Arsenal go get Higuain and those irksome Spaniards are at it again.

Which Arsenal player does the chairman want us to bid for? “EVERYONE!!!”

Morning, you splendid little creatures, you.

No summer would be complete for an Arsenal fan without the customary feculent advances of Barcelona. In a story that I am pretty sure doesn’t have a great deal of weight to it, it’s being alleged that the Catalonian club see Laurent Koscielny as the perfect signing to solve their defensive troubles.

If you read the piece, the part that immediately jumps out at me is when it states Arsenal wouldn’t be averse to letting Kozzer leave. That smacks of total nonsense. After having had such an impressive season, I seriously doubt there’s anything other than a strong desire to keep him here.

We know all too well that no player is beyond being moved on should an irresistible offer be placed on the table, but I’m keeping my absolute faith in the board and manager ensuring the nucleus of the team stay together. Having formed such and impressive partnership in central defence with Per Mertesacker, Koscielny is very much part of that.

Elsewhere today (or yesterday if you saw it when it initially broke), a source that’s actually reputable has a bit of insight on which type of players top Arsenal’s summer wish list:

And that comes from someone working at BBC Sport, someone who could very well have contacts in football, sources and insider knowledge.

I personally would be very happy with Higuain. He’s a prolific striker, strong and with a good work ethic. He’d score goals in English football, of that I have absolutely no doubt.  Olivier Giroud’s contribution to the cause last season was impressive, but placing the burden on him, and him alone, to lead the line was never fair. I wouldn’t view Higuain as a replacement, but as a player to add greater options to our frontline – something that certainly needs to be addressed.

The defensive midfielder I would hope to be Fellaini, and the attacking midfielder comes as something of a surprise. Perhaps the Boss wants to add a little freshness to our creativity, or have a new spearhead centrally to enable Cazorla to wreak havoc from the flanks – a position he can play very well, and from where it is arguable he is more effective.

And best of all, it appears we are not in the race to sign Wayne Rooney. I know many of you would see him as the ideal marquee signing, but I do not. Shattering our wage budget for a decidedly over-rated player isn’t something we should consider. We might have to pay a hefty price to entice Higuain over to London, but I think he’d be far more worth the trouble.

My faith in our transfer dealings has been given a fresh boost. That faith has yet to wane. I’m certain we will see big things materialise and head into a new season buoyant and with hope. A few choice additions will change our squad from also-rans to genuine contenders for silverware.

All we have to do is wait…

That’s all for today, folks. What do you think about the potential of signing 3 players in those positions. Happy? Sad? Would you consider a new keeper a priority also? Let me know in the very handy comments section I’ve provided below.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

7 thoughts on “Arsenal go get Higuain and those irksome Spaniards are at it again.”

  1. Don’t think a GK is completely necessary. For me, the priority is definitely Higuain and Fellaini in first, while I still find it hard to believe that we are in for an attacking midfielder. Would prefer another option at CB, perhaps someone who is also comfortable at RB.

  2. Great post. However I do feel we also need to sign a CB. We only have three recognisable in Verm, Koz, and the big f*cking German. As previous years have proved, we do get injuries in our defence, and so we need at least one, possibly two, CB’s to add depth to our squad. Squillaci has gone (not that we counted him any way), and with the circus act that Djourou continuously demonstrates when called upon, we seriously need to act in this area too. The defensive DM an absolute must. We’ve had no presence in this position since Gilberto / Flamini. We have enough attacking players and so as much as we want a marquee attacking style of a signing, it shouldn’t be our priority. Up the Arsenal!

  3. I actually think only fellaini and higuain are under consideration unless more players leave.
    however when you consider the amount of players that could leave (fabianski, mannone, sagna, djourou, santos, coquelin, frimpong, rosicky, gervinho, park, chamakh, bendtner) plus diaby is out until January at least then there could be a whole lot more signings.

  4. I gotta say I agree with you on most points there dude, apart from the attacking midfield, think we got plenty of talent there. Another right back, I think Sagna had a below par end of season, couldn’t cross a ball & spent most of his time going backwards, to me was playing like a man already signed to another club. & a keeper, just incase Szczesny decides to have another melt down, he is after all still a very young keeper, they are more important positions to fill. Like you I’m a lot more confident we’ll make good signings this year.

  5. Wenger won’t let LK6 go unless you’re talking silly money altogether, and as for who’s coming in I think the real targets are not being spoke about openly by Arsenal. Rooney is a good player, and now he’s a family man he might not be after the octogenarian whores anymore but I still think he’s too grubby to pull our beloved shirt over his silver back. To be honest I think even without any players coming in our first XI is as good as the chavs and ergo as good as any in the league. Now I know I say this every year at about this time but I think we can win the league next season.

  6. James, I’d personally drive my 70-year-old grandmother on a date with Rooney that includes candles and all that stuff if he’d sign for Arsenal and lead us to trophies.

  7. I posted some similar thoughts about Rooney. He’s certainly a good player but he’s not the slam dunk signing that some people think that he is and there are some legitimate questions surrounding him.

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