Arsenal aren’t going to enter the January transfer market, are they?

Football and money…

Good evening darlings!

Apologies for my prolonged hiatus. I’m sure you’ve all missed me during my bout of illness, and thanks for all the nice messages wishing me better. It was very much appreciated.

I thought I’d end my absence today by discussing the current January window. In a universe as sprawling and vast as the Goonersphere, you expect to see divided opinion. At the moment, when it comes to the potential for additions to the squad, that opinion is anything but. ITKs and AKBs usually found bickering and throwing snide comments at one another all seem to agree wholly on one point; Arsenal need to reinforce.

The trouble is, folks; I don’t think we will. Our manager has put the main priority on securing the futures of the players we have. That’s a good idea, but a good idea that doesn’t work alone. I’m happy we have tied down the likes of Chamberlian and Wilshere, but sorting their futures long-term doesn’t address the problems with the squad at present.

The reason for Arsene’s potential failure to enter the market is all too predictable. With such clamouring for new blood amongst pretty much everyone involved with Arsenal outside of the boardroom, our managers notorious stubborn side is going to rear its ugly head.  Arsene doesn’t like to bow to public pressure. does he?

Perhaps it’s all a smokescreen, this frustrating lack of action. For all I know, the scenes behind closed doors are of frenzied telephone activity and deals being put together with haste. By January the 31st, 2-3 fresh faces might be prancing around the turf at London Colney, and we’ll all be a quiver with anticipation. Perhaps…

Sounds unlikely, doesn’t it? I don’t see it happening. With Diaby and Rosicky back from injury, they’ll be heralded as new signings, and once again hope will be placed on the ability for them to remain fit for longer than 30 minutes. Walcott signing on the dotted line will be a welcome bit of news, but there needs to be more. There has to be more. Last January saw a similar need to reinforce, and that need was ignored. Our results didn’t coincidently fall off.

Hopefully, I’m wrong. I tend to be wrong quite often. However, the pessimist in me doesn’t see anything but the same outcome as last year.

What do you think? Do you think I’m talking nonsense, and your faith in Arsene investing some cash remains absolute? Or do you think I could be right, and us Gooners are likely to be disappointed? Let me know in the comments.

Bit of a rambling, nonsensical post this one…

I shall return with a substantial review of the Manchester City game tomorrow, and my temporary break is now over. I’m feeling much better, and I shall be posting regularly again. Until then, thanks for reading.

17 thoughts on “Arsenal aren’t going to enter the January transfer market, are they?”

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  2. I’m certainly thinking along similar lines. Which, if it is so, is for Arsene, & all concerned, a shame. I feel it’s a question of, as you wrote..’bow down’ or bow out. I love the guy & am ferociously loyal. Alas, If he doesn’t make intelligent business, I see him hanging himself. I for one will be sorry. But life moves on.

  3. This arsene wenger is somehow sturbborn…he should have bought at least 2 players…#GOSH#…anyway…mourinho is right about wenger not under much pressure,if not so,he would have bought 8 players by now..*tongue out*

  4. Once we had Chamack and Djourou leave on loan I think it became a certainty we’ll see some players come in (at least on loan), also because Gervinho will be missing for the African Cup, we’re short in a number of positions. Whether who we bring in will be as exciting as a lot of people are hoping, I’m not sure, but I do believe some players will be coming in. I think Arsene is stubborn, sure, but he’s stubborn to what he believes in, and I don’t think bringing in players right now would violate that at all. He’s still going to want a bargain of course, but Cazorla shows how well that can work out in the right situation.

  5. You don??t sort out Arsenal??s problems with inconsistent injury prone players. You don??t sort out an average keeper by ignoring the fact he might need competition. You don??t sort out the defence by ignoring the elephant in the room that they might not be good enough. You don??t solve a striker shortage by selling one. You don??t sort out the mental and physical fatigue you place on your players by not buying players?

    1. Well said sir!

      Wenger has shown us that he is not capable of managing our once great club.

      In addition to your well made points I would add that our trophy drought started at the same time the training staff, coaches and players put in place by previous managers were completely removed and replaced by Wengers appointees; coincidence?
      I think not.

  6. Nice see you are well and kicking your heels for a signing.Trying to find and sign any sort of player must be very complicated and difficult. Using the nob theo and his money grabbing agents as a yardstick, Arsene & co.are struggling. Theo is here already and the nob won’t sign,so I am not very optimistic on new players making there way here soon.

  7. Anyone that thinks Arsenal can move forward and return to our glory days whilst under the current management and ownership are deluded. We are destined for mid-table mediocrity permanently. Wenger has backed himself into a corner and there’s no way out but to continue on the path he has chosen. Look at the comments he’s making about RVP at ManYoo, the return of Cesc, how his cell phone keeps ringing all day about potential signings. These comments seem to be ranting of a man who’s lost the plot. It must be affecting his mental health & for the sake of his health & the club’s future, he needs to take a long break……

  8. Whatever we all think is unimportant to wenger he has come out recently and said we have 2 players for each position and if u look at it that is exactly what he has. he also has 3 players to cover his absenses. he has a 25 man squad which includes 3 players that suffer from multiple knocks or absenses (fabianski diaby and gervinho) so covering them are mannone frimpong and arshavin. So unless one of his 22/25 moves on i see no signings
    szcesney fabianski/mannone
    sagna jenkinson
    mertesacker squillaci
    vermaelen koscielny
    gibbs santos
    wilshire diaby/frimpong
    Chamberlain ramsey
    cazorla rosicky
    podolski gervinho/arshavin
    walcott giroud

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