Arsenal sign Bristolian! Eng-er-land, uber-Bendtner, news and more…

“Don’t think much of this game, do you, Brian?”

Morning folks.

Internationals… I’m supposed to be patriotic, to become enthused and excitable when my national team takes to the field. Regardless of whom may be selected, club bias should be cast aside in favour of the good of the English team.


I make no secret of my absolute and utter disdain for the ‘Interlull’. England may have won by an impressive 4 goals to 1 against a reportedly decent Montenegrin side, but the little I watched bored me so much I decided a few moments spent contemplating the steps I’d take in the event of losing my penis was an immeasurably more enjoyable and rewarding pursuit.

Elsewhere, a few Arsenal players had a pleasant evening for their respective sides.  Oliver Giroud, the handsome son-of-a-bitch, scored an impressive brace on duty for France, but the biggest surprise was Nicklas Bendtner. Still sporting his comically appalling choice of hair, the Danish enigma managed to score two goals against a strong Italian side. Of course, he couldn’t do absolutely everything right, and got himself a yellow card for a taking his shirt of in celebration.

Maybe, just maybe, this is a defining moment for Nicklas. A lot has been said in recent weeks about how he’s “changed” and how he fully intends to put past indiscretions behind him and knuckle down for the good of the team.  In the past, his antics have caused me to be less than his greatest admirer, but I’m very big on mistakes being forgiven.

If – and it’s a big if – he applies himself and focuses on Arsenal, he has the ability to be an asset to the team and an important contributor. Everybody makes mistakes and does things they come to regret in later life. Everybody. I could offer you a list the length of my arm detailing the many calamitous blunders and moments of unbridled stupidity from my personal life.

Nicklas deserves the same opportunity to make amends as anybody else. I may not be his biggest fan, but I certainly hope that he does improve himself and make me change that opinion.

Elsewhere today, it would appear Arsenal have made a signing. Matt Macey, a young keeper at Bristol Rovers appaers to have impressed Arsene enough during his trial in September to have secured a permanent move to the club.

Being from Bristol, I can actually offer some insider knowledge here. I’ve not witnessed the guy play, but a lot of people who attend games at Rovers would tell you he’s a very, very good prospect indeed. Arsenal could use a little extra cover in the shot-stopping area of the pitch, and hopefully young Macey will be a bright light for the future and do Bristol proud – even if he was born in Bath….

And that’s all I have for you today. The comments are itching to be used by you, so pour out some of your thoughts and opinions for me to read. Do you think there’s a possible Bendtner redemption at all? Or has the egomaniacal one burnt his bridges?  Let me know.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

Oh yeah – I almost forgot. If, like me, you find Twitter a bizarre and unwelcoming place on occasion, if the faux-outrage seen on a daily basis makes you laugh and cringe simultaneously; you should enjoy the link below as much as I did.

The 29 Stages of a Twitterstorm

It’s certainly very accurate, and reminds me of a certain group of ‘chicken on a basketball’ fans.

3 thoughts on “Arsenal sign Bristolian! Eng-er-land, uber-Bendtner, news and more…”

  1. Redemption? Methinks B52 is as good as he says he is in national colours, and that sounds like a broken record–but i’ve seen him play for his native country and he’s simply an enigma.

    Bar his indescretions…maybe he can become a formidable force for club, better that or a winter signing???

    Welcome aboard Matt Macey.

  2. He’s outstanding everytime he plays for the national team, regardless of the quality of the opposition. It doesn’t matter if it’s Italy, Portugal or Norway, he keeps on scoring great goals. The two headers last night were absolutely world class and textbook headers. The precision was amazing and it was on Buffon. Hope looked lean, mobile, pacy, technically sound and strong and should be regarded as highly as Giroud despite his previous idiotic behaviour. Im all in for second chances. Show the world what you can do as everybody watches you, expecting you to fail!

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