Arsenal Chase All The Players and ‘You Spend We Spend’.

Subtle protest works wonders….

Morning, folks.

As I’m sure you’re all fully aware by now; silly season is mere weeks away. That time of year when the ITKs come out from behind the shadows and aggregation sites are dominated with talk of rumour and wild speculation is nearly upon us.


Now, I’d be telling fibs if I claimed to despise transfer gossip. Every now and then, I quite like the soap opera of it all. Over the summer months, I’ll blog about it; players linked, players I like, the likelihood of stories possessing an iota of truth. However, there are times I find it painfully irritating and often more a case of hit mongering than actually trying to feed legitimate information to those that covet it the most. 

Take this ‘You Spend We Spend’ campaign going around at the present. Perhaps I’m just a cantankerous bastard, but I find such things to be utterly pointless; more an exercise in shameless self-promotion than a genuine attempt to impact on Club policies. Also, when you consider Arsenal’s last permanent signing cost £42.5m, it does seem a little stupid.

At its core level, the campaign does contain valid, truthful points; football has become a marketable business and the fans almost a secondary concern. Those that dedicate their time to Arsenal should be treated better, they shouldn’t have to endure ridiculous ticket increases and certain people – the less affluent- appear to be being priced out of the game. I’m one of them.

The thing is, there’s nothing that can be done about it. Demand is so high amongst Arsenal fans for tickets that any large group refusing to attend matches will be replaced quickly. The Club doesn’t care who fills the seats as long as they’re filled.

Many people recall football’s ‘glory days’ of terraces, singing and reasonable prices before commercialism and The Premiership came to town. I fondly remember those days, but those days are gone and they’ll never come back. We can pine after them as much as we like, wish for a return but it is utterly pointless.  I’ve seen countless supporters refer to themselves as ‘Old School AFC’ and they regularly harp on about a bygone period of time; like a divorced, recently re-married man still holding affection for a previous paramour.

I don’t dispute that perhaps those times were better, but they are the past. They hold only nostalgia, existing only in recollection. They can’t be revisited, they won’t reappear to better the current atmosphere of corruption and greed. They simply do not and can not exist ever again. Tradition is nothing more than a falsity of perception; tradition is security, and a secure mind is in decay.

What’s important to me is the present and the future. Football is about joy, banter and friendship for me. I don’t see the point in replacing any of those with bitterness, resentment and anger – no matter how bad things appear to have become. We all have the ability to choose what we do in life. No one person is forced into following a team by conscription or held and gun point.

The simple truth is; if you hate something that much, perhaps you should just stop doing it instead of putting all your energy into allowing it to cause you pain and anguish. Too much time amongst Arsenal’s online community is dedicated to fury and contempt. Where’s the joy amongst people gone?

But, hey – what the f**k do I know, right? I’m just an idiot with a website rattling on. I’ll leave the floor open to you, the delicious reader, and wait patiently to read what you might have to say on the subjects addressed -poorly – above. Take to the comments section and let me know what you think.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

6 thoughts on “Arsenal Chase All The Players and ‘You Spend We Spend’.”

  1. Arsene Wenger the great modern day Houdini, looks like we will just do enough to save his skin again, oh and don’t forget he has a degree in economics, which explains everything! Up the Arsenal!

  2. i think wenger needs to get jackson martinez he is a class striker to support giroud and podolski up front, get back cesc for midfield and then we could afford to rotate the position with ozil or co. that is what ozil needs is NOT to be played out all the time, give him a break some times, get kasper schmeichel as a back up gk for szeczney and fabianski, no way should we sell any of them. most deffo keep sagna and jenkinson. the only bad thing i need to say about our fantastic manager is to play serge gnabry now and again ( give him some first team action), when he gets going he is as good as any winger

  3. You know James, to read those kind of blogs make me feel like we are the most frustated football fans on earth. At less, we’ll nominate in that kinda category. Lets leave the hatred, can’t find anything good there.
    I didn’t know you dude, this upcoming silly summer makes me confusing rather than exciting. Too many players I want in our team, but yet to many names I insist not to buy. You can get mad only to hear some names, and hate Arsene for non factual reason, but fly high if we reported connect to some players which I believe can bring back the lost glory.
    However nowadays, Atletico in elegant style, had make me rethink. How an earth that with they restricted budget they could overtake the Spanish giants Barca and Real Madrid or money bags clubs outside them? Ghoz they are on verge to take double winners! Simeone must be one on only manager to have opportunity to do this unbelievable task. You want him as Arsenal manager?Don’t say that it won’t cross your mind James! But, I believe and not surprise that his next career will be at Chelsea along with Diego Costa. Did you really think that Abra(cadabra)movich has patient to watch his pony grow up into stallion?

  4. Look,ders no gain saying.we need world class and proven players like ozil.our days of ‘wonder kids’ should be over.go for the best Wenger……..

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