Arsenal news: transfers, departures, contracts? Well, there isn’t much today…

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Afternoon, delicious lifeforms.

Wow. It’s a quiet one today. If you’ve searched around looking for news, updates, shocking revelations or speculative delight; I’m afraid you may leave disappointed. The summer months often bring days like today. Some days are filled with all kinds of news, others… well, they can be similar to that bit in Vanilla Sky when Tom Cruise is running around a deserted Times Square.

As a blogger committed to bringing you a daily post – come rain or shine – I’m left with something of a pickle. What in the blue blazes do I talk to you about? I could divulge a few personal insights into my conjugal arrangements, but I imagine my special lady mightn’t take to kindly. I could tell you what I had for breakfast -Eggs Benedict – but that’s flirting dangerously with becoming a little tedious.

Over the past few days whilst scouring those blogs out there I like to read myself, I did come across an article I found particularly interesting. It goes into detail describing a few potential formation changes, and is written by the Arsenal blogging world’s equivalent to Winnie The Pooh, Daniel Cowan. Certainly worth a few minutes of your day.

Also, I like to point you in the direction of a book written by Ian Castle. Ian E-mailed me to share his work, and it’s very good indeed. It’s called, Arsenal: The Agony and the Ecstacy – and it has a dedicated Facebook page which you can ‘like’ if you’re a regular user of that kind of thing.

In the world of Twitter, yesterday stories popped up saying Robin has signed himself to the devil and Manchester City, today we get the opposite. Some journalists from the BBC – an organisation I respect – are  tweeting that Robin prefers a new contract with Arsenal. His priority is to stay on here, but the ball is the the club’s court. Of course, I put as little faith in this as I did yesterday’s, but it did get me to thinking. Purely for the sake of discussion: If Arsenal could get £25-30m for Robin, and that money was guaranteed  to be re-invested on new players, would you consider taking it?

And that’s about it for today. Apologies I couldn’t bring you any thing new or substantial. Tomorrow I shall double my endeavours and hunt down a few tasty treats for you viewing pleasure. Until then, thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards. The comments are below if you wish to discuss the Robin van Persie topic.

I await your thoughts with baited breath.


9 thoughts on “Arsenal news: transfers, departures, contracts? Well, there isn’t much today…”

  1. I would consider it depending who the money would be spent on considering this is rvp first actual season he’s managed to stay fit all be it it certainly came at the wright time. I would love for him to show some loyalty and stay though. A quality that is lost in today’s footballers…

  2. I would consider it, if we could get someone similar ala Karim Benzema, who is young as well. That would be the only like for like replacements. Both world class players, both are ball playing strikers.

  3. wouldn’t take it. Its more than just the money and the 1 year left on contract. We need to get away from the image of being a club that only sells our star players. Big name players want to play with the best and if we keep getting rid of our best then they will turn away from us. This also has the negative effect of not having enough stars or settled/experienced players who know how to play with each other and in the Arsenal way since we keep having to recruit average players and attempt to mold them into great ones. Thus leading to the lack of trophies and unsettled players who spend a few years here without seeing any silverware and no real investment towards getting the assets necessary to secure them

  4. I’d take the money in a heartbeat right now. RVP’s season last year was outstanding, but as other have pointed out, that was his ONLY season that was not severely injury plagued in memory. For a player at his age that has been so injury plagued, how many games will we get out of him next season, or in the season after, especially as he ages and the knocks and bruises and sprains get worse. His history makes his risk profile somewhat shakier than others.

    If he signed up a new agreement, then well and good, but I’m not sure how long we’d have him playing up to last season’s standards, if any. he is our captain though, and that seems to be a bit of a curse for Arsenal of late.

    That being said, knowing our luck, we could sell RVP and sign Messi only for him to suffer an injury like Ramsey or Eduardo! Shudder. (I know we could never sign Messi, it was an example of the fickle world of injuries and footballers).

    I doubt we’d get the numbers being bandied about for RVP, purely because of his age and his existing contract length.

    Having him stay would be beneficial, as someone else stated, to show we are not a “selling” club, but I think that horse has already bolted! From the signings so far though, it would seem that Arsenal are not convinced he’ll sign, either that, or we’re going to be VERY attack minded next season, which could make for some fun games at the emirates!

    god, I hate summer and all the speculation. Looking forward to see what team we can field next season, but with Podolski and Giroud, along with wilshire back, so far I feel far more optimistic.

    One more creative midfielder would be nice too.

  5. SImple answer is NO!

    no one we could get would be as effective as RvP he still have 4-5 good seasons left in him and he is maturing and improving! If he leaves that could be detrimental to his career as he would leave a rotation job and he doesn’t fit in well with other ego maniacs which his potential suitors are full of!

    We will survive without RvP but don’t kid yourself we wouldn’t be as good!!

  6. Stay, go … only Robin knows. ITK BBC or Tweeters know little to nothing. As you know I of little life have collected a database of all players linked with us through global media sources. As of this morning the total number was 173! So what do they know? Some are close to the truth and obviously 2 have been correct! Well done to The Sun who got in first with Giroud on the 4th Feb and The Express on the 7th Feb for Podolski.

    If Robin stays what ever we pay him it will be bad for the club because we only managed “finally” to hold onto our captain/best player because he held us to ransom. The media will knock him for lacking ambition and being greedy! If he fails to deliver/gets injured Wenger will be pilloried for not selling when we had the chance If he goes we lack the ambition and will continue to be labelled a selling club or feeder club. He will be labelled selfish and greedy.

    Whatever happens happens … been there wasted money on the t-shirt (Overmarrs did for me. New season new shirt only for him to leave without playing in the new strip! Never again do I put a players name on the shirt!) If he goes we have already invested in two forwards. Campbell and Afobe wait in the wings. Defensive midfielder, a utility defender and an experienced keeper are still need but are probably already budgeted for!

    Using your hypothetical £30m I’d go for Matías Suarez from Anderlecht and put any change towards new contracts for those the are up in 2014 (Sagna, Koscielny, Vermaelen and Gibbs). That looks dangerous to me! A new saga for summer 2013! “Arsenal loose their back four because they can’t tie down their players!” Says the Worlds Media! Here we go again?

      1. You are right a one year extension option to the 4 year deal. Takes him to 30/6/2015! You get the point though?

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