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Halfway into the second half, Arsene realised the lamb balti was a disastrous choice.

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Firstly, let me apologise for my childish toilet humour in the picture…

Arsenal’s fortunes seems to have a perverse affect on people. If you’ve read some of my past entries, you’ll know how abhorrent I find all this ‘AKB’ and ‘AOB’ nonsense – why our fans feel the need to create these ridiculous factions is beyond me.

Neither extreme makes the blindest bit of sense. To assume Arsene knows best and everything is somehow part of a greater master-plan is a churlish attitude to embrace, but to scream bloody murder the moment we lose a game and demand his resignation is equally as ill-informed and silly.

There are some truly wonderful Arsenal fans out there – folks I’ve never met but enjoy interacting with on Twitter. Yet, there seems to be a constant need for inner-bickering within our ranks.  I’d never seek to discount the opinions of others, regardless of how much I disagree. The rational opinion lies halfway between the two extremes.

I revere Arsene Wenger, he’s as close as there is to a managerial deity. However, he isn’t the apotheosis of modern-day coaches, he’s a human being who makes mistakes. Our transfer business over the summer was a litany of calamitous blunders and mis-management, and even his staunchest advocate can’t blindly defend the last-miunte manner in which we conducted our business.

At the beginning of the year, Wenger publicly stated that it would be stupid to lose games because of a paucity of available full-backs, and stated his intent to bring in a loan signing. He didn’t, we dropped points, and our results in January and February don’t make for attractive viewing. I can’t believe finding a player to fill the void for 4-5 games was impossible – QPR picked up Taiwo quickly enough, for example.

For all those mistakes, it has to be mentioned that he’s turned around a slump, and our team are looking unified, hungry and enthusiastic to perform. I don’t doubt Wenger is the man to lead Arsenal’s future, and I believe he will bring us further success. He put faith in these players when they were written off by almost everyone, and the manner in which they’ve played recently is testament to his belief.  Injuries have been unkind, also.

In transfer news, the reliably awful website-I’m-not-going-to-name-anymore-because-it’s-so-excruciatingly-shit-awful runs a hilariously unlikely story linking us with a summer ‘swoop’ for Edin Dzeko. I shan’t entertain it any further than that, and I’m only mentioning it because it made me laugh.

One rumour with a bit of truth to it appears to be the increased likelihood of Yaan M’Vila becoming an Arsenal player.  Having had a bid of £22m knocked-back in August of last year, Rennes are alleged to be resigned to selling the player, and we’re going in with the big-bucks over the summer months to come.

I’ve seen him play a few times, and he’d be a big asset.

Okay, that’s me done for today, Tomorrow I’ll be previewing the Villa game and doing by best to bring you the latest team news. Thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards. Take a moment to comment and follow me on Twitter @_ArmchairGooner

Lastly, I thought I’d point you in the direction of latest weekly column at Arsenal Vision, which you can have a look at here.

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  1. The Dzeko rumour made me do a proper LOL! But assuming “the reliably awful website-I??m-not-going-to-name-anymore-because-it??s-so-excruciatingly-shit-awful” is the same reliably awful website-I??m-not-going-to-name-anymore-because-it??s-so-excruciatingly-shit-awful I was reading they also carried a rumour linking us to the diving-cheat-of-all-kings-of-cheats Ms Did-i-er-fall-over, who just happens to be out of contract in June. It was these enlightened fellows that also linked us with a return of A$hley PERSON from the 2nd worst team in London. LMFAO. It’s the first read of the day for me after your wonderful daily tome!

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