Arsenal’s £50m Striker And No Need To Be Concerned With Cech.

Giroud sends a message to his doubters.

Morning, folks.

It’s Tuesday, and the stink of Sunday’s calamitous performance is still lingering. I’m still p*ssed off. Not angry, just p*ssed off. At this stage, you kinda have to just put it down to being ‘one of those things‘ even if ‘one of those things‘ is somethings that occurs to Arsenal with alarmingly regularity.

So, with that in mind I’m going to stop being p*ssed off at the result and move towards new, positive emotional states.

So what’s cracking today (as they might say on ‘Tha Streetz”)?

Most of what I come across when having a browse surrounds a new striker being acquired before the transfer window closes at the end of the month. Olivier Giroud, through no fault or failings of his own, is regularly sited as being of insufficient standard to fire Arsenal toward Premiership glory. The same stories invariably go hand in hand with tales of an impending bid for Real Madrid’s Karim Benzema – a story I still consider highly unlikely and one I’m not at all sure would be the answer to any supposed problems (I do also have my own personal reasons for not wanting the deal to happen… Me and my big mouth)

I guess the question is do we need another striker?

It’s difficult to really put forward a case for not wanting to see something big happen in that department. After all, if we can sign a better player, one that will improve us in that area, then there is no reason to not want to see it happen. I said above I don’t see Benzema as the answer and I stand by that. Whether it be sheer stupidity on my part or otherwise, I just have a feeling he won’t really be what we need. I’d be the first to admit there is no real reason for what I’m saying here, other than the aforementioned gut instinct. Sometimes you get a good feeling for a player at Arsenal, others you don’t.

However, I would like to see someone come in. The season is a long, arduous trek and options and strength in depth are needed. We have options in abundance to get us goals from midfield and the wide areas, but only really Giroud and Welbeck suited to playing through the middle – I still consider Theo and Alexis far better deployed on the right/left side of our attack.

The next step is to look at the ‘who’. Ideally, the player I would have liked to see is Lacazette at Lyon, who looks the real deal from what I’ve seen. With him signing a new contract with the French side his departure is unlikely to happen until the following season. Taking him out of the equation leaves me stumped. If there’s an available forward that will be an improvement on what we have that we could get in the next 3 weeks, I don’t have a clue who he is.

I do think the defeat on Sunday might be a catalyst for some last minute tinkering from Arsene, but I doubt we’ll see another Ozil-esque signing on the last day. If I was a betting man, I’d wager Arsene will go with what he has and Walcott will start quite a few games played through the middle should Giroud need a rest or the opponents be more suited to a player with pace.

Elsewhere, strangely, pundits and media folk have leapt to the defence of Petr Cech following his poor showing in the opener – most of which I can only assume is being done by those who bigged him up as the saviour of our failing defence and don’t wish to appear stupid.

I was as surprised as the rest of you to see someone so reliable fluff his lines and cost us one (arguably two) goals, but there is no reason for concern. Cech is too good and too experienced to allow those moments to be anything other than a momentary blip and across the course of a season he’ll certainly earn us more points through his ability than he will lose us through mistakes.

Wisely, Arsene had this to say about the concessions:

“I haven’t spoken to Cech. The first goal was a defensive lapse – a collective lapse. The concentration maybe was not completely there on the set-piece, the organisation was not perfect.

“We were too far from our goal. We gave him too much distance to run into. We killed ourselves. With the experience we have in our team, it’s difficult to understand.

“I can’t see many individual convincing performances today so it’s difficult to single one out. Our passing was not incisive enough. Today we have to look at ourselves. We were not good enough.

And that I completely agree with. No one player was culpable, they all were.

That’s all in the past now. Whilst far from ideal or confidence boosting, it’s done and the important thing is how we react. Every team in the league will drop points and falter at some stage, the eventual winners will be determined by those that react quickest and get themselves back on track. It’s the sign of a championship winning team and it’s important we focus more on showing ourselves capable of that than picking apart mistakes.

That’s all for today, folks. The comments await below. Perhaps you’ve a favoured striker you’d like to see gracing the hallowed turf of The Emirates. Take a moment to let me know who that is and feel free to share anything else that might be on your mind.

I’ll be back soon with more. Until that time, and as always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

11 thoughts on “Arsenal’s £50m Striker And No Need To Be Concerned With Cech.”

  1. I think Wenger needed to go with the same setup as the one that we were so successful with the second half of the season.
    Ramsey should’ve been on the right, Cazorla and Coq together and Ox in Sanchez’s role. The balance would’ve been the same at least.

  2. It seems the writer of the above article has got no idea of soccer. Arsenal need a top class striker in mould of Karim,Diego,Aguero to pose a challenge to EPL. Not the type of Giroud who would need 10 chances in a match to score one. He is very poor in anticipation and positioning himself in the final third.

    The biggest obstacle to the success of the team is Arsene Wenger. He comes very short in tactics and team selection. The second period of last season he was playing Francis as DM and Santi as CM midfielder and they had a good understanding. The fact that he wanted to accommodate Ramsey in the team it costed the team and playing with one winger Ox only and Santi could not manage to as a left winger and that formation he used destroyed the chemistry of the team. Wenger is the culprit and he has passed his useful time. His ideas are outdated and this season I don’t see it being different from his other failed seasons. Most of the teams look sharp with enough depth. I won’t surprised to see Arsenal finishing in the middle of the table. Arsenal has got worst directors since it’s inception.

    1. Seems someone is yet to grasp basic mathematics. Look up “Giroud chance conversion” and you’ll see it rivalled most of those players you mentioned last season. We can do better than Giroud, of course we can, but if you’re going to slag a player off at least do it based on the facts.

  3. I’ll tell you why you’re right about not wanting Benzema mate. He’s only ever scored twenty+ league goals in a season TWICE in his entire professional career!!! Once in the french league and once for real Madrid, and let’s not twist things here, if he’s THAT good then he should have been scoring for fun in both. That’s actually the amount of times as Giroud. They’re too similar. Benzema has this tag as being world class and he really isn’t. Should have gone for Shaqiri before Stoke snapped him up if anything, he’s better on the ball than Benzema.

  4. Why does Wenger prefer Giroud to Walcot. To me Walcot is outstanding striker and can be seen from the moment he came in. Absence of Alexis to affects the performance. Alexis would have started just like Diego coasta for Chelsea. What was the justification of bringing him late? Wenger should be careful in his first squad selection.

  5. giroud is a bad finisher , although he scores some good goals he misses too many. Walcott is not a striker and his positional play is not good and he is not a natural finisher. the squad is not balanced leaving wenger trying to accommodate ozil santi ramsey in the first team . if jack was fit there would be the possiblilty of 4 in the team. we have midfielders playing on the wing , ox a winger moving to right back. wenger seems to have lost plot showing desperate tactics hoping it will work out. his league winning teams played 4-4-2

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