Arsenal have money. Arsenal have no money. Arsenal will sign players. Arsenal will not sign any players.

Shut up, football!

Morning, darling readers.

Depending on where you cast your peepers, Arsenal either have money, or they are the footballing equivalent of those hairy men you see slumped in the doorway of a Costcutter at 3am. Some folks would have you believe it’s going to starting raining transfers (Hallelujah! We’re going to go outside and get absolutely soaking wet), others suggest the darkest clouds of parsimony again gather above the Emirates.

Truth be told; no one really knows what delights await us.

As fans, as bloggers; we can only hope for positive outcomes, share our opinions and wait and see what occurs. And that, dear friends, is what I intend to do. I can’t – I won’t – make any claims of insider knowledge or of having made several phone-calls to mysterious, clandestine individuals happy to feed me tasty tid-bits of fact and fiction. All I can do is offer up my opinion.

Robin van Persie will leave. I know, I know; that’s hardly a startling revelation. We all have known for many months his departure was achingly inevitable. However, I don’t think he’ll go to Manchester City. Perhaps there’s more than a element of wishful thinking to that statement. God knows, seeing him prancing about the Eastlands turf with Nasri will fill me with the desire to punch things. My leanings come from silly mistakes we’ve made in the past. Surely, by now our board are sick and tired of flogging our top players to those feculent douchebags.

Last year, Arsenal successfully played out the manual for how not to conduct a transfer window. Those mistakes where splashed across every news outlet for all to see. No one could deny it was a farrago of last-minute deals and foolish games of ‘call his bluff’. This season, we’ve already seen evidence of our desire to recruit quickly, and we’ve not seen the last of the incomings. Before the new season kicks off, I think/hope they’ll be one or two more.

There simply has to be. As much as he’s gone from apotheosis to Dutch prat in the space of a few days, it’s impossible to deny just how integral Robin was to our accomplishments – as meagre as they were. Losing him is a gargantuan blow. It’s a blow not just in footballing terms, but it extends as far as recruitments and the general optimism around the team. It’s greatly worsened by the simple fact it’s not the first time it’s happened. Losing star players/capatains has almost become an expectation for Arsenal fans.

That trend must be bucked. A statement of intent must be made, and we must stop the decline. If not, it will continue to happen until there truly isn’t anyone left.

The club must know this, and I believe we’ll see them do something about it. As much as I might deplore him using it for his own gain, the statement Robin made about the club lacking ambition worries me. If we wan’t a future as one of Europe’s elite, we have to compete – and compete against even the things we may not like. That includes financially. Like it or not; football is changing and money rules. If we don’t at least attempt to bring ourselves in line with what’s happening, we’ll be left behind. I’m not saying we sell our soul to the first oil billionaire we meet – I’m simply saying we have to change with the times.

Perhaps foolishly, or with blind hope, I believe changes will come into play. Robin van Persie’s departure could very well be a blessing in disguise; the proverbial kick in the arse the board have needed for some time. Invest in the team, damn you. Give Arsene Wenger the tools to do his job and stop assuming we can replicate what he did circa 2000–2004 with transfers.

Like most of you, no doubt, I’m just a little sick of all this talking; of all the wild-eyed rage and speculation. I want to see things happen. I want to have my hope restored and have my spirits lifted. I love my team, I have faith in their ability to do well. All I’m hoping for is to have something to smile about soon. And I believe that’s on it’s way. Something good will come of all this, you mark my words.

Thanks for reading today, you beautiful bastards. Comment below, if you so desire. I shall return with more tomorrow.

11 thoughts on “Arsenal have money. Arsenal have no money. Arsenal will sign players. Arsenal will not sign any players.”

  1. It’s becoming a sick trend, whenever you feel we are close to something unique, it falls flat like split milk. RVP joined by Poldi & Giroud would have beǝη awesome but just like we can’t seem to keep a starting 11 fit, we are going to be denied a splendid threesome attack. Who’s next my head asks? Walcott, Song, Wilshere? Wenger still finds a way to pull us thru, the genius that he is, but that trophy we badly covet is a hill too tall for us now. If only our stars stayed but again, if they had stayed, we won’t have bought “the others” sadly!

  2. We already sold our soul to the first and second billionaires we met, we just got the stingy one, who bought the club with a loan.

  3. I find it amazing that after last years craziest that two of our top players were let run to the last 12 months of the contracts which is only asking for trouble and not offered new deals or sold.

    We dont need players who dont want to be at the club Walcott and V Persie need to be sold to the highest bidder hopefully we can get 40M for the two. This will only happen if there’s penlty of suitors not willing to wait another year.

    The amount of deadwood at this club is ridiculous and is eating into the funds we have to reinvested and make the team more competition.

    The following need to be shifted Squallaci release, Mannone 1M with sellon, Santos 4m (not a defender imo), Djourou 5M, Vela 5M wih sell on, Arshivan, 8M, Densilon release, Chamakh 5M, Park 2M, Watt 1M with sell on, Lansbury 3M with sell on and Bendther 10M.

    Thats the guts of 85M in with 14 wages of the payroll. We have spent 23M already on Giroud and Podoloski. Leaving 60M Plus to invest in the squad a squad were there’s competition for 1st team spots so players perform simply

    Personally i love Arsenal to sign Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa even at 13M he is a very good defender and can place aross the defence. Get Baines from Everton PL proven excellent with free kicks 13M another option would be Aymen Abdennour. We need a winger to replace Theo and I think Adam Johnson from City would be a very good option just as good a player imo 15M and lastly a striker Lewandowski 25M.

    We dont need a keeper for 12M let Spud’s pay that for Lloris, I be happy with an older GK as backup if Fabianski requests a move.

    If the fan’s really want us to be buy a holding midfielder I think Flamnini would be a very good option and on a free its a no brainer imo. M Villa looks good but I only suggest signing him if Song wants to leave.

    1. If there were suitors for the deadwood they would already be gone, it’s not the transfer fee that’s the problem (although where 10m for bendtner and 5 for djorou come from I’ve no idea) the problem is their over inflated wages against their ability. This is our problem, we pay average players above their worth and don’t pay the superstars what they are worth.

  4. as much as feel physically sick at the thought of rvp going to manc sick he will any way if board are weak cunts tell both go fuck them selves juve for glory

  5. wenger love im stop giving captaincy to might leave give to will stay artea sorry dont know how to spell his name any other thoughts is rvp still cap?

  6. I’ve kept my peace on RVP because it is not over until …

    As I’ve said on numerous occasions I care not what RVP does or doesn’t do. What he did last week surprised me not. He is a modern day footballer. And for footballer read money grabbing out of touch self-serving (insert swear of choice).

    I can see the climb down of all climb downs coming in the next couple of days. This “saga” “crisis” “average day in Arsenal-land” call it what you will has more to play out yet. All I care about is what happens on and after 18th August and finally settles down on 1st September. We’ll know what is what by then.

    As with other players joining nothing can happen until we move on players that are not part of the forthcoming season plans. We can only register 17 overseas players and 8 homegrown players and at my last count; including RVP we have 19 o/s and 11 h/g (10 if Denilson stays on loan!). We have to therefore remove a minimum of 4 players anyway and then player for player if we are to recruit. Fabianski, Vela, Chamakh, Arshavin, Park, Squillaci & Botelho are all still holding an o/s spot and Mannone, Eastmond and Bendtner h/g spots. So until any business is done I don’t expect anything to materialise. Because 30 into 25 just don’t go!

    So rumours of Lloris, M’Vila, Jovetic, Lewandowski, et al will for ever remain just that. RUMOURS! We can continue to play Championship Manager all we want but the fact is no players in other than the two we have because the budget is spent. Any and all further additions will be based on those leaving.

    Arsene has the tools. The problem is that some are just acting like a “tool”! The budget this summer was £25m plus sell what you can. Arshavin shot his big mouth off (tool) and his proposed deal fall off the tracks. Bendtner (tool) dropped his shorts and is a PR nightmare in waiting for any club! Fabianski (tool) Squallaci (tool) Chamakh (tool) won’t drop their over inflated wages demands. O the list goes on!

    RVP (tool) is the captain until Arsene decides otherwise. Personally I’d give it to Sagna. But quite frankly that could be the kiss of death for him.

    In other ramblings; Usmanov (opportunist tool) added nothing to the overall well-being of the club by pouring oil on the fire of mistrust and fear. The blogsphere has been quite responsible, unlike some of the fan replies/comments and PHW (old fart tool) shite.

    Arsene does have the tools and is continuing to build the squad. This is now too big and will have to be cut. How much fat is cut will depend on the tools we have employed leaving. If we stay fit and healthy on the pitch we have the tools to challenge again this year of that I am certain. This is all we can really focus on in pre-season.

    Everything else is just speculation, fantasy and bitch-slapping!

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