Arsenal After Aubameyang.

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I thought I’d offer you double-trouble today in the form of a delicious extra bonus post. So, before you go getting your hopes up and expecting me to offer the finest piece of literature since the days of Shakespeare, I shall point out I’m going to use these moments to discuss transfers. Well, more to the point; rumours. Rumours I know deep down are likely to be utter codswallop, but somehow I feel the urge to discuss them. Make of that what you will…

The rumour in question is about Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang of Borussia Dortmund and a move for him in January to replace Alexis Sanchez when he inevitably departs for wealthier climes.

With injuries to both Gabriel Jesus and Kevin de Bruyne, it’s not inconceivable Man City will look to try and secure Alexis’ service during the window, but it’s equally conceivable they’ll wait until July when they can avoid paying any sort of fee at all – let’s be honest here; our diminutive friend is going to be leaving one way or the other. That said, if Guardiola deems a replacement as a necessity, then I could envisage a price around £20-25m wouldn’t put off a Club as rich as City in the slightest. Given that Alexis won’t be cup-tied for the Champions League, he currently stands as their most viable option across Europe.

Aubameyang is one of those players that’s long been linked to the Premiership, but, when looking up his details for this article, I was surprised to discover he’s 28-years-old (I didn’t think he’d been around that long). If he is ever going move to English football, you feel now is the time to do that. At Dortmund, he’s always struck me as a dynamic, exciting player that can be utterly unplayable on his day. But not a player without the occasional issue. For example, Aubameyang has scored 13 league goals in 15 starts this season for Dortmund so far, but was recently dropped from the team for disciplinary problems (not sure exactly what).

The real question is, would it be a good move? My opinion is a resounding “YES!”.

I don’t especially think the original story on Twitter is anything other than lazy journalism that links a player with disciplinary issues to a Club likely to lose a player in a similar position, but it’s been reported around enough outlets to make me think there could be a nugget of truth in it. If we can get £20m for Alexis and put that money toward Aubameyang, then I think it would be the best move for all concerned and certainly give us fans something to a be excited about and soften the blow of losing Alexis.

I guess time will tell and we’ll see what happens between now and the end of January.

That’s all for now. I shall return tomorrow with more.

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