Arsenal: Sack The Medical Team Immediately!

Arsenal’s medical team didn’t take kindly to interruptions when experimenting on Diaby

Morning, folks.

Writing a daily blog can be a pursuit of the tricky variety. Some mornings I wake up with hundreds of ideas floating around my head and the time it takes me to put words onto the screen is very short. Other days, I sit behind the screen of my iMac with a vacant look on my face hoping inspiration will strike. Needless to say, today is deep-seated in the latter category.

What has popped into my head is all the talk regarding injuries to vital members of the team. You’d be forgiven for the thinking the injury Gods regularly meet and devise ways they can remove our players from the pitch such is the frequency of the occurrence. However, given that it’s something that happens with painful inevitability, perhaps it’s more pertinent to question some of the methods deployed by Arsene on the training pitch and the competence of our medical staff.

Ot at least it would be to someone qualified to discuss that type of thing. Not me. What I know about professional sports training methods and the prevention of injury is non-existent. Someone who does know their profession is former Wales assistant coach, Raymond Verheijen, and although he has little or nothing to do with Arsenal, he decided to chime in with his two pennies worth for what I assume was absolutely no reason at all. How very kind of him…

The beaky f**ker had these words to say:

“Over the years I’ve spoken with many Arsenal players and in certain periods of pre-seasons, they are trained as if they are in the Marines, rather than playing in the Premier League.”

“When you [train like a marine], first of all you develop short-term fitness. If you do it gradually then you’ll build-up long-term fitness for nine-10 months.

“If you get fit really quickly then you develop shorter-term fitness that only last around 3-4 months.

“This is the traditional way of training, that players are hammered in preseason, and this is obviously an issue at Arsenal but they are not alone – our friends in Manchester are the same .”

When you get past the fact it’s pretty much none of his business and he shouldn’t be shouting his mouth off to the press, there are some interesting points to be found. Are our training methods a touch on the neolithic side? They could very well be when you consider that our appalling record with absences is beyond coincidence.

He states Manchester United (I assume) are the same, but they aren’t usually as worn down with injuries as we are. What matters in the long run isn’t what has occurred in the past, but if there is a problem that it’s addressed moving onwards. Speaking recently Arsene has stated his intent to get to the bottom of the mystery, like those pesky kids from Scooby Doo that frequently unmask a sinister janitor dressed as a chicken, or whatever the f**k… That reminds me, I really, really used to hate Scrappy Doo. Not entirely sure why, but he irked the f**k out of me. Perhaps it was his voice or sense of invincibility for someone so tiny. Or just that he needed a punch in the face.


Shut up, James. Get back to the point… Arsene’s quotes about the injury list:

“If you look at our overall injury list going into such a final decisive part of the season, we have no Wilshere, Walcott, Özil, Ramsey.

“We went to Bayern with no [Kieran] Gibbs or [Nacho] Monreal. Of course it is a concern. We are analysing very deeply why it happened to see if there is a link between these injuries.

“Walcott, it is completely bad luck. Wilshere I don’t think it is linked with the other injuries, it is linked more with his history and the kick he got. The rest maybe we have to find out why it happened.”

Hopefully, some form of investigation from the Club, regardless of late you think it is, will get to the bottom of all this and prevent it happening again in the future. When you consider how many players we have missing for an important run of games, it’s a pity the move to improve the way we do things wasn’t implemented a long time ago. It would be a terrible shame is something like that ended up costing us dear.

That’s all for today, folks. The comments below await your thoughts on the above. Do you think arsenal mismanage players or run them into the ground, or do you have another view? Let me know your thoughts.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a preview of the big NLD. Until then, and as always: thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

7 thoughts on “Arsenal: Sack The Medical Team Immediately!”

  1. Hi James.
    I think Arsene should recruit some guys from Milan Lab to replace his current medical team. They usually recovered Milan’s injure as fast like a magic spell. But, if these was all due to our injury prone midfielders (I didn’t believe any of Verheijen’s bullshit!), than it make sense.
    To remember Rambo with his restless and tireless action was like to watch a man with steel lungs running around on his pair of fragile legs. Rambo has an unbelievable stamina, but more unbelievable that he takes to long to recover. I hope, Arsene will investigate and solve this “latent” problem.

    1. Hello, James.

      Antique made a really good point about AC Milan Lab. They helped their management to get rid of Kaka’ in the right time – they had noticed problems that Real medical staff didn’t. Before you know it, Kaka’ was one of the most expensive flops in the history of football.

      Our medical team obviously can’t match Arsenal level. Wilshere, Ramsey, Özil, Diaby, Podolski, Walcott, Gibbs, Monreal, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Vermaelen, hell, even Bendtner…have been injured this season. We lost the title in 2010-11 because we had Rusty van Prick out for almost half of the season and Vermaelen out for 33 matches.

  2. All teams get injuries, ours are noticed because you follow The Arsenal and because we are more open with reporting them,every EPL game on average one player from each side will pick up a knock which will rule him out of the next game, (10%), this is a season long statistic and applies to everybody top,bottom,anywhere !!
    Thats why we have a squad,squad depth is a far more important reason for winning or losing the league than studying injuries.

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