Arsenal Got Served: Worst Moment Of The Season So Far.

Matt Damon’s character in Elysium opens the scoring.

Morning, folks.

Where to start, huh?

Saying that things “didn’t exactly go as planned” might be the biggest understatement in recent times. With the well-documented run of tough fixtures heading our way, it was considered crucial to get things off to a good start; to lay down a marker of intent and strike fear into opponents, making even the most snide of media pundit finally sit up and take notice.

Arsenal did a fantastic job of taking that concept and doing the complete opposite. Even now as I’m typing, words are failing me. Knowing how to explain such a monumental failure is a tricky thing. There isn’t much you can put it down to other than an off day, which almost sounds like a cheap excuse. I know some are angry; some wish for heads to roll and those responsible to be subjected to horrendous tortures in very public places.  Players have been singled out and mercilessly ripped to shreds by people with zero playing time as a professional footballer.

I find all that kind of stuff tiresome. All the factions have re-emerged, our fan group is bickering and abusing itself. All because we lost an important match and there’s a need to find someone – anyone – to pin the blame on as if somehow that will make everything better.

Me, I’m just going to say that on the day we were simply relentlessly sh*t. From the moment the game kicked off until it was brought to its shambolic end, Arsenal were f**king appalling. There is no nice way to put it; no player exempt from the statement – we were sh*t on the day and Liverpool beat us convincingly and deservedly so.

It’s done now. No amount of analysing will change that. Searching for the reasons for such a poor performance and scapegoats to lambast is an exercise in futility. Those things are of little concern to me. What is of great concern is how we go ahead from here and the manner in which the players react. Such a feeble display and comprehensive defeat might do us a world of good – bare with me here, folks.

In recent weeks results have come our way, but the team hasn’t been putting in a good shift. We somehow managed to climb to the top of the table by only briefly showing what we are capable of and doing just about enough the rest of the time. At risk of sounding a touch like a doom merchant, a result like yesterday has been coming. We need an enormous kick up the backside, and perhaps that will be exactly how the players take it.

Losing to Liverpool is not how we wanted to start the “Run of Death’ and there’s a chance we now find ourselves tumbling unstoppably down the spiralling staircase toward mediocrity. Unless we take our medicine and learn from it. The only positive I’ve gleaned from yesterday is that no one has made excuses. All concerned have stood up and admitted how poor they were and that we have to regroup and move ahead. The players have taken to Twitter to confess their ineptitudes on the day and Arsene isn’t glossing over any cracks:

“What is important is that we respond to that result, especially respond with a different performance because our performance overall was poor,

“On the concentration level, on pace, on defensive stability, it was very poor and we always looked vulnerable.

“If you concede two early goals from set-pieces then you are in a position where you always have to come out.

“I just think the whole team have failed to turn up with the right performance. We know that you need to be better focused at this kind of level.

“Overall our performance was just not good enough and I include myself in that performance.

We’ve faced adversity this season with losses to Villa and Man City and we’ve managed to put together a run of results afterwards. We now face our sternest test of the; to put our title challenge back on track and get back to wining ways against some of the very best. It’s not going to be easy. If we play like we did at Anfield we’re in for an excruciating few weeks of unbearable misery. However, if we take our punches like men and react, start playing like we know we can, and come together as a unit then there’s still a chance we can come through this.

I’m not saying we will. Being positive right now isn’t easy, especially at a time where supporters have every right to be super critical. I’m just trying to look at what’s ahead and put the disappointment to the back of my mind. We are still in the title race, the FA Cup and the Champions League. As valuable as they might be, we only lost 3 points yesterday.

Arsenal have taken part in a battle and had their arses handed to them. Of that there can be no doubt. What matters now is how we approach the remainder of the war. We can whimper into the abyss or come out fighting and let the chips fall where they may.

Over to you, Arsenal.

That’s all for today folks. The comments await below, so why not share a few of your thoughts on the game. Do you think it’s a dagger through the heart of our season or is there still legitimate reason for hope? Let me know.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

17 thoughts on “Arsenal Got Served: Worst Moment Of The Season So Far.”

  1. If you can’t support them when they lose, don’t support them when they win. Yesterday is over and we have to put it behind us. Fortunately man city also dropped points yesterday and were only one point behind chelsea. Forget the math against Bayern, we need to beat united on Wednesday and Liverpool in the fA cup. COYG!!

    1. It’s not about supporters! It’s about the players and the fact that so many were that bad. It was almost like they had been poisoned?!

      Leave supporters out of it. We are entitled to rant. Especially the traveling fans. Being paid like they do, every footballer knows what to expect if they don’t perform and this performance deserves a big reaction..

      Lets hope we see it on Wednesday!!!

    2. Arsenal are paying the price for not streghening the strike department. Imaging if we had just half of Liverpool’s attack. I am afraid Arsenal may not even make top four. The payers have exhausted what they could. You can only give what you have. They can’t beat ManU. They can’t beat Chrsea. They can’t beat ManCity. They can’t beat Everton, or Spurs. Let themanager and his bboard enjoy their money, the fans will painfully watch a glaring pprtunity to win the league pass by. No team good enough to win the league loses by 5, 6 goals and can’t win by same margin. We can only be loyal as fans but we know our unflinching support can’t make up for insensitivity ant greet of the biard-and manager.

  2. Throughout the 2nd half I kept waiting for a Arshavin-esque comeback. Nevertheless the good thing is that it’ll serve as a wake up call and help the team keep their focus for the rest of the games. Its not the end of it… Not yet

  3. Shambolic,Shocking display! Worst in recent memory and could not of come at the most crucial stage of the season. Arsenal it seems are their own worst enemies! This tendency to implode has become a habit, as a result the DOOM mongers. Hard facts are that, they have failed to beat any of the top teams away and a found wanting. Its frustrating because this team is better than this result suggests! Arsenal need to exorcise the Demons within nd soon cos the DEVILS are in town on Wednesday! Anything less than a victory otherwise its asta la vista 2014 season and yet another empty trophy cabinet.

    1. Facts he doesn’t deserve our support at all he new the team needed additional players to cover for the Injured and suspension he had all the time to do it and didnt obviously the players can react we can see them jumping ship in the summer thanks to arsen and the greedy board f…k them

  4. Very well written James, the whole day was appalling and the expected fall out arrived from the ne’r do wells and doom mongers.
    I totally agree with Veer, if you can’t support them when they lose, don’t support them at all. Or simply be like that Man U fan who defected to Liverpool the other week because of one bad run of results. This kind of result sorts the wheat from the chaff and we will start to root out the fucktards from the comments they make.
    Yes it was a humiliating defeat and it was upsetting. I felt absolutely SHIT for the following three or four hours but it passed and now we have to regroup and get behind them once more.
    I feel sorry for the travelling fans but remember, where does it say that just because you travel away, you are entitled to win……

  5. ok lets look ahead. but james do you think ozil needs to be dropped/rested for the utd game. he’s been consistently poor and maybe needs a breather to become hungry. maybe rosicky can start in his place?

  6. Nijjy,in terms of Ozil…I feel the gaffer needs to continue believing in Him just like Aron Ramsey last season, instead of droping Him Wenger consistently played Aron until he came right…we have carzola,rosiky and Ox to pick up the slack…I just feel that wenger needs to be smart in the selection for the Manu game…he needs to drop Monreal,willshere for Gibbs and Rosiky…the 2nd against liverpool showed a slight glimps of normality after they came on.

  7. Poor team performance, nothing more to say when you concede 4 goals in 18′. I think it’s a matter of mental issue, it always happens in big away games like this, it can’t be a coincidence. I would rather to say that the media spent the time emphasising our defeat more than praise Liverpool

  8. Hi James, long time fan of the blog but first time commenting. completely agree with you about it being such a thrashing might actually do us good; the 3-1 defeat against villa was met with such desolation and we went on to string an unbelievable run of results together. If they use the humiliation of yesterday to up their game for the rest of the month then, like you say – it’s only 3 points dropped. (Btw another great post!)

  9. @lombe- i’d have dropped monreal for the liverpool game. the only concern is that gibbs might not have 100% fit. hopefully he is now for the man u game. as for ozil, he’s really getting on my nerves. ideally he should get some rest, which i think he really needs. sadly, wenger doesn’t seem to trust his squad completely. whatever it is, i’ll be watching ozil very closely in the utd game.

  10. I’m not surprised about the outcome of yesterday’s game. Smart managers do not find it hard to play Arsenal in the past few years, some of them just don’t have the personnel to make it happen.
    Our strategy has not changed in years. We do not plan for the opposition but go in to play the same way every game and if things don’t happen we keep plugging away at it until something happens. This is why we haven’t beaten the top tier teams this year and Liverpool having played us earlier learned something from that game and came to nullify our game. This is why Wenger has never beaten Chelsea under Jose.
    As long as Wenger thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room and makes all the decisions we will not win the league.

  11. This is a serious wake up call, we all know that Liverpool is not better than us, however we were deservedly beaten because we didn’t come to play, anyway let us regroup. United is on Wednesday so let us put our energy behind the team in that game and come out firing……Go Arsenal…FAN FOR LIFE

  12. Hey James, agree with your blog. Total shite! But I still love and support my team. I have heard there was some fighting within the ranks earlier this week, I wonder if there is a little dissension going on? Hopefully we will get it together for the next game before negativity can really get a hold. It’s bad enough that we are always having to fight the negativity for outside but when it’s coming from within as well it could cause trouble.

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