Arsenal in the transfer market: players that should/could be bought.

“Right – I need two strikers, a goalie, a midfielder and someone willing to swap for that Bendtner fellow…”

Evening, folks.

I was having a read of Le Grove today – try not to call me a c**t for being an unabashed fan – and Pedro’s bit about Championship Manager got me to thinking. First of all, it brought back memories of how many hours I wasted on that game. It’s without exaggeration I can regale you of my many mammoth sessions – some lasting well over 24 hours. There was something about that game, something more than simple addiction; I couldn’t stop, and hours felt like mere minutes. It even got to the stage where I’d bunk off work just to play it.

Anyway, I’m digressing.

The main thing that article made me think of was the relative simplicity in completing deals for the players you wanted. You just bid a certain amount, offer a contract and you’d have your man. In the real world, and in football’s current climate of Russian oligarchs and middle-eastern investors, things aren’t so simple.

But for the sake of discussion, and for the sake of making things more like that wonderful game; let’s imagine transfers and acquisitions are simple.

Within the restraints of Arsenal’s budget, and keeping logic and common sense in mind – who would you go out and buy if you were sitting in the seat of power at Arsenal? We’ve already done some excellent business bringing in Podolski and Giroud, but few could honestly admit there isn’t room for some more new faces. And of course, there’s the possibility of departures, too.

So, to spice things up a little – I want any of your taking part to do so under the assumption we’ll lose both van Persie and Walcott. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t want either of the two to leave.

The first player I’d go for is Marek Hamsik. He’s a brilliant, brilliant little player. He has the guile and cunning I think we lacked a bit last season. I don’t think I’d use any of the money coming in to actually try to replace Robin. That wouldn’t be easy. I’d use the cash to add another good level striker and Hamsik. Theo has a ready-made (arguably better) replacement already at the club in Oxlade-Chamberlain.

Assuming I got those two, I’d make someone solid and tough in the midfield my next priority. A lot has been said about Yann M’Vila, and rightfully so – he’s a classy player. But that deal looks to be trickier and more complicated by the day. A sneaky under-the-radar bid for Fernando Gago of Real Madrid would be where I’d go.

Lastly, I look at things at the back.  We have 3 excellent centre-backs at the club, and one with a lot of potential I feel gets overlooked on occasion – Kyle Bartley. I’d promote him to the 4th choice spot at let Djourou move on somewhere they appreciate enormous eyebrows. That’s would leave me with the task of finding a back up keeper.

I don’t think buying someone to be 2nd choice is a smart move. I’d buy someone genuinely capable of challenging Szczsney for the shirt. I love our Polish stopper to bits, but some competition in the ranks wouldn’t hurt one at all. Perhaps I’d try to tempt either Sebastien Frey or Jack Butland.

But hey – that’s just me, folks. Those are my notions and wild-eyed ideas. The purpose of this post is to hear some of yours. What would you do? Who would you strive to get to Arsenal?

I look forward to hearing a few views in the comments.

Thanks for reading, you splendid little toe-rags. I shall return tomorrow.

20 thoughts on “Arsenal in the transfer market: players that should/could be bought.”

  1. right now Iv got the full LMA head on
    Out – RVP In -Falco
    Bentdnar – Dempsey
    Theo +Chamak – Gotze
    Vela+Arshavin – Dzagov
    Denilson+Diaby – De Jong
    Squiilaci+Djurou – Chillini
    Fabanski – Alan mcgregor.


  2. Always been a big fan Frey, both on FM and in reality but I’m not sure whether he still has it. Morgan De Sanctis is a great experienced keeper which I think would really benefit Chezzer. Tim Wiese is also one who should get a look in. Not sure how willing they’d be to step down from guaranteed first team football though.

    I think in Djourou we have one of the best cb’s in the league who’s willing to be a fourth choice. Not many players are willing to sit in fourth place and settle for being a back up. Saying that, bringing in a fresh face to mix things up and challenge would be good, not sure if Bartley is ready but we’ve given younger players chances before!

  3. Personally I think Adam Johnson could be decent left winger to bring in, Giroud & Podolski can alternate up front or could even go 442.
    Willian from Shaktar for the AM role and as a cheap alternative to M`vila we should try Lucas Biglia.
    GK Buffon?
    Then Id almost be happy

  4. How bored are we to be doing this? The transfer window is only 3 days old!

    Well I’m bored to tears so here goes …

    Fwd to replace RVP? Well we know that’s not going to be easy but I hope he’s a damn-sight less injury prone than our latest “want-away” captain*. For me Matías Suárez, 23 year old Argentinian from Anderlecht fits the bill 10 million euros would be a good price!

    Attacking right sided fwd to replace Theo! Alan Dzagoev, the 21 year old from Russia impressed me in the Euros and would probably cost what we could get for Theo!

    Defensive minded midfielder would have to be another Argentinian from Anderlecht, Lucas Biglia. As strong as M’Vila but more skillful and about 5 million euros less! Not such a bad boy, imo!

    I’d add a defender and bring in Mahamadou Sahko. Temperament issues I know but young enough for Bould to thrash that out of him. He wants out of PSG and I think we could pick him up for 10 – 12 million euros! I’d keep hold of Djourou for two reasons; he’s home grown and a useful defender if we get stuck at the back. I have to disagree about young Bartley he isn’t going to cut it and Miguel would benefit from going on loan to a top Championship side to toughen him up a bit.

    I too love our youngest Pole but he needs a boot up the backside and bringing in an older more experienced keeper to give him something to think about. Whilst Lloris (25 is not old, he seems a little more mature than his age suggests) is available, I think this could have a negative effect on our “Chezzer”. Unfortunately there are very few keepers around that would be happy to sit on the bench and pick-up free money (Almunia just left! And Gordon is broken). In which case I’d bring in mad Jens as his coach and keep faith with our “Chezzer”! The other back-ups we have are good talents in Martinez and Shay but both are younger still. Our older Pole seems convinced someone will buy him (I think he’ll be our number 2 again this year! OMG!) And Mannone is good when he’s wearing tiger stripes!

    So there you have it!

    Replace RVP and Theo. Add a DCM and a versatile defender and I think our budget might even let us stretch to a cheeky 10 million euro bid for Lewis Holtby!

    I love this Championship Manager malarkey it so easy!

    ps. Just get rid of Chamakh, Arshavin, Park, Squillaci, Vela, Denilson, Botelho, Eastmond and The Greatest Football That Ever Lived! I really don’t care if we don’t get any money for any of them. Just right it off against wages saved! Probably 30 million euros all told!

    *We should make (insert player you most would like to leave) captain next year they might want-away then!

  5. Found your choice of keeper very interesting, was lucky enough to meet ray clemence last Xmas on a cruise and he tipped butland for next England keeper

  6. How all of us gooners love to play football manager. Personally I would replace Theo with Thomas Muller who seems to be available and could use a change of scenery and I would replace RVP with Falcao. Then buy Gotze or Eriksen for the midfield. Get Yann M Villa and promote Bartley after making profit on Djou.

  7. You lost me at legrove. All they know about football is bitching about arsene wenger and making imaginary transfers.

  8. being completely honest,if van persie wanted to stay he would have signed long bek… and im not the least bit afraid,giroud is a very good player and with podolski and oxalade-chamberlain we have a good wide attacking force. that being said we still need new players. i would be content to add christian tello,hugo loris and hatem ben arfa.m’villa is not arsenal matrial as good a player as he is so y not go for chiek tiote instead. with wilshire coming back soon… i hope,rosiscky playing extremely good football,ashevine is definately coming back…and andre santos being fit we are in a much better position than last season

  9. although i want RVP to stay..but we cant stay on his way.if he go..i wish him all the best and thks for everything.and for the new season..i would like to see a Huntelaar come in..dempsey is better choice bcoz he know EPL very jong maybe can be consider by AW if m’vila move can’t be true..for GK i would like to see pyton as 2nd GK..he doing a great job with Ukraine..or the Greece GK..i dont know his name..heheheh

  10. Out-IN
    RVP-Higuin or Aguero
    Chamack+Vela+Betdner-Gotze or Van der vart
    Diaby+denilson-biglia or de jong

  11. There has been talks and acquisitions of strikers, talks of mid fielders, goal keepers but no one is talking about any defender. We had a terribly leaky defense last season and what’s more terrible is there seems to be not concern among the fans or Arsen Wenger.
    Jan Vertonghen would have been a perfect purchase from Ajax. Without plugging the leaky defense, Arsenal are going to struggle again next season.

  12. @FM 2010-2011 I bought Butland, so I have 2 GK, Szczsney and Butland 🙂 Theo could be replazed by Dzagoev

  13. arsenal need new full backs. let us not forget that. Santos cant defend, Gibbs is injury prone. Sagna is Injured, Jenkinson needs time besides he spends a long time out injured. YES, WE NEED NEW RELIABLE FULL BACKS PLEASE

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