Are We ‘Done’ Yet? New Kits! Tedious Semi-Final…

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Greetings, darlings.

Unlike yesterday, when there was the opportunity to discuss one of the most spectacular football matches in recent memory, today I’m left with the concept of picking apart last night’s semi-final between Argentina and Holland. I shan’t bother. Argentina won on penalties, the 120 minutes that lead up to that point were,to out it kindly, forgettable. The game was like try to assemble a large wardrobe from IKEA, only twice as irritating and 10 times as dull.

So what’s happening? Well, I’m keeping it short today as there’s a delicious Goonersphere Podcast being prepared today for your listening pleasure – might I take this moment to point you in the direction of the latest mini ‘Licked’ version that you can allow to corrupt your ears right now.

The main weekly episode should be out tomorrow.

As for news, well there’s two quick points. Firstly, today marks the official release of the new Arsenal kit made by Puma. After many years under the design of Nike, we’ve made the switch to a new brand for considerable financial investment. They’ve done a damn fine job with the two main kits – especially the home shirt – for next season, as you can see:

Stolen from people with watermark.

Lastly, in conjunction with the kit revealing, it looks exceedingly likely today will be the day we unveil both Alexis Sanchez and Mathieu Debuchy, although – I wouldn’t get your hopes up. Such a thing has long been mooted to occur today, yet it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if it did not. Regardless, it certainly does appear that it’s only a matter of time before we cast our respective peepers over the fully glory of the Chilean in an Arsenal shirt.

That’s all for today, folks. I have introductions and other foolishness to prepare. Leave me a few of your thoughts in the comments whilst I’m away.

As always, thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

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