this shambolic performance must give plenty of confidence to the other semifinalist no matter who they are – What a shameful performance and even more so what a shameful game for the manager… only one arsenal player on the turf… The Ox.

  4. Good article, by the time the game finished it was 5am in Brisbane. For the rest of the day I have enjoyed the success.

  5. Dear armchair gooner, are d gunners as awlfui as u said considering what they av thru, i don’t think so, even though they did not win d game on regulation time, 4 dem 2 av calm their nerves y taking d penalty is a enough 2 give dem credit after all Wigan did not pose much treath in d 120 mins game, 4 now let d players take a bow and come out smooking 4 d last 5 matches in order 2 qualify 4 champions leaque, av a nice day

  6. The reason I like this blog is that you always choose to look on the positive side when the easy option is not to. There is no doubt the team is in a hole but this is a great way to start digging its way out of it. Football is like life, never perfect and full of volatility . It’s just great we got the chance to win the fa cup in a few weeks time , with hopefully more depth in the squad by that time.

  7. I think BFG made the right statement after the game. Their first half display was timid and weak but they fought back in the second half and hit the woodwork a couple times so all in all they were very unlucky not to have won outright in 90 minutes. But by an inch or by a mile a win is a win and we have a lot more to prove by the time May 17 comes around so…… COYG!!!

  8. All i crave for is a trophy. However it comes bothers me less. For the life of me, AFC needs a big time resuffling during the summer. I hope Prof. Wenger bows out though

  9. A win is a win never mind roy keane of this world. Its up to the players to look in the mirror and be honest with themselves had we done enough for the fans in last couple of weeks. Well come on arsene I hope in yr old age you can see its prudent to kick loyalty to certain players aside and invest in players that do justice to the club and its fsns

  10. while the left side of our defence is always a target we will continue to struggle, even Per cannot play his usual game as he is being drawn out of position to cover the two idiots to his left. Sagna is then pulled out of positionto cover the gap Per has left. Finally were becoming a slow slow team, we may keep possession, that is because ther opposition don’t mark Atteta, let him have the ball, slow the game down allowing the other side (whoever) to get into their defensive formation. We bought the best passer in european football but he’s wasted because there is nobody running the channels and so he ends up passing backwards or sideways. Its like watching a team of Ray Wilkins. For god sake AW get some pace in the team, were almost becoming boring.

  11. I was actually impressed with sanogo. His showed pace, showed he can turn on a ball. Hit one cracking shot that drew a top class save and he held the ball up impressively! Even better than giroud of late. Sure his first touch let him down a couple times and still needs some work in finishing but I like the promise and a EPl loan spell next year could be perfect!

    Hopefully this gets the team going and wakes wenger up to playing the ox and I wouldn’t complain about sanogo continuing as at least with those two we have pace and chances are far more frequent! Also one more game closer to getting a match fit Rambo…we missed you lad

  12. Hi James.
    For me it wasn’t awful won at all. It shown our men mentality strength to defend our last dignity remain at all cost, despite the massive pressure on their shoulders. The more we won penalties shoot out, the more bad ass winning character we gain of. Just remember what Spain NT became after defeated Italia in Euro 2008 semi shoot out.
    Back on topic, for me it’ll be awful (for us) if the fortune lady wasn’t pick up the right side to win, after our tireless effort and some saves from Wigan’s woodwork. We deserved a place to kick the tiger ass. COYG!!!

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