Arsenal 2-0 Brighton; Comfortably Dull and Player Ratings.

Morning, folks.

Yesterday was another fairly unremarkable victory. Other than the glorious back heel from Alexis to assist Alex Iwobi’s goal, I struggle to recall another moment of skill or brilliance. I’m sure there were actually quite a few, but I was watching the game after it was played when my concentration isn’t exactly at its highest – I’m very easily distracted by something if I already know the outcome. Without going into too much detail, our good run continues as we head into the dreaded international break. We limited a decent Brighton side to a couple of half chances and one very good strike that hit the post.

It was a comfortable, pedestrian victory and another clean sheet. A good day’s work. So, here’s how I rated the players:

  • Cech (6) – Didn’t really have a great deal to do.
  • Holding (7) – Hardly troubled, did well considering he played Thursday.
  • Mustafi (6) – Didn’t do anything silly.
  • Monreal MOTM (8) – Scored the opener, didn’t put a foot wrong. Has been fantastic so far this season.
  • Bellerin (7) – Full of endeavour on the right.
  • Kolsasinac (7) – Full of endeavour on the left.
  • Ramsey (6) – Denied a goal by a great instinctive save from Ryan. Wasn’t at his best today.
  • Xhaka (6) – Decent from set pieces.
  • Iwobi (7) – Scored our second. Always wanted to be involved.
  • Alexis (8) – Usual bag of tricks. Fabulous assist for Iwobi..
  • Lacazette (6) – Hit the post with an absolute rocket 2 minutes in. didn’t do much after that.
  • Giroud (Sub 6) – Nice groomed beard.
  • Walcott (Sub 6) – Didn’t do too much of any note.
  • Elneny (Sub) N/A

I’ll keep today’s entry short and sweet as, for once, an Arsenal performance doesn’t come with that many talking points. Even the ratings of the players are all unlikely to stir any controversy amongst you, the humble reader. But should you have your own thoughts on the matter and feel like sharing them, feel free to write them in the handy comments section below.

That’s me done for today. I’ll be back tomorrow.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

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