Arsenal Want Doucoure, Edinburgh And Magnificent Fan Bickering.

Evening, all.

Apologies for not being around the past 3 days. I had a fabulous stag weekend in Edinburgh that was, unfortunately, cut somewhat short by a nasty viral infection of my throat which left me a shambling, incompetent excuse of a man that slept for 15 hours the next day. Bad times, but thankfully only a few hours were lost. I completed a locked-in challenge, drank several varieties of gin, ate copious amounts and bounced – quite literally. The Gravity Bounce Park was awesome.

Since returning on Monday, I’ve been a mixture of bed ridden and busy catching up at work, and I’ve been unable to make the time to post. However, that’s all about to be gloriously rectified.

So what’s happened in the past 3 days?

Firstly, Watford’s Abdoulaye Doucoure has spoken of interest in him from Arsenal, Liverpool and Spurs. He was quizzed by a publication in France – I forget which one – and had the following to say when the subject of interest came up:

“It’s true that these clubs are interested in me. But I am at Watford and my focus is on finishing the season well and to maintain their Premier League status.

After, when the club and I make the decision to make the next step, then that will have to be agreed but, for now, I am focused on Watford.”

Which I always assume really means:

Look, I know there is interest because my agent has told me, and he wants to slither his way into a large signing-on bonus just as I’d like bigger wages. Watford have been good for my career, but I’ll move to a bigger Club the first chance I get. I do wish to continue playing well for Watford as it will certainly help me get a move and I still want the fans to like me”

I’ve heard quite a few people mention Doucoure as a ideal signing to bolster out ranks in midfield and an essential one in terms of providing us with a solid, deep lying and predominately defensive midfielder. From what I’ve seen, he’s agile, very physically imposing and excellent on the ball. Is he the defensive-minded midfielder Arsenal fans unanimously crave? I’m not so sure about that – he’s certainly one that likes to get forward and that often comes at a price.

His general positional play reminds me of Alex Song, and that’s a mixture of good and bad. When Song wanted to sit and play in front of the back 4, he could be very good. However, he was prone to waltzing around the attacking areas and trying Hollywood passes whilst opponents danced right through the centre of our midfield. I’d admit that was probably down more to the manager giving players free reign than Song wilfully disobeying commands, but either way it was annoying as all p*ss at times.

We’ll see if there’s any strength to the rumours. At this stage, I doubt it.

Elsewhere, there’s been some truly incredible fan bickering. I’m talking next-level pettiness and squabbling. From grown-ass men. It’s breathtaking stuff. Hector Bellerin has really ignited the blue touch paper and an explosion of sh*t and petulance has followed. It’s worth remembering that there are two sides operating with extreme points of view, and they’re both wrong.

Everything these days seems to be about getting noticed and becoming famous for saying something controversial. Some people make money from doing so and others take time out of their lives to constantly abuse them for it. It’s all so stupid, whichever way you choose to look at it.

I’ve made a pact with myself that today is the last time I’ll mention it or anything that comes of it. No matter how pertinent or amusing it may be. Even if that weird ‘Lee Gunner’ guy gets shot into the sun via a home-made spacecraft built by angry rival factions, you won’t hear a peep from me, folks. Not a dickie bird. Nothing.

I think it’s probably better to try and just focus on football and surely more fun that way.

That’s all for today, folks. Sorry it’s a late post but I’m getting back into the swing of things. I’ll be back tomorrow to preview the Ostersunds return leg and talk about lovely team news.

Until that time, and as always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

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