Arsenal secure loan deal for Yossi Benayoun on August 31st.

He knew if he waited patiently, the transfer bus would soon arrive.

Morning folks.

The title is not to be taken seriously. I have no insider knowledge, nor do I pluck preposterous notions from the sky and pass them off as hot gossip. Think of it as a worse case scenario; a summation of what many of us think could happen.

Of course, that’s not meant in any way to disparage Yossi. I liked Yossi. His contribution toward the end of his loan spell was important, and he was a loveable character.

I’m digressing…

The fact is, folks, I’m starting to get a little nervy. Not nervous to the extent my morning ablutions are a cacophony of anguished howls and rapid flushing, but concerned enough to be unable to prevent to odd flicker of dread entering what is a usually rational mind.

There isn’t an Arsenal fan I know that would disagree; signing players as early as possible is the right thing to do. Negotiating with agents can be a tumultuous affair, and things rarely go as smoothly as was initially hoped – that I don’t dispute. But, as time relentlessly passes, I can’t help but worry we are leaving things rather late again. Much like the summer in which we signed Yossi at the last minute.

The Premiership season kicks off in a little over 2 weeks time, and Yaya Sanogo remains our one and only purchase (unless something bloody AWESOME happens between now (2am) and publication (8.30 am)) . That very statement alone sets off alarm bells, and gives ammunition to certain fans who only seem to want to deliver vitriolic remarks toward all and sundry.

I don’t see the point.

I’m inclined to believe the club are working hard to bring in potential targets. The evidence of them doing so is there for all to see. My only wish would be for the process to be a little more simplistic; for our dealings to have been completed weeks ago. Filled with buoyancy and eagerness for proceedings to begin is the mindset I’d hoped to be in at this stage.

Yet, I still have hope. For all we know, the end of July will be the time our business kicks in, and come the 1st of August we’ll have a delicious array of shiny new players to look over with slobbering expectation. We can hope. We can keep our fingers crossed and muster the will to keep those pesky demons of doubt at bay. What we can’t do is know what’s coming, and until we do, there’s little or no point in getting excited about it. Regardless of how difficult that may be.

Come on, Arsenal – just one signing would be nice. Surprise us…

That’s all for today, folks. But, I do have a question to ask of you; realistically, come the end of the window, how do you think our dabbling in the transfer market will look? Good? Bad? Let me know in the handy little comments section I’ve arranged for you below.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

22 thoughts on “Arsenal secure loan deal for Yossi Benayoun on August 31st.”

  1. I’ve been Wenger’s biggest supporter – but I’m starting to lose patience. We were told there would be signings, major signings. Yet al we have are words, again. “We can win the title without any signings” is the latest. With players who finished fourth last year, and lost to Bradford and Blackburn. If we have money, the only two conclusions I can draw are that we are unable, or unwilling, to spend it.

  2. “how do you think our dabbling in the transfer market will look? Good? Bad?”

    Or plain bloody awful !

    Fellaini to be our first (I don’t count Sanogo a go go) me thinks.

    Failing that, in the immortal words of Clive Dunn, Don’t Panic ! Don’t Panic !

    1. Fellaini is not coming. Is release clause increases tomorrow and if we haven’t made a move by now we are not making a move when he gets more expensive. Bye Fellaini.

  3. my comment i will give u all my condolences for a word called revolution, u’r right man , maybe i will repeat what u’v just said but remind me when the transfer window opened:
    Arsenal will sign marouane at the end of the week higuain is coming surely his dad said that Oh!!! Wayne Rooney on the verge of a surprise move Julio Cesar Bernar blablablabla at a point Messi is coming but the surprise is we had signed YAYA SaNOGO
    History repeat itself i fear Nottingham Forest is Arsenal this season !!!!

  4. What a joke, arsene wenger is shit when it comes to transfers.. Don’t get me wrong I think he’s an awesome coach he just never spends. And I’m sorry but our squad is extremely far from competing for major honours.. In any completion.. If he doesn’t buy wenger should be sacked!!

  5. Writing as an Arsenal fan, I couldn’t agree more with the sentiments projected in this article. Arsenal fans would all welcome one or two proven world class players as most of us are fast losing faith in this “building” philosophy the club seems to have adopted. It’s brilliant financially, we always seem to qualify for the champions league and as I understand have close to no debt, but unfortunately i feel as though this philosophy doesn’t allow for strong enough competition on our side when it comes to competing for trophies. It would be interesting to see the direction in which a few new proven world class players, interacting with our already adept current crop, would take the side. It would’ve been more opportune for quality signings to have been made earlier on to allow for adequate settling but I believe or should I say I’d like to believe there will be more action for Arsenal in transfer market.

  6. If there’s one thing Wenger owes Arsenal fans, it is the truth. This yearly deception of spending big should stop. Truth is that Wenger is still clutching to his age old fancy of winning titles without major signings. He is obsessed with proving to the world that after all, he took a right decision not buying big. And that illusion is what will lead Arsenal to another trophy less year.

  7. We still have time but the club need to either considerably raise their bid or step aside from Suarez for a while and get in some other players that we need, this is getting painful but why did we expect anything less. Shame Wenger doesn’t seem to rate Fellani as we could get him straight away.

  8. Joke city, Chelsea united all finished higher in the league and with the exception of united have all strengthened in the market wenger is dillusional if he thinks we can win the league without new additions to the squad even sides below have strengthened win the league at this rate we will fall a place or two

  9. It is time to revolt folks. Show your contempt and your feelings against the professor who ignores us in this transfer window as in all the previous ones.i suggest not to attend the emirates cup in this coming weekend. that is the only way someone in the board will sit down and take notice

  10. worried. worried that it’s nearly August and we have 0 new signings (Sanogo aside), have spent £0, are chasing one of the most difficult and seemingly unrealistic transfer deals imaginable, and for a player that will be suspended for the first 6 weeks+ of the season, by which time we might already be mid-table with 3 losses and completely out of the running. Pessimistic I know, but I have no reason to feel optimistic right now. In my opinion, we need to get in Fellaini asap; Cardiff are about to take Capoue, who would be a good addition in my book, if Fellaini is off. I’d also go back in for Yann M’Vila, or bid high for Luis Gustavo. I really like both of them. Benteke/Michu……Higuain……would have been happy to see any in the CF position next season, even have a go at Muller. A RB or CB is also essential, and I see no evidence of us going in for either yet. The worst thing is we have shed half our deadwood squad (good in one sense), but without replacing any of them. When the DM position is wide opinion, with Arteta and Ramsey out injured, who is going to fill it? Coq has gone, Frimpong to follow……???? worried

  11. With all the positive energy and optimism coming from the players about the new season it’ll be a shame if the boss doesn’t add the necessary ‘qualidy’ players to improve the team and squad ‎​I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ general after the much needed exodus of fringe players. The squad is thin common knowledge is Wenger knows this, fingers crossed we’ll make some signings and not panic buys come August 31st. Nice post James as usual…

  12. At the moment I think wenger is looking at his 37 man squad and probably thinking that is large enough sure that includes 4 deadwood and many youngsters but many of the youngsters have been in the first team squad a while now (martinez, miquel, yennaris, frimpong, aneke, eisfeld, ryo, gnabry, afobe) have all been around the squad for the last 2 or 3 seasons whilst bellerin, olsson, zelalem and akpom have all shown real promise and could make the sep up. Ok so a squad of 20 plus 13 youngsters is not ideal so hopefully the 4 deadwood players remaining will be replaced number wise by some experienced and top quality. That will then allow some of the youngsters to go out on loan whilst one or two can continue their development in the under 21s and uefa youth champions league whilst hoping to get in the carling cup team.

  13. Arsenal are a joke the announcement of Suarez, was a ploy to get people to renew season tickets. i’m not renewing F . . . em!

  14. Nice one Raul. You’re actually not the only one getting uncomfortable with the whole situation. We’ve heard all about the £70M and the sudden financial buoyancy of the club, but its the end of July and we still haven’t seen a big name signing. Monsieur Wenger must think that his squad is good enough to compete for the title. Rubbish. I’m sure he thinks that he doesn’t need another centre back because Sagna has ‘settled well’ in the position. Nonsense. I’m sure he thinks there’s no need for a DM when he has Ramsey and probably Frimpong if Arteta is absent. Not good enough. If we already have a team that is just good enough for 4th place, why not strengthen it and really challenge for the title this season. We were out of the race months ago and had to settle for a champs lg race with spurs. We should be better than that, and bringing top players to complement the ones we have is the best answer. Come the end of the transfer window, I hope we’ll have something to smile about, and even more at the end of the season. However, I’ve got a scary feeling that Arsene is satisfied with what he has.

  15. I think we doubt Arsene too much! You have to remember that the bargain deals come on the last day of the transfer window, by then we should have qualified for the champions league which will attract quality players and we have the capital to pick these players up.

    Wenger is a shrewd business man and will pay the right money for someone I mean Cavani I saw play in the confederations cup and he was pants but yet clubs are willing to throw money around without much thought. Higuain was a good example good value at 23 million but overpriced at 35 million as unproven in the premier league and Wenger was probably right in not taking the risk.

    I agree that we need to strengthen in the defensive midfield area and in our forward line.

    Personally I think Nani 10 million bargain, Fellani at know more than 25 million and hold out for a striker of stature i,.e. Suarez or Rooney or both then pick Fabregas back up in January

  16. @ Andy, do you really think that Wenger has been successful in the transfer market in the last few seasons? I don’t think so. He signed players like Chamakh, Santos, Gervinho, Park (still can’t figure out why), and some other bad signings like Silvestre over the years. Cazorla is a class act, Arteta fit in perfectly, but the others have been poor.

    1. I see your point but I think he has had to gamble over the past few years with the budget he has hassle to work with to keep us in the champions league – I don’t think he ever imagines that he could compete to win the champions league or even the pl in the transitional period in terms of paying off the stadium but you have to hand it to the man for finishing where we have for the past seasons when we were unablee to spend and compete with the big boys in the transfer market

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