Arsenal Bid £50m For Mega Trans…. Oh, wait….

“James, why are you mentioning that guy? He’s total clownshoes”

Morning, boys ‘n’ girls, and kitty katz, as I imagine kitty katz take great measures to ensure they read this blog.

Now that the horrors of the transfer window are but a speck in the rear-view mirror of the Arsenal juggernaut, suddenly the talking points appear to have dried up. By that I mean the websites famed for spewing copious amounts of dross across cyberspace have to re-think their strategies in order to coerce the unsuspecting onto their sites. God forbid they publish anything relating to the beautiful game we love…

Driving home from work last night listening to 5Live Sport, one of the chief practitioners of writing any old crap to attract hits, Neil Ashton, was a featured panelist. You may remember him as the ‘journalist’ who accused Mesut Ozil of “nicking a living”. You may also be familiar with his work as an absolute melt.

During the discussion of Arsenal and the signing of Danny Welbeck, he managed to, quite impressively, sidestep each and every moment he might have to offer praise and instead served up some extraneous shi*te in its place. That article he wrote on Ozil, amongst other things, is what I consider the perfect example of what is wrong with elements of journalism these days; it was written to upset a fanbase and attract hits through controversy and anger. Nothing more, nothing less.

And it’s exactly that kind of article that will begin to resurface now that the transfer window has closed. Large websites and publications with costs and a required number of hits can’t compete unless they play the game a little dirty.

But hey, don’t think I’m standing atop a soap box preaching to you with an air of superiority. Far from it, folks. I shan’t pretend I don’t plunge my hands it some filthy areas on occasion because I wish for my silly little site to be read further. It is a means to and end with competition so high in this particular area. What I refuse to do is post anything hateful or with the aim to incite rage. I’m far too f*king stupid to plan that far ahead.

What TAG will offer you is whatever flutters around my cerebellum. That could be anything ranging from issues pertaining to Arsenal to the dream I had a few months ago in which my penis was voiced by Andrew from Arseblog (He made one or two questionable decisions).

As the news dries up in the coming days and we’re forced to feign enthusiasm for the tedium that is international football, what appears on these pages will be anyone’s guess. I think tomorrow is the day I’ll aim to post something sensible with a degree of relevance to Arsenal. For today, you’re stuck with this.

There’s an immaculately presented comments section lurking provocatively beneath these words. It’s shiny and welcoming, so feel free to pop on in and splatter your thoughts all across it until your hearts sing with content. I’ll look forward to reading a few.

Until tomorrow, and as always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

Oh! I almost forgot… In my absence I’ve not pointed you in the direction of any of the latest Goonersphere Podcasts which I proudly co-host with Daniel Cowan. There’s some good stuff featured within, so take a moment to have a listen of the latest episode.

You may wish to exercise caution if you possess delicate sensibilities as we do like to pepper the air with obscenities and often veer into darker, sordid realms that have little to do with Arsenal. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

7 thoughts on “Arsenal Bid £50m For Mega Trans…. Oh, wait….”

  1. I wasn’t going to say anything, but i couldn’t resist the provocative and shiny comment section 🙂
    nice article mate.

  2. Sorry about being so late to listen to your podcast, it was very entertaining as usual. Waiting breathlessly for the next one!

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