Arsenal can splash-out a bloody fortune!! New players! Yippee! Falcao here we come!

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Afternoon, folks!

In case you missed it on Monday, Arsenal have announced half-yearly profits of £17.8m. That by itself doesn’t sound all that spectacular, but the real figure that’s caught everyone’s eye is the £123.3m we have in reserve. That’s an astounding figure, especially if you consider it’s just sat there, waiting to be used, like a triple-cheeseburger on Frank Lampard’s bedside table (although, that would hardly still be there).

With the financial announcements, came one of our ability and intent to compete. Ordinarily, such remarks come close to season ticket renewal time. This time, Peter Hill-Wood has chosen a seemingly strange time to let us know what’s happening. He said, talking to the Daily Star – of all the rags he could take to:

“We are in a position where we can compete with most people.

“If there is someone we really want, then the price guide is secondary.”

Arsene Wenger has even stated his intent to join in the race for Colombian wizard, Radamel Falcao, with his newly acquired wealth. Sounds that little bit too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Well, to be perfectly honest with you, it probably is. If you go back through the years, I’m sure you’ll come across plenty of stories and reports eerily similar to Monday’s. It’s been a bone of contention amongst supporters for some time that Arsenal’s board regularly appear to make funds available, only for the money to not be used towards improving the team.

Could this be the exception to the rule, our board finally recognising that financial prudence off the field doesn’t necessarily aid matters on it? Perhaps, and I’d like to think there’s a happy medium to be made between securing the club’s finances and being competitive in the transfer market.

The real trouble I have is I simply don’t see anyone as parsimonious and intent on implementing his philosophies as Arsene Wenger being open to dropping £40m+ on any one single player. Our manager seems to glean far greater satisfaction from unearthing treasures and polishing them up than he does outright buying the finished article. As he likes to say, “We don’t buy superstars, we make them” – a noble concept, but I’ve never understood why we can’t buy superstars AND make them.

That said, in recent years his transfer policies appeared to have changed. Where once we sought out the best young talent around (errr… Bendtner and Denilson…), the players we’ve signed most recently have been of a higher age bracket, and with plenty of experience.

I guess we’ll all just have to wait until the summer to see what fortunes arise and what wondrous acts are conducted by Dick Law and his renowned powers of negotiation. It could well be that the current plight of our beloved team has finally called for a shake up of how we conduct business. That all said, I shan’t be getting my hopes too high. All this has been discussed and mentioned many, many times before.

That’s all for today folks. For the sake of a talking point, now that it is alleged we have bundles of cash, who would you realistically aim at buying? Is Falcao now a possibility? Should we really lay down a marker of intent in the summer? Does a lot depend on our final league position? Let me know your thoughts.

Thanks for reading today, you beautiful bastards. I shall return tomorrow with more.

3 thoughts on “Arsenal can splash-out a bloody fortune!! New players! Yippee! Falcao here we come!”

  1. Falcao is top, top quality, but I doubt he will be heading to London. If we can sign three players the quality of Giroud, Podolski and Cazorla this summer, along with another goalkeeper, we could realistically finish top 2.

  2. I feel there is a good amount available for us to spend but not all of the £123m a good amount though (also not forgetting we should get at least another 30m on top of that figure if we manage a CL spot because of the emirates deal) I dont think they will spend all of it because they like to keep money back to cover any sort of emergency or shortfall. That to me is just common sense (i am not 100% sure but i think there is a clause somewhere that they have to have some equity in the bank at all time against the stadium debt even if it is a small amount)

    Do i see Wenger going out and spending 45-50m on Falcao…….nope and i don’t expect him to really. But what i really do expect this summer is at least a little leap from the bogstandard 15m players we keep on getting. Some classy players that at the same time are not WORLD class………players maybe in the 25m bracket like Jovetic and Lars Bender, those types of players. They will definitely be capable of making this team at least contenders even if we are not 100% there as yet.

    Add Jovetic, a quality DM the CB (Fernando Amorebieta is free but decent………anyone that kicks messi in the face and doesn’t give two shits about it is fine by me in our team, maybe he will come here and give a few spurs players a kick in the bollocks) and maybe another CAM (because rosicky can’t stay fit and AOC isn’t quite ready) like ISCO and all of a sudden after about 60m outlay (not forgetting we are gonna get a lot of crap off our books this summer which will free up wages and also might be able to sell a few players to get some money back) i would say we might get 10-20m coming in from getting rid of crappy players 3m here 5m there and spend about 60m all of a sudden we have a very potent team that can be built upon and should be good enough for contention.

    …………………….Sneezy (or new GK)………………..

    Sagna (or new RB) Amorebieta Vermaelen Monreal

    Wilshere (New DM like Capoue) Cazorla

    Walcott Jovetic Podolski

    A team like that (with losts of options for rotation) a bench with the likes of Giroud, Arteta, AOC, Kossy, Mertesaker

    i think a team like that could take us quite far even without blowing the bank, but at the same time just only an extra 10m spent on each player……..the 10m a player makes a world of difference, so if wenger spends just a little more and doesnt go cheap again we could be good. Don’t get me wrong i would love Falcao or Cavani to come here, but as soon as we put our bid in there all chavski etc would do is put more on it, we bid 45m then chavski would bid 50m and give 225k a week wages, then mancity will give 60m and 300k wages so i reckon those players will never come here so we are better off leaving those for the megarich clubs and whilst their looking in that direction fly under the radar and snag someone like Jovetic.

  3. Jovetic yes, he is technically brilliant !! Wanyama is exactly the type of player required so yes pleaase !! After 10 years of profiting in the transfer market I have serious doubts that the people in control will do what is required. Prove me wrong or get booooed out of town.

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