Arsenal to pip United to Kagawa? “La la la la la la la la, Narsi you’re a c**t, you’re a c**t, Nasri you’re a c**t”

Kagawa was always first to spot the ice cream van.

Morning, beautiful people.

Today, it’s all about gossipy gossiping. There’s an entire summer ahead of us, and all we’ll have to replace the warm embrace of Premiership fixtures is the boney fingers and unwelcoming arms of transfer speculation. Whether it be the impending saga of Robin van Persie’s contract, or the interminable stories that’ll fly about like crazed geese; settle in folks, we are just at the beginning.

First up today is the rumoured attempt by Arsenal to hijack Man United’s attempts to sign Dortmund’s Shinji Kagawa. He’s a bloody useful little player – quick feet and bags of invention. I highly doubt that this is anything more than a bit of news intended to ensure United act quickly in sealing the deal, so I won’t be getting my hopes up. Nice idea, though. He’s one of the types of player I’d like to see Arsenal go for.

Second of all today, is Samir Nasri. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t waste my time dedicating any words on my blog to that irksome, money-grabbing little shite-bag, but he has crossed the line. If he had a shred of decency, he’d shut his mouth and enjoy flaunting around a trophy he contributed little or nothing toward. Instead, the horse-faced urchin had these words to say about Arsenal fans:

“People at Arsenal tried to make out that I came here for the money,  I hope they are watching me now collecting my Premier League winner’s medal.

“I believe they have not won a trophy for many seasons now.

“If all that I was interested in was money, the easiest decision would have been to stay at Arsenal, picking up my money every week and walking into the team.

“There are many people doing this right now at Arsenal.

“I made the hard choice to come and fight for my place at a big club, where they never settle for second best, and I have proved it correct.

“I now hope the Arsenal fans can get on with their lives and forget me, they should celebrate their third-place achievement and I will focus on winning titles.”

He’s a sweetheart, isn’t he? Full of wise words and humility… Samir, you get abuse from Arsenal fans because you are nothing more than a mercenary. Your hollow words that attempt to portray you otherwise are as transparent as glass. Have you asked yourself why Gooners don’t boo Kolo Toure or Gael Clichy? It’s simple; they contributed more than 3 months, and neither left with the attitude and continuing disrespect you have.

And that’s all I’m prepared to say on the matter. As of now, Samir Nasri is just another idiot with a big mouth, and he’ll be treated the way those folks ought be; with contempt, and ignored completely. And to think; when the chips were down at City, this is a guy who took to his Twitter account claiming he would “always be a gooner”.

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More tomorrow.

28 thoughts on “Arsenal to pip United to Kagawa? “La la la la la la la la, Narsi you’re a c**t, you’re a c**t, Nasri you’re a c**t””

  1. Nasri is an ungrateful goat that bite d fingers that fed him,who was he before arsenal brought him to lime light,really shows his kind of background,wiv his poverty mentality,let’s see hw it goes cos folks like him don’t last.

  2. I love your eloquent use of words with little or no profanities, perfect recipe lol. If it has the face of a cunt, talks like a cunt and acts like a cunt then it is a na$ri.

  3. first of all congrats manvity on u r title. well nasri remember i agree with u. u went to silverware. ha ha. but u were a benchwarmer at shity. at arsenal u used to be a king. and man with honour. nasri u have no rights to claim that silver ware.

  4. D fool shd b worrying abt d impending arrival of Eden Hazard and his already shaky place in d city side rather than raining abuses at d club d gave him d platform. Like Tevez like Nasri 2mony grabbing illiterates.

  5. Nasri is a typical African from some poverty stricken village in North Africa
    so you can forgive him and don’t compare him to RVP and the like. Ask why he/his father/Mother migrated to France from Africa. We all know the answer “running away from poverty” However congratulations Mr.$ Nasri

    1. Not so cool franco…..we african we are not that blessed but we work so hard to have something we can call our own….i jst can’t believe you want to dilute this good post by your racial alined thoughts.

      that is foolish of you

    2. Africa is not so bad a place. may be u should visit sometime to see for yourself. being African would have aided his course rather than the reverse

  6. I THINK NASRI MADE THE RIGHT DECISION EVEN CISSE SAW THAT ON SUNDAY. BUT WE SHOULD REALLY BE INTERESTED IN MARIO GOTZE NOT SHINJI KAGAWA. And pls stop talking about nasri and consider clichy who has now gone all pro, courtesy of MANCINI.

    1. I agree ONE HUNDRED PERCENT WITH YOU. Nasri made the right decision! I’ve been an Arseanl fan since 1979 and i love the club.. But what Nasri says is spot on. Who wants to be with a club that has no ambition to win trophy’s at the moment? If we did we would have bought the key players that we have needed for the last 7 years! If Robin has any sense he should leave Arsenal as well or else he will also not win any titles in his lifetime with our beloved club. Imagine that…. being one of the best players in the world and he has pretty much an empty trophy cabinet at home.. That’s sad. Nasri makes a good point…”there are many players at Arsenal going through the motions and get paid for it… Squillaci, Djuouru, Almunia, Chamak, etc, etc… they are ALL simply not good enough for Arsenal!! Want proof?? How many trophy’s have we won with those clowns?? If i were any top player i would not want to lower my standards to play with those sub-standard players…

    2. Goetze has just extended his contract up to 2016 this March, you ditz. Besides, you’ve never actually followed BVB games have you? For a past 2 years, Kagawa has undoubtedly performed better than Gotze. Gotze is talented, no doubt. However, him being a great hope for a football powerhouse country and him being young (19) is inflating the hype beyond the actual substance.

  7. You Arsenal Are Fucking Cunts. Trophyless Morons. Congratulations To Nasri. Stupid, Useless Trophyless Fans Feeling Bitter About Another Man’s Success. You Guys Should Concentrate On Winning Your Emirates Cup(couldnt even win it last year). Stupid Manager, Stupid Club, Stupid Fans

    I am furious because my uncle touches me in the night time, and I enjoy it. Damn you, unforgiving society…

    1. Hey moron when AFC won the trophy last we won it being undefeated that time nobody had even heard of Shitty!! i bet ma head that AFC will finish before shitty next season, Fuckface give wenger just 100 million we will win BPL,FA,and even UCL , we dont need the 1 billion rotten shitty paid to buy mercenaries!

  8. Much as I detest Nasri’s arrogance and disrespect for Arsenal fans, Franco’s comment in regarding Africans as greedy and inconsiderate is rather unfortunate and at best myopic. I will advise we focus on substance than dwell on deliberate generalization.

  9. I wouldn’t blame nasri much for all this cos I think we arsenal have brought this on ourselves we haven’t been winning and honestly all players at he team now would have loved being da ones lifting the trophy cos that’s what everi player plays for. players leave teams to others so why hit on nasri alone have u forgotten about clichy he also didn’t wan to sign a new deal.this should serve as a deterent to wenger before we lose all that we ever worked so hard for its only a matter of time before all the players leave if we don’t win anything

  10. Hi guys, the best way to describe the unbridled arrogance and ingratitude of Samir is just to simply characterize him as uncouth.

  11. I am offended by that racial comment. Stupid of you. Nasri is an Arab. Africans are people like Lauren, Toure, Kanu, Gervman, and to some extent Theo, Ox, Gibbo, Sol, TH14…be ashamed of yourself. Thanx Raul, mad love from Kenya.

  12. If nasri is that good arsenal would have won a trophy during his stay. The smart fool is only enjoying the hard work of other quality players like silva, yaya toure, aguero, tevez and co at man city. He no better than a bench warmer chammak.

  13. Fair enough Arsenal have not won any trophy’s but 15 years up against the worlds best which means consitantly being in the top four….. I gotta say not even Chelsea and the new PL Champs City can say they have ever done that. Actually im not even sure United have done that but i may be mistaken……. I agree we need a trophy but with Podolski, hopefully RVP staying and maybe bringing in M’Villa and Vertonghen (as spurs are a bunch of pussys and wont pay full price for him) We may yet manager to take something next year. Regardless of Trophys we are still a top team. 15 years is a long time in the Champions league.

  14. If you hapen to be in nasri shoe, whzt will you do ? To me as big as those boyz, i will not end my career in trophyless. Asene wenger need to buy players not just player but players.

  15. Callum i really apreciate your comment, honestlly speaking a true arsenal fan would not be happy with what wenger is doing, in addition i hear you mensured some players, do you think wenger would buy any player apart from podoski ?

  16. Nasri shld shut da hell up he’s such a basket mouth full of nothing but shit if he went 2 win trophies n medals he shld leave da past n focus on his future am proud of Gael he’s a gentleman if nasri has nothin 2 say he shuld shut his stinkin mouth we dont nid such players so ungrateful.

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