Arsenal Bid For Belotti? Mesut Loves Arsene!

Morning, boys ‘n’ girls of online Arsenal.

Here in Amsterdam it’s a quiet morning. Having visited quite a few cities in my time, I can safely declare it’s the quietest. No roaring traffic, just the sound of a million f*cking cyclists. They’re everywhere. It’s not like the UK where bicycle users are treated like vermin of the road. Here they rule everything. You’re not even allowed to run them over…

Whilst dodging cyclists – it took a few hours to realise they ring their annoying, twatty little bell to get you to move from the designated cycle areas – and enjoying everything else the city has to offer (Not that.), I’ve endeavoured to keep abreast of happenings with my beloved Arsenal.

And there’s a couple of stories out there that are designed to grab your attention immediately. And of course, like all good tales that emerge in transfer season, you’d have to assume there’s a large dollop of freshly produced bullsh*t involved.

Firstly, we have reports Arsenal are looking to smash our transfer record with an offer of £56m for Torino’s Andrea Belotti. I call hogwash on this one all day long. The reports contained quotes attributed to Gianluca Petrachi, the sporting director of Torino via Sky Sports in Italy, and he most likely didn’t say any of the following;

“Yes we received the offer, but it does not reflect the value of the player,
Anyway, he is going nowhere for now. We want to enjoy him, then we’ll see what happens.
We intend to keep Belotti and President Urbano Cairo signed this important buy-out clause. I think hep’s worth more than they have offered”

With Giroud and Alexis both scoring goals, and Danny Welbeck having just returned, I can’t see us being in the market for a striker in January. I know little or nothing about the player and whether he’d be worth that amount, but I’d hazard a guess a large bid has been created and rejected by Torino to warn off others or ensure that potential suitors know the price required. They’ve probably resigned themselves to the fact the won’t be able to keep the player, and are trying to push the price up.

Elsewhere we have the epic saga of Mesut Ozil’s contract and the “will he?”, “won’t he?” questions that run interminably alongside the merest mention of his name.

Speaking to a German publication called ‘Kicker’ Mesut said the following about a contract extension and his unbridled, unquenchable man-love for Arsene Wenger:

“I am very, very happy at Arsenal and have let the club know I would sign a new contract.

The fans want that I stay and now it is just down to the club

The club knows that I am here most of all because of Arsène Wenger. He is the one who signed me and he is the one whose trust I have. The club also knows that I want to be clear what the manager is going to do”

It’s not exactly the “I won’t sign a new contract unless Wenger does” headlines that have been flying about since yesterday evening. It’s completely understandable to want a manger of Wenger’s stature in the game to stay on, but I’m not entirely sure any of the quotes above actually state he’d leave should Arsene call it quits.

And to be honest, should Arsene call it a day once the season is over, I’m not sure I’d blame him.  He’s done more for Arsenal Football Club than any of the previous incumbents, yet seems to get nothing but abuse from elements of a fan base that has rapidly turned into a bunch of spoilt, talentless brats desperately trying to get themselves noticed.

I’m not saying he shouldn’t be criticised, because he absolutely should be. However, there’s a right way to do it, and there’s plenty of people out there who have no f*cking idea what that is.

At this point, I’d say from experience we’d be looking at the summer for a resolution regarding anyone’s contract – Alexis, Ozil or Wenger. Invariably that’s the time we sort through all the big decisions and our stars put pen to paper. Until any of that happens, we can expect to read hundreds and thousands of stories that will all have the scoop on who’s signing what, or not and why.

Thats all from me today, folks. I’ve more stuff to indulge myself in today that may or may not involve riding a bicycle (If you can’t beat them, join them) and getting stoned on those funny brownies you can buy over here.

There’s a handy comments section below you can use to discuss your thoughts and such things. Use them, it’s always good to hear from the people that stop by to read and enables me to interact a bit with you guys.

I shall return with more tomorrow. Until then, and as always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

3 thoughts on “Arsenal Bid For Belotti? Mesut Loves Arsene!”

  1. Belotti for £56m is nothing but another proof on how f*cked up the transfer market is and how easy it is to spread some lies around.

    The only position I feel we must uppgrade know is LB. Monreal out of date and Gibbs…well, if we can get 10-12 games from him during a season without getting injured it must be seen as a good one.

    Watch out for the cyclists…a vicous people.

  2. There is something about this team that just does not seem right. Against Bournemouth and Preston we were outplayed for long periods against players who are far away from the skill and experience we had out there. Basically it seem’s to be the manager not being able to motivate his team and send them out with urgency. We just sit back and expect things to fall into place. I can remember in the days of bergkamp and henry we would have the game all but sealed after 15 mins sometimes and everybody’s relaxed. Now we battling for 90 mins every game no matter who the opposition is. There is zero calmness nowdays.

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