Arsenal to definitely sign Higuain. Definitely…

Dick Law decided on a new approach to negotiations.

Morning folks.

“Until it’s on, it’s not true”

That’s pretty much the mantra we should all adopt throughout the coming months. I try to ignore all the speculation as best I can, but doing so entirely would result in my posts being taken up with whatever nonsense happens to be floating around my head at the time. Believe me; you do not what me to write 900 words on why Zero Dark Thirty was only the second film to ever put me to sleep half way through.

The truth is, I have a dirty little secret. I actually quite enjoy a good spurious rumour from time to time.

Don’t get me wrong; my disdain for the sites that use fabricated crap to obtain hits remains the same. I have about as much time for those gaudy monstrosities as I do for Alan Shearer’s post-match analysis or listening to anything Souljah Boy has recorded. I cannot abide any such dross.

Yet every morning without fail I check the Sky Sports page for the day’s paper talk. I guess I’m just as much a sucker as everyone else.

Upon perusing that segment, I can across news of Gonzalo Higuain’s likely arrival at Arsenal. Snapping-up the Argentine frontman would be sign of intent from the board given the fee he will command, and maybe we might be seeing such a thing happen.

The story itself states there has been an influx of bets on Higuain signing for Arsenal. According to the article, such a thing means there is a high element of truth. I do not understand how that works. People wagering money they probably can ill-afford to lose on the destination of a footballer doesn’t not mean they have insider knowledge or that the rumour is any the more likely. It mean there are plenty of people prepared to risk losing money on a hunch. The more the story is reported, the more people will believe, and the more they are prepared to wager on its truth.

Having said that, this is one I’m inclined to believe. I make no secret of the fact I lack connections within Arsenal. I do not have access to any behind-the-secenes talk like many others may. I base most of what I say on the little experience I have and old fashioned gut feeling. And the swirly, rumbly sensation within my midriff tells me us Gooners are going to get some good news soon.

Elsewhere today, the fixtures will be released for the coming season. I’m not privy to those at the time of going to print, but I have it on good authority we start this way:

A Twitter account that’s known to have been regularly correct when it comes to predictions, and may very well be so this time. Just don’t flame them with a load of abuse should the claims be mistaken and tell them I sent you…

That’s yer lot today, boys ‘n’ girls. Drop me a comment or 7 in the handy section below. It’s nice to see I’m getting a few regular contributors, and to those folks I say I very big thanks for all the support. There are myriad Arsenal sites out there, I’m pleased you choose mine to read.

As always; thanks for stopping by, you beautiful bastards.

9 thoughts on “Arsenal to definitely sign Higuain. Definitely…”

  1. it was too late if you are waiting for, it is sufficient from a proven news if Higuain spotted here and having a medical.

  2. Definitely to sign?I will believe it when he is officially in an Arsenal shirt. For all you know this could be a gimmick while Wenger goes for someone else.

  3. I always say I will believe it when I see it on, yet I am starting to feel like a crack addict looking for the dream the amount of times I hit the refresh button. Higuain would be great if it were true.

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