Arsenal agree terms for Giroud (report), Chamberlain and England at the Euros.

Olivier enjoyed emptying his bowels in public bushes.

Good morning, boys and girls.

Reports today say – and I emphasise; REPORTS – Arsenal have moved to secure a deal with Montpellier for Olivier Giroud. The fee is alleged to be in the region of £13m, with Chamakh a likely part of any deal. Of course, as you’d expect; Arsenal signing another forward automatically has the papers going into stories about how he’s a replacement for Robin van Persie, but I don’t think that has to be the case.

Arsenal have lacked depth in attack for quite some time. Podolski’s versatility means he can be deployed on the left side of a front three, or as the focal point of the attack. Giroud is a strong front man, and one who is good in the air. If Robin stays, we’d be looking healthy upfront with a triumvirate like that, but they would all be left footed. I’d like to think we are adding to the team – assuming it’s true – instead of buying to replace. Giroud looks to be an excellent striker, and he’d be a welcome addition.

That’s the main transfer news. On to the England game last night.

I was impressed. Yes, England certainly lack the technical edge you’d say Germany or Spain have. However, the organisation of the team, and the shape, played to the strengths they do have. England are not going to beat teams by trying to out pass them, but as a solid unit with the occasional burst of pace in attack, they’ll certainly be difficult to break down. France were universally considered favourites for the match, but at no point did I feel they truly controlled the game. Up until Lescott scored, England looked the better team, and with a bit more cutting edge up front, they could have comfortably beaten them.

I’m remiss to refer to England as ‘we’, as that’s something I reserve for talking about the Arsenal. I’ll just call them ‘England’. The whole ‘we’ thing doesn’t sit right with me when talking about the national team. So ‘England’ could surprise a few people. I’m not going to get swept away with false euphoria, though. It was a good, solid team performance, and one that can certainly be built on. Having watched Sweden and Ukraine this evening, I’ve not seen much from either to suggest the group isn’t there for the taking.

It was a surprise, but a welcome one, to see Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain get the nod on the left side of midfield. Although it’s not real a position in which he can flourish, he stuck to his task gamely, and showed the odd burst of his talent – at one point he skinned two of the French midfielders and set off towards goal in the blink of an eye. The kid has bags of talent, and I love how modest and grounded he is. I don’t think he’ll be affected by any of the hype that surrounds him. He’ll continue to go about his play in a sensible way.

His addition to the starting line up made me all the more interested by the Euros. I can’t lie to you, delicious reader; where once lied an unabashed sense of disinterest, now resides a genuine happiness and intrigue for the tournament. I’m starting to enjoy it, and I hope England can go far and do well. Roy Hodgson should be commended for keeping things simple and playing to what his players can do well.

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24 thoughts on “Arsenal agree terms for Giroud (report), Chamberlain and England at the Euros.”

  1. To me,i can see arsene wenger as a real economist to took his time to on how to spend money wisely and effectively.That’s what i like about him.Have been an arsenal fan since i was 5years old and will continue to claim myself as an arsenal fan forever.

  2. Well he did look impressive yesterday didn’t he? All those goals! A top notch performance and a clear first choice for his national team. Yawn.

    And resistant to being part of your country but not the Republic of Arsenal? Quite pathetic. Where does this pathology originate? I despise what the country of England has become; a CCTV prison island, a militarised shithole fighting forever wars against the worlds poorest nations whilst at home, the rich take ever more but for 90 minutes I am passionate about “we” and what we could become and what “we” represent as the best of ourselves.

    Back on topic ..
    I’d rather have Johnson for around £10 million from MC to be perfectly honest.

      1. It’s always difficult to judge the tone of an e-mail/forum post but I’m on an even keel honestly. & as for the Kit Kat .. well I’ve been vegan for 34 years but I get the drift. It’s just that I can’t quite twig why the OP would not be comfortable with the word “we”. As I tried to point out, I’m not a flag waver in the political sense but I do have my own definition of “we” that I’m comfortable with and that’s why I invest hope into England FC. It’s for the parts of England and people I respect, other parts that I have hope for and certainly not that which I consider corrupt or despicable. But after everything I still have a sense of “we”. Perhaps it’s because I’ve lived abroad for 10 years in Hungary, Canada & France that I have some hope for England. (Although it was despair that drove me away) I live in France and 1 in 5 are nazis and I’m certainly not in favour of that but can’t the OP think of his friends and family and just say “we” every couple of years or so? Especially as football is a tribal affair lasting just 90 minutes?

    1. Why on earth do we need yet another winger who can be brilliant sometimes but also out of the game for long periods and inconsistent with his delivery ?

      1. Because I think he can improve from his already very good level. If you have any faith in AW isn’t a part of that is that he can coach players to be better?

    2. International games are like a mock battle. All the jingoism without the violence. I for one agree with the writer. Hating players week in week out makes it very difficult to support those same player for a few games a year.

      Roy Hodgson makes me support this England team more than I usually would, but all I really want is for Arsenal players to come back injury free.

    3. Duc:
      It’s simple; club football means immeasurably more to me than international.

      I’m a Gooner – ‘we’ is Arsenal, as far as I’m concerned. I’m sorry if that offends your very delicate sensibilities…

      Aside from the “quite pathetic” remark, I thank you for your contribution. It’s nice to have someone disagree with me in a genuinely intelligent way.

      1. Hi James .. I hope you get to see this post as it’s a day late and people tend to move on to new forums … sorry about the “pathetic” line. I sometimes forget I’m not around a pub table where faces can be seen and intent intuited. Equally, I’ll dodge the “delicate sensibilities” low punch. LOL. & you’re welcome. Keep slogging away in the bloggo-sphere!

  3. This site over flogs issues. Player set to sign for AFC, Terms agreed for Giroud all these are meant to fill in the blank spaces when you have nothing to write. Why don’t you look for new information to give us than repeating time after time the same information. its boring surfing this site especially when one knows that he is expecting a representation of old expired information.

    1. There’s a very simple solution; piss off and read something else.

      I reported a story and gave my opinion. Perhaps you should start your own blog, so you too can enjoy the endless pleasure of responding to moronic comments.

  4. Bravo wenger, pray d deal is completd on time, bt we stil nid a versatile DM and a LB. Guners 4 life.

  5. yes very happy now so wenger need to bring M’Villa and Russia winger Dzagoev so with this we can win treble next season including Champions league

  6. It would be gr8 to see giroud on Arsenal shirt next season, and about ox he is a talented young player and he has something to offer for England in d next match…..GUNNERS ALL D WAY

  7. I like what i heard about our lovely ‘arsenal’ thus: Giroud, and others. But i want to suggest that Arsene should scout for a defender that can play CB & CD and an attk. MF. I want to also commend you ‘RAUL’ for keeping us posted. I believe ‘ARSENAL’ can win the league if we can sign up these ones mentioned. ‘Arsenal 4 life’

  8. Can’t wait 2 see Giroud in red and white part of London.. All we need is M’villa and a fit jack.W. Alex song can alwayz cover 4 the CB…COYG!!!

    1. Oh sure you seem like such a trust worthy guy…why not?!

      Whilst I do still hold a fair amount of sckepticism about the transfer I would say its maybe 65 per cent in favour.

      Does this mean the following is a potential:

      Sagna koz tv5 gibbsy
      Walcott rvp poldi

      Wow that is pretty juicy!
      Add to that potential rotations of whileshere (maybe even mvila) and we could give quite a few trophies a shake!!

      Arsene Is still da man 100 per cent!

  9. I was impressed with the Ox in the attack yesterday and he also did the extra leg work by tracking back to help break down the French attacks in the midfield – something which Walcott is often guilty of not doing enough of.

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