Arsenal need player ‘A’ and player ‘B’ to compete…

Theo loved sticking a wet finger in Gervinho’s ear.

Morning, you splendidly attired creatures. You all look especially lovely this morning. That’s a lovely sweater-vest you have on.

When things are quiet in the world of Arsenal, when footballing news is taken up with John Terry’s court fiasco; on occasion, I truly wonder what I can write that isn’t ubiquitous, or the kind of homogenous regurgitation of news you might encounter elsewhere.

I ponder, and I ponder a bit more.

This morning, I figured I’d just let rip with what comes off the top of my head. Usually, this results in a barrage of abuse in the comments. I’m nothing if not a glutton for punishment.

As time passes, and the season draws ever closer; I begin to worry. My mind is still fresh with the horrors of last summer’s business and the hapless manner in which it was conducted. With Robin’s epic saga seemingly no closer a resolution, I worry a year on, we’ll endure something similar.

After worrying a little while longer, I slap the pessimistic wretch in me. “Have a little faith, James” I declare. “Arsenal made those mistakes once, the signings of Giroud and Podolski already show you there unlikely to make them twice”

And I’m right. We have to have a little faith the club won’t repeat that kind of faux-pas. With a rational head on my shoulders, I start to think of areas in which the team could be strengthened.

Arsenal defence needs work. Perhaps the most underestimated signing thus far is Steve Bould. The man was a defender in the truest footballing sense of the word. He was a integral part of one of the greatest back four’s our club has had, and if there is anyone capable of drumming our troops into order, it’s him. We have the players. Our first choice defence is very solid on paper. What they need is a little bit of organisation – somebody to tell Kieran Gibbs he shouldn’t be strolling around the centre circle when the opposistion are on the attack.

With Kyle Bartley stepping up to the first team, I’m not sure we need any huge investment in that area. Where I think we can improve is midfield.

Firstly, and as many have stated ad nauseam in previous weeks; we need a defensive holding midfielder. Yann M’Vila; he’s the name on everyone’s lips and the guy certain to solve all our problems. Or so folks would have you believe. They’ll be no quick fix here. No one player can come in and make us impenetrable, but a player who sticks to that task and doesn’t wander off up field trying to be Rivaldo would certainly stop us leaking a few goals.

Let’s not forget Wilshere is back, too. He has that creative spark, plus he knows how to put his foot in and win the ball. We might even get to see Diaby for longer than 20 minutes…

The point to all this is simple; I don’t think the current Arsenal squad are that far away from being able to compete. We have good players at the club, and if Robin leaves and we act quickly to replace him, I’d be happy with the sate of the team for the new season. If Arsenal can bring in M’Vila, and a proven striker to share the burden up front with Giroud, we’ll be looking pretty good.

Maybe there’s even room for Theo if he re-signs.

Aplogies for today’s post, it’s not one of my best. Also, apologies if you’re a follower of my Twitter account as I won’t be using it at all for the next week – I shall explain my reasons once that time has passed.

Thanks for reading today, you beautiful bastards. The comments are below. I look forward to being called names…

8 thoughts on “Arsenal need player ‘A’ and player ‘B’ to compete…”

  1. James why are you so be fixed by M’Vila? He has a poor attitude to the game and team mates. We have struggled with this kind of negative influence in our team (Gallas, Nasri) for some time now and don’t think he would be a positive addition. Capoue, Biglia or even Claudio Yacob who is available on a free transfer (WBA looking at him now) would all be better additions in the DCM role or else we stick with developing LeCoq or Manu “Dench” Frimpong alongside Arteta!

    However, you beautiful bastard, I agree we are very close, when fit, with what we have got. It’s staying fit that makes me worry!

  2. Im a lot more optimistic than i was this time last year despite the fact RVP might leave. We do have a decent enough squad and I’m sure we will strengthen further with the addition of a new DM and possibly a striker if RVP goes.
    Onwards and Upwards

  3. Do we really need a new DM? What of the frimpongs, Coquelins and Anekes? Im told the latter is an exceptional, and technically gifted midfield powerhouse. Perhaps we should wait and delay that decision until the latter stages of pre season?

    Onwards and upwards

  4. James, no abuse or name calling from me today.. It must be difficult to write anything remotely interesting these last few days, as very little has been going on. However, you do raise a point above that interest me… Kyle Bartley, I know very little about this lad, I’ve only seen him in action once, and that was for about 15 minutes in last seasons Emirates Cup, when he came on as a sub, and promptly scored an own goal !!…I believe he went on loan to Rangers last season (and we all know how that ended) is this lad a ‘jinx’ ?… Seriously though, is he any good, have you or any of your other regular readers seen him play ?…. He looks quite a tall fella (always a good attribute for a centre half) but who would you compare him with ?… is he in the Bould / Keown or Adams mould or is he another Cygan / Senderos or Stepanovs ?..

  5. Does anyone else read foot…365? Also known as Sp*rs365?

    what is the latest on the 20 clubs bidding on Bendtner?

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