Arsenal launch incredible £50m swoop for someone or the other…



First off; the title is bullshit. It’s purely written to get as many people here as I can, and it’s done because I know it will work. Curb that fury brewing within you, cast aside your compulsion to post inflammatory remarks about my blogging practices and reject your instinct to insult my mother’s sexual practices. There is a point to this, and I’d like for you to read on.

If you’ve clicked onto this post, then, chances are, you’re like the many good souls out there who yearn to acquire as much Arsenal information as they can; you’re a fan, and you like to keep yourself in the loop. You’re a lot like me in that respect – I do love to know what’s going on inside the marble halls of my favourite club. However, it’s titles like the one I’ve used that attract your attention, and it’s titles like the one I’ve used that are erroneous and published purely for the purpose of getting hits.

They’re fabrications; wild-eyed concoctions devised by people intent on filling your head with speculative drivel. You’ll know the sites I mean if you’ve clicked on them before. They’re seemingly everywhere. I shan’t name names for fear of causing some sort of blogging Armageddon, but you’re intelligent folks – you know who I mean.

It pisses me off. It doesn’t cause such abhorrence through jealousy, but because of what it truly serves to do; it detracts from the areas attention ought be. Out there in the Arsenal blogosphere there are many excellent folks writing relatively unseen blogs through love and passion – not me, I’m an idiot. These people dedicate personal time into producing interesting articles covering many varied facets of our club. They don’t rehash stories and invent transfer deals because they know such things will pique the curious devil inside.

The purpose of this post – what it’s intended to do for you – is deliciously simple, and it’s something I’ve done once before: it’s written to send you to the good stuff. Look to the right of my site, scroll down a little way and you’ll find my blogroll. Once you’re there, ask yourself this: would I like to read something different, something unique that is born from somebody who cares? If the answer is yes, then click away on some of them; try something new and find a writer you’ve not had the pleasure of hearing their voice – figuratively speaking – before.

If the answer is no, and you prefer to spend your evenings trawling through internet sewage, and you truly belive Arsenal will be conducting various “swoops” and “mega deals” every five minutes, then I truly have wasted your time. For that, I apologise.

The comments are below, and you’re more than welcome to abuse me until your heart’s content. I’ll take every bit of it if just 5 people find a new site and enjoy it.

Thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

(DISCLAIMER: I’m still quite unwell, and may currently be in a Lemsip-induced trance that’ll lead to me having no recollection of this post come the morning)

10 thoughts on “Arsenal launch incredible £50m swoop for someone or the other…”

  1. Hi mate, I am not pissed off at all bout the headline as I never believe them. A recent one was we have 35mil to blow on Falcoa. I would love him at the club but not at the risk of losing out morals and caving to the spend money Wenger crap we hear. If we can get a good run in league, win a cup and then strengthen in summer a bit more and take out the league next season. It would mean so much more to us than when city winning it did for city fans I think?
    I don’t know though beating UTD their hated rivals has got to be a once in a lifetime event, good luck to them, but more for us.
    Oh and those links on blog roll I have been to and have many ad favorites o ignore the Le Groan ad they are so sad all the time I feel sorry for them poor souls never happy,

      1. What about Untold Arsenal, they have much more interesting and positive things to say about our club and manager.
        What do you like about Le groan then? They just don’t make me feel good at being a Gooner at all. Gun jumpers if you ask me.
        Boring boring interlull!

  2. Yeah..we arsenal fans can only dream about those signings. We are a selling club no doubt about it. Next top player to go will be carzola. Many fans will not believe it. But i think Arsenal will sell him for a very high price. We will not be able to afford his salary compared to what the other club will offer him.

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