Arsene Might Actually Leave…. Banners, Poor Performances And Civil War.

Greetings, folks.

The main reason for my recent blogging absence – should you care at all – is primarily because I’ve become a little tired of the farrago that is Arsenal’s online community. Perhaps it’s just a misplaced sense of nostalgia, but I recall days when everyone wasn’t so angry, so bitter and at each others throats.

These days, you can’t pass wind in a certain note without it provoking a SERIOUSLY ANGRY REACTION from someone. And that, folks, gets very tiresome, very quickly.

So, I took a little break away from it all and was hit with a glorious moment of clarity in which I realised that allowing myself to focus on the negative distracts from the positive. I’ve made lots of good friends through Arsenal and the online community. Twitter can be fun from time to time if you ignore those who want to spew out their insecurities and hatred. Most importantly of all, I should stick to doing this because I enjoy doing it. And because I’m f*cking integral to Arsenal media behemoth….

So onwards and upwards.

Where to begin?

Well, it’s certainly been a sh*t storm of epic proportion. Like that movie with George Clooney and Mark Whalberg, but with sh*t and the sea. A sea of sh*t in which Arsene Wenger tires to navigate a fishing vessel much to the chagrin of pretty much everyone. Although… in The Perfect Storm, the captain goes down with his doomed ship, and I get the impression most fans would rather he jumped overboard and gave the controls to someone else before that point…. It’s a mixed analogy. You get my point….

There is no debating Arsenal simply haven’t been good enough, not just recently, but for quite some time now. Opinion on those responsible varies. Some insist that Arsene Wenger is to blame. Others look towards the inpet performances from many of the players. The board, for all their obscurity, also are on the receiving end of quite considerable vitriol.

Truth be told, you can blame everyone, you can blame no one. It doesn’t especially make any difference. The ‘why’ takes secondary status to the ‘what the f*ck are we going to do from here?’. We’ve got ourselves into a mess. Collectively, every facet of Arsenal has contributed something towards the position we’re in and whilst many will be unwilling to admit it because of ego or obstinance, it is where we are.

There’s a nasty atmosphere about the Club. It’s not just anger, but resignation and disdain. Many of our fans are furious, mostly with each other. They argue and they call each other an assortment of interesting and harshly-sneered names, but they all at least care. I was at the ground when we played Lincoln in the FA Cup and it wasn’t a flat atmosphere because of non-league opposition. It felt flat because of routine. Familiarity breeds contempt. Things have become predictable and stale.

And it’s for that reason I believe we need to change. No change can promise success or a bright new horizon. People fear change because it brings with it uncertainty, but I believe it’s that what we need most – the excitement of not knowing. I love Arsenal, I love going to the game, meeting friends and shouting at millionaires. As the seasons pass, it has become increasingly difficult to get truly worked up and motivated, not only to blog, but to attend matches and get excited about what could be.

I love Arsene Wenger for what he gave us. I’ll love him long after he’s gone. When the smoke of rage and entitlement disappears, he’ll be remembered as the visionary, as the pioneer, he truly is. But those days are in the past and the future seems a brighter place under a fresh regime.

Of course, I doubt any of that will happen. Arsene himself has stated in interviews that he knows the decision and is simply waiting for the correct time to tell all, which strikes me as a silly thing to do. If you know, you say so. Why play games? Why not just tell it like it is and be done with all this asinine speculation?

The noises coming from the Club and across the news outlets, as I see it, would have me believe Arsene is going to stay – some would have you believe a contract has already been signed and Arsenal are waiting for the opportune moment to announce it to the world. I think that in itself is the most damning incitement of how things currently are… Our board of directors and their advisors, it would appear, are too frightened to announce Arsene is staying because of what might be said.

10 years ago, that wouldn’t have even been a thought in their minds.

I guess time will tell where exactly we go from here. All I know is supporting the team is about the only sensible thing to do. Adding to all the acrimony and bile will only worsen their chances of salvaging something from the season. I do feel a great many of our players have become complacent and are only too happy to allow Arsene to take the flack for their poor performances, But we should get behind them regardless. They’ve no chance of turning things around if we don’t.

That’s all for today. Leave me your thoughts below in the comments section. I’ll be back soon.

As always: thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

4 thoughts on “Arsene Might Actually Leave…. Banners, Poor Performances And Civil War.”

  1. Wenger is the one who picks which players will play. Wenger is the one who decides which position they’ll be playing in. Wenger is the one who decides the tactic to be played. The board don’t decide, the players don’t decide and the supports have no say in the matter. Wenger is solely responsible.

  2. How many managers as spurs change from arsene been manager of arsenal and now spurs as a better squad and is very competitive and arsene wenger still can’t build a competitive squad in thirteen years

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