Arsenal Unleash Transfer Kraken Into Starlet’s Magnificent Aura.

“Great title today, James”

Morning, folks.

Sorry I’ve not been with you for a couple of days. The weekend was manic and I’m currently selling/moving house. All things that could have possibly conspired together to obliterate my free time have done so. The figure that sits behind his keyboard typing away is not bright-eyed and and bushy-tailed, but a shambling wretch of a man desperately in need of sleep.

Nevertheless, because I love you all so much I shall proceed.

Since I spoke to you last we’ve had the warming glow about our persons only a decent Arsenal performance can bring. Although we didn’t beat Man City, in a game most assumed we would lose we put in a sterling 2nd half showing and deservedly came away with a point .

Such a thing came as welcome relief. Not just because of the manner in which we clawed ourselves back into the game, but because it, albeit temporarily, put a stop to the incessant grumbling plastered across whichever online facility you might frequent. I’m not one for all that jive. The moment you begin to start to take yourself too seriously you begin the descent toward inhabiting the space inside your own arse.

Take blogging, for example. It’s a medium for the self-important, to an extent. None of us do this without some measure of notoriety or appreciation being wanted. What is important to me is that I remain fully aware that what I write here doesn’t really matter, that it’s just fun and written purely to entertain those of you that pop by. I’m not controversial, tactically  astute or particularly knowledgeable when it comes to Arsenal. There are far better than I out there.

What I am, however, is proud of what I do. I genuinely love it. The constant ego-massaging and competitive nature of what I witness elsewhere only reaffirms my opinion that it’s far better to be aware of being an idiot than it is to be blissfully unaware. I here to amuse as best I can and maybe provide a little insight.

Not quite sure where I’m going with this…

I guess it’s news time. The news we do have is we’ve SIGNED a player. We have. Honestly. I swear to you. I know it’s April Fool’s Day today, but I wouldn’t yank your chain with a piece of mendacious dross, would I? I mean, it doesn’t matter one bit that the player in question, Josip Drmic, has denied it, we simply must believe it to be written in tablets of stone because it’s been spewed across Twitter.

Like most of you, I have absolutely no idea who is is, nor do I wish to produce some stats to make myself appear knowledgable of European football and all its glorious intricacies. He’s a young kid who sounds and looks pretty useful on YouTube, but that’s about all I know. What I am certain of is that is he hasn’t signed for Arsenal.  Those things tend to get featured on the official website.

Apologies for today’s title, by the way. It made me laugh when I thought of it…

That’s all for today, folks. I’ll return tomorrow with something I’ve not written whilst attempting to stay awake – I’ve not re-read this upon finishing, so God only knows if it makes sense. The handy comments section awaits your thoughts on stuff – hit me up.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

4 thoughts on “Arsenal Unleash Transfer Kraken Into Starlet’s Magnificent Aura.”

  1. Hi James.
    I simply won’t buy any Drmic bullshit rumor. Too early to make decision before we actually trying to buy Costa, Martinez, Draxler Dzeko, Mandzukic or any other players who have much better reputation in world of football today. He might be as good as Dzeko someday, but hey, we’ve BPL title to catch next year, so no time to grow up his career here. We’ve bunch of that already. This was a bad April Mop, but nothing close to that share ground Emirates with Spuds. WTF? Who are we? Italians? Where are we? San Siro?

  2. Greatly missed during your absence James – Glad you have returned!
    I am surprised you didn’t mention more about the fact Flammini got the equaliser… I was expecting to hear scenes of Eutopia! But yeah, the sentiment is that we are back on track and with the games we have coming up, we should solidify 4th spot and hope someone messes up badly to jump a place or two….COYG!

  3. “I’m not controversial, tactically astute or particularly knowledgeable when it comes to Arsenal. There are far better than I out there.” i admire your self-deprecating statement james and i’m proud of arsenal fans’ presence on electronic social media, which is probably more than that of other clubs. it’s really great for people like me who cannot afford the luxury of watching the games at the stadium. keep the great work.

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