Arsenal sign mega players. Arsenal sign nobody.

Spurs fans gathered outside White Hart Lane in hope of news.

Morning folks.

Buckle up, there’s every chance we could be in for a long and tedious ride today. How many of you are fans of Lord of the Rings? I’m not. If pushed to choose one thing to liken Deadline Day to, I’d opt for that trilogy of films; interminable and a little bloody irritating.

Should Arsenal sign anyone today, I have absolutely no idea who it might be. Misinformation, speculation and warbling will be so rife today the making any sense of it all will be practically impossible. Deals may seem likely only to be cruelly snatched away at the last minute with seemingly no explanation. However, it’s just as likely something miraculous will materialise from thin air to shock each and every one of us to the core of our being.

Think of The Mesut Ozil transfer – a huge, fabulous deal done incredibly quickly. Such was the surprise of Arsene dropping his parsimonious  approach to land a world-class player for a huge fee, the joy that accompanied was exaggerated ten-fold. We just didn’t see it coming and had to pinch ourselves many times just to ensure we weren’t tucked away in a land of slumber enjoying a rather wonderful dream.

The trouble with that is it has heightened expectation today. Folks out there are practically slobbering behind their computer terminals and over their portable devices for hope, information, gossip… Hell – anything that even remotely alludes to a deal occurring.

Today, I have vowed to not be one of them. Today, I shall be entertaining myself in a varied number of ways and having a peek at 11pm when the whole epic saga mercifully ends. I might suggest you do the same. We can’t possibly glean anything positive from working ourselves into a frenzy frantically updating Twitter. Those with hankerings for Internet traffic are certain to use the opportunity presented to drive as many hits as possible towards their sites. What you’ll get, if you succumb to the urge to have a gander, will be a relentless smorgasbord of tripe served with a fresh side order of bullsh*t. Whatever truth might be out there will be lost in a swirling whirlpool of drivel.

So, boys ‘n’ girls, let’s all just go outside and get some fresh air, cast aside our hopes and allow what will be to be. We can’t hope to affect the transfer dealings of the Club we love, nor can we benefit from apoplectic outbursts and petulant arguments amongst ourselves. Supporting and following a team should be a pursuit of joy – it is why I do all this, because of the joy it brings me. I see no joy in today. I see crushing disappointment and frustrated exchanges that only serve to place barriers between people. I see little or no point in it all.

I’m going to stay well away. Arsenal might sign someone. Arsenal may not sign anyone. To be frank, I’m past allowing the prospect of either to get to me.

That’s all for today, folks. The comments are below. Instead of discussing who and what we should do, why not take a moment to share with me and the other readers a moment from your Arsenal supporting life that filled you with joy.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

21 thoughts on “Arsenal sign mega players. Arsenal sign nobody.”

  1. gosh i’ve become so restless today. i’m from india, which means when it’s 11 PM UK time, it’d be 4.30 AM in india and me in deep sleep coz i’ve got to go for work the next day. wondering if i’m going to get a good night’s sleep.

    the draxler deal seems to be dead as per reports and the pessimistic in me is believing that. let’s hope the reports turn out to be false. over the past few days, i’ve been watching transfer activity of manu and chelsea with some envy and now city seems to be joining the fun, but nothing seems to be happening for arsenal right now.

    with the injuries to ramsey and wilshere, suspension for flamini, hectic and challenging schedules coming up, i fear further injuries or burnout. we need at least a couple of signings to bring back that freshness back to the team. with wenger you never know. he might spring a surprise or two and bring in someone we’ve probably heard little or nothing about. fingers crossed

  2. You are right not really caring about do we sign or not sign. I think gooners should now be renamed mushroomers…….you know the old saying….kept in the dark and fed s..t. .. So many rumours, so many promises, all petering out like a played out gold mine. Still the good news is wenger didn’t wait until the last minute to accept his new contract worth a few million extra.

  3. ARSENAL 3 MANCHESTER UNITED 2 (9 November 1997)

    This was the first ‘whole’ game of football I had watched since watching Luton in the 1st division as a child. I was in a pub watching it with an avid Gunners fan, not a lot was happening so I took the opportunity to ‘spend a penny’, on my return Arsenal had scored, I later went to the loo again joking that Arsenal would score again…they did. It turned out to be a great game and I fell in love with Arsenal. I’ve been watching ever since!!

    We can win the league with the team we have, all it takes is a little luck with injuries…and the belief that we can do it. Doesn’t matter how many goals you score, you still only get 3 points!!!!

  4. Hello, James.

    I think that there is bigger possibility that you’ll end up in a three-way-action with Scarlett Johansson and a peanut butter than that Arsenal will sign anyone today.

  5. 09.39 – Fair to say we can draw a line under the Julian Draxler speculation. Here’s the boss on the German international: ”The Draxler situation has been created by the newspapers, not by me. He will stay at Schalke.” live from arseblog.

    so that’s it. draxler deal is off.

  6. 1997 me a 16 year old boy who just got satellite tv and the first person i saw on tv was a certain God called Dennis Bergkamp, he played for Arsenal and rest as they say is history. I loved Dennis but as i grew watching the Arsenal, i loved them more and till today and the rest of my life i will continue being led on by them. Thank you Arsenal for choosing me.

  7. Really good advice James, I’m trying to avoid the news until 11pm your time. By the way, loved your new podcast as all ways.

  8. I will NOT stand for this insult to the Lord Of The Rings movies! (nah, I’m kidding, I love those movies but all opinions welcome etc)

  9. @Vinay

    I know exactly what you mean as I’m a little older and my first love was Liam Brady what a player …… If Dennis Bergkamp is the one true god, hallowed be thy name …… Then Liam Brady was the Pope for sure…

  10. This window needs shutting. Permanently. With nail.
    Too much high priced chaos.
    Season close to season open is when transfers should take place. Only fair Thing to do..

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